Corporate Employee, Use and Throw.

You start with five-figure salary, in some cases, six figures.


You are provided with free lunch vouchers.



You have subsidized canteen.


You get a cab to pick you up near your residence or in some cases from your residence.


You get Bonus, stock options.


You get free parties at company’s expense.


You get medical coverage, your Phone, Mobile Charges are reimbursed/subsidized.


You get ow interest housing advance.


You are provided with recreation facilities at your work place.


Even a Creche!


You stand to go abroad.


You can work from Home.




Your working timings are not fixed.


Your lifestyle is determined by others.


You are on call  24 hours  a Day 365 days a Year.


You report to too many people.


You are an assembly line worker.


You have targets which have no rationale, which are determined only by the Profit the Project earns for the Company.


In the guise of Motivational lectures, you are not consulted about what you can and what must be done.


You agree to every thing because of only Money.


Targets are to be met, period.


You are as good as your last deadline.


You are kept in ‘bench’, in simple English the Company has no use for you for the present.


Neither the company nor you have any idea about your future.


You are rewarded, of course, when you deliver,


When you fail….


Unceremoniously kicked out.


No human sentiments even if some is dying.


No personal bonding, despite lectures and HRs.


Are you a sugarcane to be used fully and thrown out?


Are you a use and throw material?


PS. the writer was in Senior Management Positions in MNCs, knows what he is talking about.


I am pained at the sufferings of the Youngsters.


Pity is that they are no even aware they are selling their freedom.


Rate of Divorces and Suicides are high in IT.


Simple answer touted, ‘Stress’


Stressed by what?


Think and LIVE.





History Mathematical Equation India

Universe as Mathematics.

Universe in Mathematics.

History has been reduced to Mathematical equation.

You can see where India that is Bharat stands.

Refer my posts under Hinduism.

Facts seem to tally.

Most people think of history as a series of stories—tales of one army unexpectedly defeating another, or a politician making a memorable speech, or an upstart overthrowing a sitting monarch.

Peter Turchin of the University of Connecticut sees things rather differently. Formally trained as a ecologist, he sees history as a series of equations. Specifically, he wants to bring the types of mathematical models used in fields such as wildlife ecology to explain population trends in a different species: humans.

In a paper published with colleagues today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, he presents a mathematical model (shown on the left of the video above) that correlates well with historical data (shown on the right) on the development and spread of large-scale, complex societies (represented as red territories on the green area studied). The simulation runs from 1500 B.C.E. to 1500 C.E.—so it encompasses the growth of societies like Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt and the like—and replicates historical trends with 65 percent accuracy.

This might not sound like a perfect accounting of human history, but that’s not really the goal. Turchin simply wants to apply mathematical analysis to the field of history so that researchers can determine which factors are most influential in affecting the spread of human states and populations, just as ecologists have done when analyzing wildlife population dynamics. Essentially, he wants to answer a simple question: Why did complex societies develop and spread in some areas but not others?

In this study, Turchin’s team found that conflict between societies and the development of military technology as a result of war were the most important elements that predicted which states would develop and expand over the map—with those factors taken away, the model deteriorated, describing actual history with only 16 percent accuracy.

Turchin began thinking about applying math to history in general about 15 years ago. “I always enjoyed history, but I realized then that it was the last major discipline which was not mathematized,” he explains. “But mathematical approaches—modeling, statistics, etc.—are an inherent part of any real science.”

In bringing these sorts of tools into the arena of world history and developing a mathematical model, his team was inspired by a theory called cultural multilevel selection, which predicts that competition between different groups is the main driver of the evolution of large-scale, complex societies. To build that into the model, they divided all of Africa and Eurasia into gridded squares which were each categorized by a few environmental variables (the type of habitat, elevation, and whether it had agriculture in 1500 B.C.E.). They then “seeded” military technology in squares adjacent to the grasslands of central Asia, because the domestication of horses—the dominant military technology of the age—likely arose there initially.

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The Land Mass and Seas described in the Vishnu Purana is as under.

1.Jambu Dweepa, surrounded by Salt Sea.(lavana)

2.Palaksha Dwipa, Surrounded by Sugar Cane Juice.(Ikshu)

3.Salmali Dwipa, surrounded by a Sea of Wine(Sura)

4.Kusa Dwipa, surrounded by a sea of Clarified Butter,Ghee(Sarpi)

5Krauncha Dwipa , surrounded by a sea of Curds(Durghda)

6.Pushkara is surrounded by a Sea of Fresh Water.

Why Caste At All?

People need some frame of reference to live.

Sample of Spread of Communities India

Sample of Spread of Communities India

More the references better for the Society.

I am using the term Reference, not laws, for reference is more by way of recommendation in nature while Law implies punishment .

The reference points may include any or all of the following criteria.








Day to-day activities of Life  like brushing the teeth bathing,eating, sleeping, working, marriage, parenting and Death.

and a combination of all the above.

In the absence of any frame of reference, the individual is rudderless and has a crisis of identity.

You take away the identity of Nation from an individual, he becomes an immigrant , not knowing where he belongs to for he is an alien to boht the countries.

Similarly if you peel of all references  to a group, you have an Identity crisis.

People without strong bonding with communities become recluses, start hanging out in Facebook,Google Plus hangouts with people of whom they know nothing, except what they inform you of what you would like to hear.

The chances of building a strong  personal community bonding are slim.

In most of these artificially created communities,driven mostly by curiosity and a desire to share things which they can not share with whom they know.

And herein lies the danger.

Mostly people misuse it and exploit your weaknesses.

Hinduism had tried,  organizing groups  under the principles mentioned above.

They found that Money as the reference point is not stable as the yard stick of Money changes and money is not a permanent fixture with any one as fortune changes.

You can observe how money as reference point has wreaked havoc with individual’s  Lifestyle when they lose money,stranded by people who evaluate them on the basis of Money alone.

Talk to any one who lost a lucrative Job in IT industry, you would know what I am talking about.

Money can not be the sole criterion

Power, this also changes swiftly with the same disastrous results as with money.

In both the cases of Money and Power, these reference points create more anti social , some in authority.

Mere geographical identity will not do as   the location is dictated by the economic condition.

So this can not be deciding factor.

At best it can be a secondary denominator’ like the Mythili Brahmins, Vadama Brahmins of the Brahmin Community which indicate their location,but they remain in the main classification , Brahmins,

If you take Profession,it can also remain as a secondary indicator as it is subject to change.

Let us take the case of Brahmins.

Their profession is to Study the Vedas, Teach the Vedas,Perform Yagnyas, have the Yagnyas performed,Seek alms for Food and pay for the welfare of the Society and the Society took care of all their needs,

Both are missing to-day.

There is no Brahmin I know of is a Brahmin by this definition, me included,

All of us, Brahmins have become Vaisyas in Business, Kshtriyas in Politics, Army and in many cases Sudras by performing duties as ordered by the others-by the performance of Duties.

The Society ceased supporting Brahmins as they did for we long ceased to be Brahmins.

But which happened first, Our ceasing to Brahmins or the Society stooped supporting us and which triggered this chain, I do not know, nor there is information on this,

Kanchi Maha Periyavar is of the Opinion is that it is because of Brahmins ceasing to be Brahmins, the Society stopped respecting them.

I totally agree with him.

Now I am digressing.

Hinduism found that none of the criteria mentioned  individually here would help either the Individual or the Society in the long run.

They tried a combination of all these factors and found that even if all of them are clubbed together as a Frame of reference, it would not do.

So they went  to the root of the problem, Behavior.

Behavior starts from Birth, in the form of dispositions.

So they fixed Disposition as the yardstick.


More to follow.

Caste Is Necessary Unavoidable Introduction.

Speaking or writing on Caste is considered as near sinful by the nouveau Intelligentsia and literati.

Caste In India


Doing either of this attracts the label,


Religious fanatic,

Anti secular ( Till date I have not understood what this term means, it changes its hues on one’s whims!)

But facts must be faced.

Before the dawn of Civilization, Man was living in the wilderness, at the mercy of the Elements.

He ate whathe could gather from Nature.

He found Animals living, seeking shelter from the elements in Caves.

He drove the animals out , started living in caves.

In the process he learnt to kill animals and eat them

He developed implements to kill the animals.

He learned that to keep himself safe from the animals and to hunt ferocious animals , he needed the help of fellow Humans.

He liaised with them , started living with them,, not accommodating at first, and then learnt that he had to accommodate.

During the course of this, he copulated, tried various combinations, Polyandry,Polygamy,Lesbianism and Homosexuality before finally arriving at Monogamy.

At first, he formed a Group among the inmates of the Cave in which he was living, then this expanded to a Group of Caves, then a forest are and the Forest.

He felt safe in Numbers, so formed a Community.

Even now we do.

Those who declare  that they are an Island , are’/can live independently of others usually declare so when they every one around/with them or they have no option to be with any body.

As is in any relationship , there is always a certain amount of give and take.

Man became comfortable when he had to adjust the least and be with people with whom most Common interest.

Based on this some common ground rules, based on certain values like the style of eating; speaking, type of comfortable behaviour and practices, which later became Customs and Mores.

These Customs and Mores became the instruments of Social Control and Social Stability.

Over a period  of time, communities became Tribes, Tribes turned into Societies with Stricter laws of Social Control, based on Common interest.

Even to-day we follow this, though by some other names.

You have Politicians as a flock, Doctors,Lawyers, Judges,Teachers, IT Professionals and the like.

This is based on common grounds.

And a necessity which is determined by the environment and economic parity and common values and habits.

When on a Mission to Space. Earth is our Home and we are all one.

When you come down to earth, you belong to a Continent,Nation,State,District,Town,Street and Your Home , Family

And finally yourself.

It is in our self-interest we organised ourselves into a Group.

We may not like this, but there is no Altruism is involved here.

Altruism is enlightened self-interest when we do to others what we want them to do unto us,

And conversely we desist from doing to others what we do not like the others to do unto us.

So the Customs.Practices, Mores are stabilized and those with the same values stick together.

This is how the Society and laws governing the Society are formed.

How does Caste come into this?

Next Post.


Caste system is scientific.


Emerging Caste System in India.

Want Money? Host A Dinner

Some customs are meant to help people in distress.

Tamil Nadu Feast

Feast in Tamil Nadu

Men living in Tribal Societies formulated some customs to help the needy.

As the society develops, it seems, man has become more greedy and starts misusing these noble concepts.

One such Custom being practiced in the Districts of Coimbatore, Erode, borders of Pudukkottai and Thanjavur,Tamil Nadu  is ‘Moy Virundhu’

That is organizing a  Free Dinner for the villagers by those who are in need of money.

The reason could be for celebrating the marriage of a Girl in the Family, Debts or simply the need for additional finance for Business.

The Rules are:

One should be really in need of Money.

They should organize a Feast for the villagers this could be for 100 to 500 people.

Prospective attendees are to be invited personally.

One can put up a poster, Bill Boards even.

The Dinner should consist of minimum six dishes and must include Non Vegetarian, especially Lamb,Chicken.

At the Dinner those who attend the Dinner must donate money they can afford and this will be recorded by the host.

There are instances when 40 to 60 tables are put up to collect money.

The collections might range between Rs 1,00,000 to 10000000 (One Crore) for a Dinner!

Those who collect the money must donate twice as much when they attend a similar party hosted by the guests at a later date.

This is practiced ,even to-day in Peravoorani,Tiruchitrambalam,Aavanam,Vada Kaadu,Alangudi,( Pudukkottai/Thanjavir Districts).

In Coimbatore/Erode districts, this is practiced for raising money for the marriage, either by the parents of a girl or by the Girl herself if she does not have any one to perform her marriage,.

In these cases, goods in kind for conducting the marriage are also donated including the Mangal Sutra.

Sadly , it has been noticed that this occasion is used by the anti-social elements to launder Black Money and circulate Fake Notes!