Shiva His Ornaments Description And Meaning.


And these three lines also indicate the three fundamental units/forces of the Universe. Motion,Non motion and their being held in balance. Purusha,the Kinetic Energy,Prakriti,the Potential energy and the Sparsa,the initial contact that evolves the Universe. The Universe is constantly in Motion and is born of Motion.


Shiva As One to Eight Thirumandhiram Thirumoolar

To get you know the depth, I am posing on a poem,which forms a part of the Prayer,called Paayiram Here Thirumoolar describes Shiva from numbers One to Eight. Each of the statements is pregnant with Tantra and Philosphical meaning

Shivas Tripura Capital of Atlantis?

Vedic Varuna is sometimes thought to be a reflex of the same Proto-Indo-European theonym as Greek Ouranos, based on similarities between both names and the respective gods' attributes, but no successful derivation has yet been produced that is consistent with known laws of sound change. Sage Agastya's wanderings in Lemuria is well known.

Shiva Tribes In Kabul To Kaveri

With the available evidence now,Shiva tribes seem to have been in Kabul, Near Chittore,Rajasthan, Near Yamuna river and near River Kaveri

Lord Rama Worshiped Shiva Valmiki Ramayana

Here I make an exception in producing evidence as this blog is considered authentic with references and is being quoted in research papers and Wiki. I owe them this much. Lord Rama,while returning to Ayodhya after the war at Sri Lanka by Pushpaka Vimana describes the places he had visited to Sita. He describes Rameswaram as the place where Shiva showered His Blessings on Him( Rama)