Breathing Unilateral Intermittent Tantra Sastra

The system of Tantra Sastra of Hinduism, followed by the Shaktas(who worship Devi,Goddess as Mother, has a detailed analysis of Breathing.

The System of Tantra Sastra is interwoven intrinsically with The Yoga , as enunciated by Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras.

One division, one can not really call it a division, as the system is an Organic whole,deals with Respiration, ‘Swasa.

The basic premise in Sakthi worship, in respect of bodies, that is without consciousness, is that it is breathing that differentiates and infuses Life and Consciousness.

The breathing process or respiration combined with the Heat Energy outside the body in the Universe, creates and sustains Life.

As Hinduism postulates there are two bodies, Stoola(Gross) and Sukshma(Subtle)

The Stula Sareera or the Body without Life is called Jata,Inert.

One Point Five Million Hits And Discussions On The Net

It is at the end of this post.

I did not post any blog on completion of one million hits as I thought it better not to write about it as one writes hits come.

Nothing earth-shaking about it.

But on this occasion , I thought it would be better if I post on how the Internet is reacting to the Blog.

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Sex Education What Students Say

The latter, unless it is instinctive,is nothing but a deviation(no psychological; connotation) and mostly leads to Perversions, which one might be unaware of before coming in possession of such information.

Despite the emergence of a Free Society( should this be in only Copulation?), the individuals feel awkward in vocalizing sexual thoughts, especially with those who are close to them even

Sex, Prostitutes Psychologists Say The Same

Now has come a stage where a Prostitute can advise people on Sex to Men.

Well, experience speaks.

What is appalling is the coverage they get in the Media and the gumption on their part to shamelessly speak about their professional experiences.

How would it look for their children to know of this, if these people ever get married, do not worry some idiot will!

The same advice is given by Psychologists as well.