Now Teen Moms Have ‘Facebook Page’

While it is not correct to approve of the Teen Moms, some comments bring forth these Teens‘ commitment to the child.


However it is boorish behavior to comment nastily in this page .

Teen Moms’Facebook page.
Image Credit.Facebook.

Teen mothers have taken to a Facebook page called “I Hate Teen Moms” to fight back against comments they are “sluts” and a “burden on society.”

“I’m not struggling at all because I do my responsibility & I also work hard for it still able to have time for my child more than 8 hours a day. I receive no help at all from anyone,” a woman identifying herself as a 17-year-old teen mother wrote.

The “I Hate Teen Moms” page, which has garnered more than 26,000 “likes,” includes rants and name-calling that the administrator insists are simply “satire and dark humor” that is not violating Facebook’s terms of service or breaking any laws.

The social networking site declined to take down the page because it wanted to protect “expression,” ABC News’ affiliate KOMO-TV in Seattle reported.

“This page is against children having children. That is the main point of this page,” the administrator wrote.

But some say the comments on the page, such as one that says teen moms should be killed with their babies, aren’t doing any good.

“They already have the kid,” 17-year-old Mark Robinson told KOMO. “I don’t think slandering other teenage moms is going to help.”



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Twitter Down.

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase

It appears that Twitter is currently down for most users – I was first unable to access the site around 3am Eastern time. As of the time of this post, 8:30am Eastern time, I am still unable to access The Twitter status site notes, “Currently experiencing elevated error rates — You may experience some problems loading and with Twitter clients. We are aware of the problem and are taking action.

Ashleigh murder-Fall out-Social Netwoks.

Ashley who was murdered.

Good that police is reviewing their work.They can not be blamed for it is more because of lack of security consciousness of the victim.Soical network browsers,Be careful.
The police force which was monitoring a serial sex attacker before he raped and murdered a 17-year-old girl has referred itself to the complaints watchdog.

Police May Face Probe Over Ashleigh Killer

Tom Bonnett, Sky News Online
The police force which was monitoring a serial sex attacker before he raped and murdered a 17-year-old girl has referred itself to the complaints watchdog.

Merseyside Police were supposed to be keeping track of Peter Chapman but after realising he had vanished last year, it took them nine months to issue a national wanted alert.

The force carried out an internal review after he was arrested over the murder of Ashleigh Hall in October.

But after Chapman’s conviction, Merseyside Police decided the case needed to be investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

A spokesman said the decision to refer the case was “in view of the public interest and concerns” and to ensure “complete transparency”.

The IPCC is now assessing whether to investigate the force’s conduct.

Chapman, who was sentenced to a minimum of 35 years in jail, had last been seen by police at his home on August 29, 2008.

He was next spoken to by officers on September 24 that year about a forklift truck course he was doing.
Merseyside Police said that, up to this point, he “had remained fully compliant with his registration requirements” – placed on him by being on the sex offenders register.

Police visited his home on January 6, 2009, to discuss a traffic matter but he was not in.

A month later different officers were supposed to visit him in line with his sex parole checks but again he was not there.

Merseyside Police maintains that officers then worked to establish his whereabouts locally.

But it was not until September last year – just a month before he murdered Ashleigh – that the police issued a nationwide wanted alert.
The force referred its handling and review of the Chapman case to the IPCC after the Home Secretary demanded answers.

Alan Johnson called on the police to “respond” and said lessons “needed to be learned” following Ashleigh’s murder.

Her mother, Andrea Hall, called for closer monitoring of released criminals.

Speaking on television show This Morning, Mrs Hall said: “He took my daughter.

“He shouldn’t be allowed human rights; he’s not human, is he?

“How is he human? He murdered my daughter.”

“She was 17 and he knew exactly what he was doing and there was no remorse whatsoever.

“He had it planned… and she was such a lovely girl and that’s probably why he targeted her.”

Mrs Hall said her other three young daughters will now never be allowed to use social networking sites.

Who Uses Social Media More, Men or Women?

Men are more positively inclined towards social media activities and use social networking sites more than women, according to what Liberty Mutual called a “comprehensive national survey” of online behavior it released yesterday. This is somewhat surprising, since it’s the exact opposite of what other surveys have found, including a recent one from Royal Pingdom that looked at user profile data from some of the major social networks. Among the findings in Liberty’s survey, which was done as part of the Responsibility

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