Church Quotes Bible For Child Abuse

In a shocking statement a Lawyer, legal representative of the Catholic Church quoted the Bible to justify the Abuse of Children by the clergy in Australia.

So aggrieved were the Public they walked out of the hearing.

Where is the Church and Pope?

Male Survivors Of Rape By Women,Men

I had posted a couple of days ago on Male Harassment and Helpline numbers. I am posting now information on Males who survived Rape from Women/Men. Story: A 19-year-old man has come forward and reported his own sexual assault that took place March 30 in Toronto. The report singles out four women as the assailants, […]

India, Sexual Abuse Of Children Report

While we have been concentrating on the rape of Adult women in India and had an Ordinance passed by The President on Rape, the silent malaise is the sexual abuse of the Child. Related: Two out of every three children in India are physically abused, according to a landmark government study. Commissioned by the Ministry of Women […]

Brain Injured Abuse Scandal in US

The condition of the mentally challenged is beyond words. No mechanism is in place in India,even if it is there, it seems to be a great job of not letting people know that it exists. Story: Staffers at his new home held him down and punched him in the face and groin, Price said. When Alopaeus’s efforts […]

Guwahati Molestation Video, Sex Education is no answer

Molestation by mob is increasing. Yesterday I posted a Blog ‘Kerala‘s Porn addiction‘ where I have quoted some expert saying lack of Sex education is a cause. For the reporter it is more important to film the  event than to save the girl! Th Media’s deafening silence  on the reporter’s action of Filming the incident instead of helping  the victim is strange. It is the Independent  that has highlighted […]