Grahana Pariharas Shanthi Bathing More Mantras


Grahana Shanthi is to be performed for when Grahana occurs directly over the Nakshatra,Star of the individual. Parihara,A ceremony to nullify the effect of Grahana is to be done by those for whose Stars the Grahana influences indirectly. Three to Five Stars are affected in a Grahana,generally. One to two/three stars may be affected directly and three to five indirectly.


Grahana Surya Chandra Eclipse Mantras

Hindus believe that the cosmic rays that radiate to the earth during the Solar and Lunar eclipses would affect the Human beings. They have Mantras to be recited during this period.. The eclipses are divided into three parts, Beginning, Middle and the portion from the middle to the end. Mantras recited during this period will give the thousand fold effect for any Mantra. Any good deed performed will yield results in a similar way.