200,000 Cancers Likely from Fukushima Explosion.Video/Official Report on Reactor.

Follow the Link for official report on Japan Nuclear Accident. © Copyright 2010, Fairewinds Associates, Inc, All Rights Reserved http://www.scribd.com/doc/52467769/NRC-Rst-Assessment-26march11 The Health Outcome of the Fukushima Catastrophe Initial Analysis from Risk Model of the European Committee on Radiation Risk ECRR By: Chris Busby. Given that the ICRP predicted excess cancers will probably appear in the next10 […]

Check Radiation Poisoning.

Phase Symptom Exposure (Sv) 1–2Sv 2–6Sv 6–8Sv 8–30Sv >30Sv Immediate Nausea and vomiting 5–50% 50–100% 75–100% 90–100% 100% Time of onset 2–6h 1–2h 10–60m <10m immediate Duration >24h 24–48h <48h <48h 48h–death Diarrhea None Slight (10%) Heavy (10%) Heavy (90%) Heavy (100%) Time of onset — 3–8h 1–2h >1h <30m Headache Slight Mild (50%) Moderate (80%) […]