Facebook ‘Likes’ US Spends $ 6,30,000

I often wonder and aghast at the stupidity of the US Institutions, CIA,NSA.

Last year I corrected a stupid mistake of CIA on India-this information is known to any one with common intelligence, even a foreigner)

With NSA they eavesdrop assiduously but miss the terrorists and other criminals.

Now you find some jokers in the State Department had spent % 6,30,000 for getting ‘Likes’ in Facebook!

As I had written earlier, Facebook likes are frivolous, and are marked in fun, with no seriousness, there are exceptions.

Teens Technology Social Media, A Study

People share information on The Social Media.

Teens also do.

Despite warnings about the fact that the information shared in the Social Media is likely to be misused, they still do.

So is chatting online.

The probable reason is the basic Gregarious instinct of man, the urge to be with people and share.

Why on the Social Media and not in person?

Blogs Influential Than Tweets, Study-Naturally

A Study reveals that Blogs are more influential tha Tweets and Social Media.

I understand that.

I am of the view that blogs are more detailed, reasoned and informative than Tweets.

Tweets are generally your opinion or impressions to a story or News.

Here you do not the luxury of reasoning out your views.

Tweets and Social media Communications are essentially a communication between a Group or Groups, while blogs target a larger audience.

In Social Media like Facebook, you first express your interest, likes to make people find you.

In Blogs, you leave the material and let the Reader take find you.

Being better reasoned out pieces Blogs tend to have better credibility.

Attention Span is more for a Blog.

I have assumed, in this exercise that Tweets,Social Media Messages, to be good ones.