Breathing Unilateral Intermittent Tantra Sastra

The system of Tantra Sastra of Hinduism, followed by the Shaktas(who worship Devi,Goddess as Mother, has a detailed analysis of Breathing.

The System of Tantra Sastra is interwoven intrinsically with The Yoga , as enunciated by Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras.

The Tantra Sastra of Hinduism

Tantra Sastra

One division, one can not really call it a division, as the system is an Organic whole,deals with Respiration, ‘Swasa.

The basic premise in Sakthi worship, in respect of bodies, that is without consciousness, is that it is breathing that differentiates and infuses Life and Consciousness.

The breathing process or respiration combined with the Heat Energy outside the body in the Universe, creates and sustains Life.

As Hinduism postulates there are two bodies, Stoola(Gross) and Sukshma(Subtle)

The Stula Sareera or the Body without Life is called Jata,Inert.

It is the Swasa and its combination with heat energy infuses Life into the Stula or Gross body(Jata or inert body becoming conscious)

‘Jatasakthi Jatahmika(Lalitha Sahasranama)

Every womb has its innate Heat, Garba Agni, that is every womb has its potent heat unique to each.

The Life or the Individual soul after Death, to reao the consequences of the actions performed by the body it has left, chooses a unique Garba(Womb or Yoni( female genital Organ,

The Swasa is blown into the Garba Agni and Life is created.

It is the precept of the Tantra Shastra that there are 840000 Differntial Yonis, that is differentiation of Female Genital-this is applicable to each genital Organ.

To put in another way each Organ is programmed to create 840000 more Geniatl Organs or new Life

When , as said earlier, heat and Swasa mingle Life is On.

When the Respiration stops, het leaves the Body, it grows cold.

So Gross body with out Life has o be respected as it has provided shelter to the Soul.

Hindus, after death, consign the body into flames, returning it to its partner Heat, an attribute of Fire.

How come that there are different species?

is due to Breathing, Respiration.

The length of humans is 12″ while that of Animals is 10′ or 8′ depending on its size.

Again this breath between man and Animals has a vital difference.

While Man has Intermittent Breathing, Animals have Unilateral Breathing.

To be continued.

Ref.Sakthini Padam by Proodan Sukumar.

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One Point Five Million Hits And Discussions On The Net

This blog has reached 1.5 Million Hits some time , either yesterday or to-day; as usual I did not notice it till a Reader sent an email on this with a Link

It is at the end of this post.

I did not post any blog on completion of one million hits as I thought it better not to write about it as one writes hits come.

Nothing earth-shaking about it.

But on this occasion , I thought it would be better if I post on how the Internet is reacting to the Blog.

So, I checked under discussions for ramanan50.

The Result.

138 results were available in Google Search.

Some discussions.

1.This one from Google group.

Dear members

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New post on Ramani’s blog

Church Issues Sex Diplomas.

by ramanan50

In a bizarre case a Church was found issuing Sex Diplomas to Teens in Sweden!

‘A “shagging diploma” given to youths at a Church of Sweden confirmation camp proved too much for parents who complained Wednesday that their 14-year-olds were too young for sex…
After attending a course entitled “Love and Sexuality”, the teenagers in the southeastern town of Rödeby were given a certificate and badge stating they were “qualified for sex”.

Vicar Mats-Ola Nylen said the course had been organized by a man purporting to come from the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU), but the church later found out he hadn’t worked for the organization in years.

Read more of this post


This one from WEB MD.

astrodave posted:

 I am not posting any more on this.
I am happy that various respectable sites are discussing the points raised in the blog, in various disciplines,in various languages, including foreign languages.
It is nice to know you are noticed.

A Reader sent in the following, showing that www.ramanan50.wordpress.com is shown in an advertisement in Page xray.com (Technologie.


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Masturbation Porn Watching Abstinence Study

Latest study to make it big on the study of Porn watching , masturbation.

I have a few posts on the subject.

Porn research.

Porn Study.

I have provided Links towards the end of the posts.

Studies, studies everywhere, not to know which is right’

Go ahead.

Watching porn can certainly have a negative effect on your sex life. According to a survey of the NoFap community, a group of people who are attempting to quit masturbating to online pornography, 49 percent of the self-titled “Fapstronauts” have never had sex with another person. Additionally, 59 percent say they watched porn between four and 15 hours a week before swearing it off.

In an effort to call attention to the problem, ProjectKnow.com, a resource site for learning about addictions of all types, has taken the raw data from an April, 2012, “Fapstronaut” survey and produced the info-graphic below.



Education, Sex

Sex Education What Students Say

Sex Education

Sex Education In Schools.

There is a move by the Government of India to introduce Sex Education in School , as a part of curriculum.

“So, it also becomes important to educate school teachers so that they can handle such issues with maturity. One such step has been taken by Umeed, a leading organization of counsellors led by Salony Priya, by organizing a workshop to deal effectively with health and sexuality issues among adolescents. The two-day workshop on July 4 and 5 is being organized at Frank Anthony Public School and will be attended by teachers from almost every leading English-medium school in the city.( Times of India-July,4, 2013)

David Cameron ,the  Prime Minister of UK , is launching Telegraph Wonder Women’s ‘Better Sex Education’ campaign.

I have been maintaining, that Sex is a Basic instinct and need not be taught.

The organism knows how to go about it.

It is not a kill to be taught.

Some may disagree stating that there is a lot of difference between Sex and Informed Sex(!).

The latter, unless it is instinctive,is nothing but a deviation(no psychological; connotation) and mostly leads to Perversions, which one might be unaware of before coming in possession of such information.

Despite the emergence of a Free Society( should this be in only Copulation?), the individuals feel awkward in vocalizing sexual thoughts, especially with those who are close to them even!

The Telegraph of UK conducted a Survey to find out what the Students feel about Sex Education.


I am 16 and I think that sex ed is the funniest and most ridiculously taught of anything. However, it is also the topic that I feel most young people should be informed properly about and not be conformed to using cheesy and corny videos of cartoons, nor should the extent of sex ed in high school be a more sophisticated re-run of corny junior school sex ed videos, or using bananas to practice putting on condoms. It should be changed.

 don’t remember learning much from sex ed. But I did learn quite a bit from Grange Hill.

QuoteI remember all of the class throwing condoms at the teacher, after she handed them out!

QuoteWe had sex education lessons only a few times. But then once in year 9, the boys and girls were split up for an emergency sex education lesson – because my school panicked after two pupils were caught doing naughty things in the gardens on a school trip. In that ‘special’ class, the teacher was great – just open and honest.

QuoteAll that happened to us was we were shown scary pictures, got taught how to put condoms on a fake penis and that was it. We were all already sexually aware from the internet.
The scary pictures made us feel like: IF YOU HAVE SEX – THIS WILL HAPPEN AND YOU WILL DIE. 



Sex, Prostitutes Psychologists Say The Same

Now has come a stage where a Prostitute can advise people on Sex to Men.

Well, experience speaks.

What is appalling  is the coverage they get in the Media and the gumption on their part to shamelessly speak about their professional experiences.

How would it look for their children to know of this, if these people ever get married, do not worry some idiot will!

The same advice is given by Psychologists as well.

Sex Life.

Sex Life.



Tasha Reign is the most dynamic and multi-dimensional new star in entertainment. And she’s graciously agreed to contribute to BroBible twice per month. Her first column seeks to help dudes be better in bed. Some might call these tips lifehacks. We’ll just call them vital. 15 Things Women Want Yo to Do in Bed (Part 1) is below.

1. Do something with her before or after the act, movie, dinner, event, drinks, games, anything. It makes the whole act seem like an event and something that she may want to go above and beyond to please you during instead of a sex session just for you.

2.  Compliment your girl and make her feel great about everything, from her make-up to her hair, her eyes, her body, the whole shebang. The key here is KEEP IT REAL. Really try to find things on her or about her that you think are absolute turn-ons and focus on them, women love sex when they feel sexy!

3. Foreplay is important, play with her, tease her, use your tongue everywhere, be wild and excited about her and most importantly make her feel like she’s the sexiest woman on earth. If you are having sex with her just to get yourself off, she will know.

4. Look at her while you are fucking. I like a man to stare into my soul while he fucks my brains out. It’s confident and intimate.

5. Do not get straight to pounding away at her like the jack hammer performers you have seen in the most hardcore and intense adult scene of your life, you want this to be pleasurable for both parties. There is a big difference between real sex and performance sex. Performance sex is for whomever is watching. Real sex is for whomever is partaking.

6. Do ask her if what you are doing feels good to her without prying and being repetitive, just listen to her moaning and look up at the face, ask in a way that is sensual and not insecure.

7. CONFIDENCE is key, that the hottest thing a man can wear, period

8 Whisper. I love when guys fuck me hard, and deep while they whisper in my ear, low and growly. Nothing could make me want the D more.

9. Compliment her skills, sincerely and personally. If she gives great head, if she rides you well, if she kisses you hard and deep let her know just how much that turns you on and how wonderful it is.

10. Be vocal. Dirty talk is always so hot and especially when the man takes the lead and shows me how it is done and why he wants his member where he wants it.