Website Spies Even Your Hidden Photos

We are aware of tracking sites and sites that track you.

I came across a site that tracks down all your activities including what you think you have hidden.

This site tracks even your social networking activities .

Spokeo Tracks even your Hidden Files

The site is Spokeo.

The best way to protect your information is not by divulging it in sites.



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Facebook and High Credit Card Debt

Interesting study.

I am not sure how accurate this is.


Does using Facebook cause you to spend money you don’t have and to pig out on junk food?

As far-fetched as that might sound, a pair of U.S. marketing professors say they have found a relationship between time spent on Facebook and lower credit scores, higher credit card debt and bigger waistlines. The authors say their work is the first study of its kind to link Facebook to personal financial habits.

The research is among a growing number of studies that are seeking to explain how the use of Facebook and other new technologies is shaping our lives, for better and worse, in areas as diverse as social and civic interactions, commerce and psychological well-being. This month, Facebook said it surpassed 1 billion active users worldwide. About half of U.S. adults say they use at least one social networking site — twice that of just four years ago.

Intense Facebook use goes with higher credit card debt

The researchers, Keith Wilcox of Columbia Business School and Andrew Stephen of the University of Pittsburgh’s business school, are not suggesting that people log onto Facebook and then, zombie-like, gorge themselves on debt and Twinkies. Instead, they say, the effects are subtle and cumulative.

The effects are most pronounced, they say, on Facebook users who have strong ties to their online friends. They say the process works like this: People browse through their social network of close friends. Participating in that supportive online community boosts their self-esteem. That brief increase in self-esteem reduces self-control.


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Why People Delete Facebook Accounts?

Zaniest reasons, come to think of it, even joining Facebook?,27337/?ref=auto

Beware of New Facebook Malware


A new Malware doing the rounds with an email stating that some one has uploaded a photo.

Avoid clicking and delete  the message.

Be careful about opening emails that claim you have been tagged in a Facebook photo, because they may actually be malware, according to a security expert.

Sophos’s NakedSecurity blog outlined the threat on Wednesday. The company’s SophosLabs intercepted a “spammed-out email campaign” which was designed to spread malware. Sophos provided the following example:

Malware in Facebook




Islam/Muslim Bashing By REDDIT/Imgur. HurtingImages

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Those who submit to REDDIT under Atheism seem to think that there are no intelligent beings on the Earth barring them.

I had blogged how Reddit ridicules Religion through the mouth of Child.

I have received a comment stating that in the US/Europe, there is paucity of Culture and people whom one can to on Religion and hence the intemperate submissions.The people seem to be yearning for Truth and there is none over there to guide them!

In an Internet age?

Now I am reproducing the Images from Reddit .

Judge for yourself.

Islam seems tohave been reserved for aspecial treatment.

Hinduism gets a share too.

But Christ seems to enjoy it or …. ?

Can anything be sicker than this?

These zealots of the so-called Atheism might give the right ammunition to Terrorists. proof is at the end  under related Articles.

To sully Great Religions like Islam and Hinduism show lack of Learning.

The Sun never barks at a dog.

I am not going to write a rebuttal for each of the images for it then I become silly.

People in their senses know what Religion or Philosophy is.

For those who do not want to know or incapable of knowing there is no point in telling them.

May their ilk RIP. or Can they?

Facebook Slipping, ComScore, Studies

Look at another study by

Page view and Page view /viewer is also dropping marginally.

Bounce rate is down by 4%

Search analytic also show a marginal drop.

Traffic rank for

Traffic Rank Change
Yesterday 1 -1 Change in Traffic Rank over the trailing 1 day period (A negative change means the site is getting more popular)
7 day 2 0
1 month 2 0
3 month 2 0

“Facebook’s U.S. user numbers dwindled in May from April and March, according to data compiled by research firm comScore, in the latest sign that growth may be leveling off at the No. 1 social network.

Last month, Facebook attracted 158.01 million unique visitors in the United States, edging lower from 158.69 million in April and 158.93 million in March, comScore said.

Keeping users coming back — or combating fatigue — is crucial for all social media services, analysts say. Facebook is consistently trotting our new features, including the “Timeline” interface rolled out this year, and more are expected with the deal to acquire popular photo-sharing app Instagram.

ComScore has changed how it counts users, making year-ago comparisons harder. Under its old methods, comScore previously said Facebook had 157.22 million visitors in May 2011, which would make Wednesday’s data a year-on-year increase of just 0.5 percent.

The changes comScore made generally reduce user numbers, so in an apples-to-apples comparison, user growth would look slightly bigger, a comsScore spokesman said.

Users spent an average of 380.8 minutes, or more than six hours, on the site in May this year, up slightly from 378.9 minutes in April.

In April last year, as measured under comScore’s old techniques, users spent 374.9 minutes on the site.

Facebook was heavily criticized for the handling of its initial public offering in May, and critics have also questioned the efficacy of its ads.

One oft-cited reason for buying Facebook stock was the company’s rapid growth.

The company’s shares debuted at $38, but dipped well into the $20s before recovering some ground in recent weeks. On Wednesday shares closed at $31.60, down about 1 percent.

About two out of five people polled by Reuters and Ipsos Public Affairs said they used Facebook every day. Nearly half of the Facebook users polled spent about the same amount of time on the social network as six months ago.

(Reporting By Sarah McBride; Editing by Bernard Orr and David Gregorio)”

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