How Twitter Makes Money

While idiots like me believe in the objectivity of social media and takes pleasure in writing to be ‘heard’ how do the people who sustain this illusion make money.,for these are not altruistic gems.

This is how twitter makes it money through you and me.

Twitter also sells data. It will generate about $583 million this year. Twitter is expected to generate a little less than $1 billion in 2014, according to eMarketer.

Most of Twitter’s revenue comes from three types of ads, although it plans to have a more robust advertising offering next year.

The New York Times’ Vindu Goel gives a good rundown of those three money-making ad products:

Promoted tweets: Advertisers pay to have brief messages show up in users’ stream of Twitter messages. They can use keyword targeting to reach specific users. Advertisers can also use a little bit of demographic targeting, although Twitter doesn’t know as much about its users as Facebook does. Twitter gets paid when users engage with the promoted tweets (when they favorite, comment on, or retweet the ad).
Promoted trends: Twitter lists which topics are being talked about most on its platform. The trends vary by location, so Twitter’s list of topics in the US might not be the same as the list in England, for example. Advertisers can pay to have a topic of their choice listed too. A promoted trend costs roughly $200,000 for a day of exposure on all US Twitter accounts, the New York Times reports.
Promoted accounts: If a brand wants more Twitter followers, it can pay to have its account recommended to Twitter users.

Alcohol Based Recipe Banned In Facebook.

Facebook is used to share anything, let alone personal information..

Ricard banned Facebook.

It also comes as a time when France is facing a teen “binge-drinking” crisis they previously thought confined to the loutish shores of the UK and Scandinavia.
Recently I posted how Facebook comments were insulting to women and Facebook found that it had no objection!

Now a French Court has rued that Alcohol based Recipe in Facebook is banned.

Good move.


Judges from the Cour de Cassation ruled that the smartphone application, which allowed users to post a cocktail recipe directly to their walls with the message “You can get Ricard Mix recipes too on the Ricard Mix Codes app,” was ‘inopportune’.

How Redditors Brought Down Internet Company

I still remain a Simpleton and distribute and forget about except for replying comments.

In fact I have been using Facebook, a micro-blogging site, but use it to provide Links to my posts, I do not even post it to Page, though my son insists that Facebook community is stronger and drives visitors in.

But I consider Facebook as basically non serious and frivolous,there are exceptions.

In a curious case Redditors have brought a Meme Company Down by sleuthing.

( I do share in Reddit and promptly forget it, do not even know whether it is voted up or buried.

Curiously I receive traffic from Reddit, to ana extent that in 2102 Reddit drove the maximum traffic to my site.

Now about the present story.

Facebook On Rape Women Obscene

The posts in Facebook are bordering on the Obscene, nay they are obscene and Revolting.

Recent jokes on Women are nauseating.

Facebook’s reply and justification is appalling.

Is this Free Speech?O