Church Quotes Bible For Child Abuse

In a shocking statement a Lawyer, legal representative of the Catholic Church quoted the Bible to justify the Abuse of Children by the clergy in Australia.

So aggrieved were the Public they walked out of the hearing.

Where is the Church and Pope?


In a shocking statement a Lawyer, legal representative of the Catholic Church quoted the Bible to justify the Abuse of Children by the clergy in Australia.

So aggrieved were the Public they walked out of the hearing.

Where is the Church and Pope?

Child Abuse by the Clergy.
Former orphans Trish Charter and Yvette Parr leave the royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse in Sydney on Monday. Photograph: Paul Miller/AAP

“”Let the little children come to me; do not stop them; for it is to such of these that the kingdom of God belongs.”

Victims of child abuse and their supporters walked out of a public hearing at the royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse after the Catholic church’s legal representative quoted the Bible in his opening address.

Over the course of an estimated two weeks, the commission will hear evidence from four victims of abuse by members of the church who sought redress through the Towards Healing process, set up by the church in 1996 to respond to complaints of abuse by members of the clergy.

On Monday morning it was revealed that the Catholic church had paid more than $43m in compensation to victims in a process which it is alleged sought to mitigate public damage to the church rather than address victims’ needs.

Senior counsel assisting the commission, Gail Furness, said the highest payout since the establishment of Towards Healing was $853,000. The amount, which included legal, counselling and other costs, related to a diocesan priest, at the time appointed with the archdiocese of Sydney.

Furness began her opening address by describing the process that Towards Healing was supposed to follow when a complaint of sexual abuse was received.

“It is acknowledged that people will experience this process differently depending upon, among other matters, their understanding of the process and their expectations,” said Furness.

Furness prefaced the evidence expected to be given by the first witness, abuse victim Joan Issacs, who will appear on Monday afternoon.

Peter Gray, representing the church’s Truth, Justice and Healing Council began his opening statement by quoting a passage from the gospel of Mark, prompting cries of shock and disgust in the hearing room.


Male Survivors Of Rape By Women,Men

I had posted a couple of days ago on Male Harassment and Helpline numbers.

I am posting now information on Males who survived Rape from Women/Men.


A 19-year-old man has come forward and reported his own sexual assault that took place March 30 in Toronto. The report singles out four women as the assailants, highlighting not only the brutality of the assault, but the bravery of the victim to come forward in a world where sexual assault against men is rarely reported.

Allegedly, the victim was alone the night of the assault until he met the women at a nightclub. They offered him a ride home, drove a few blocks away to a parking lot, and sexually assaulted the man. When they were finished, they drove him a few blocks further and let him out of the car.

While it took the victim a week to report the assault, the stigma he faces as a male victim could have prevented him from doing so altogether. According to a 2003 report, 8% of all adult sexual assault victims in Canada were men, but the number is probably much higher…(

Rape confessions
Rape confessions by Male.
Male Rape.
Rape Confession.
Male Rape.
Male Rape confessions.
Male Rape.
Male Rape.
Rape of Men.
Male Raped.





India, Sexual Abuse Of Children Report

While we have been concentrating on the rape of Adult women in India and had an Ordinance passed by The President on Rape, the silent malaise is the sexual abuse of the Child.

Sexual Abuse of the Child, India
Sexual Abuse of the Child, India


Child Abuse India
Child Abuse India

Two out of every three children in India are physically abused, according to a landmark government study.

Commissioned by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, the study says 53% of the surveyed children reported one or more forms of sexual abuse.

This is the first time the government has done such an exhaustive survey on the controversial issue of child abuse.

Abuse of children, particularly sexual abuse, is rarely admitted in India and activists have welcomed the study.(BBC 9 April 2007)

Now Human Rights Watch on this issue.


Child sexual abuse is disturbingly common in homes, schools, and residential care facilities inIndia. A government-appointed committee set up after the New Delhi attack to recommend legal and policy reform has found that child protection schemes “have clearly failed to achieve their avowed objective.”

The 82-page report, “Breaking the Silence: Child Sexual Abuse in India,” examines how current government responses are falling short, both in protecting children from sexual abuse and treating victims. Many children are effectively mistreated a second time by traumatic medical examinations and by police and other authorities who do not want to hear or believe their accounts. Government efforts to tackle the problem, including new legislation to protect children from sexual abuse, will also fail unless protection mechanisms are properly implemented and the justice system reformed to ensure that abuse is reported and fully prosecuted, Human Rights Watch said..

You can access and download the Report at


found a reasonable good one which analyses the issue of rape.

That is from The Washington Post.

Following are the reasons  cited.

Fewer Female Police Personnel.


Even the quality of women Police available is  disheartening.

I have found the women Police to be more heartless than a Policeman in terms of character and humane approach to family issues brought into Police Stations.

These women Police ensure that they get a good bribe to settle the issue even if what is agreed upon is totally unjustifiable.

Lockup rapes are most common.

Brain Injured Abuse Scandal in US

The condition of the mentally challenged is beyond words.

No mechanism is in place in India,even if it is there, it seems to be a great job of not letting people know that it exists.


Staffers at his new home held him down and punched him in the face and groin, Price said. When Alopaeus’s efforts to transfer him stalled, Price said his desperation led him to a step aimed at speeding his release.

He swallowed five fish hooks and 22 AA batteries he’d picked up during a patient outing at Wal-Mart. After emergency surgery to remove the objects, he was allowed to transfer to another facility.

Residents at the Florida Institute have often been abused, neglected and confined, according to 20 current and former patients and their family members, criminal charges, civil complaints and advocates for the disabled.

These sources and over 2,000 pages of court and medical records, police reports, state investigations and autopsies contain an untold history of violence and death at the secluded institute known as FINR, which is located amid cattle ranches and citrus groves in Hardee County, 50 miles southeast of Tampa.

Patients’ families or state agencies have alleged abuse or care lapses in at least five residents’ deaths since 1998, two of them in the last 18 months. Three former employees face criminal charges of abusing FINR patients — one of whom was allegedly hit repeatedly for two hours in a TV room last September.

Sparse Care

The complaints underscore the problems that 5.3 million brain-injured Americans are having finding adequate care. Their numbers are growing, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as better emergency medicine and vehicle safety mean that fewer die from traffic accidents, bullet wounds and other causes of traumatic brain injuries.

The long-term ills range from memory loss and physical handicaps to the inability to control violent anger or sexual aggression. Yet because insurance benefits for rehabilitation are scarce, less than half of those who need it receive it, according to the Brain Injury Association of America.

Organized as a company and operated for profit since 1992, FINR has become one of the largest brain-injury centers in the country, with 196 beds. Three rival providers say they know of no place bigger. Multi-site operator NeuroRestorative, owned by a holding of buyout firm Vestar Capital Partners, handles more patients.

Guwahati Molestation Video, Sex Education is no answer

Molestation by mob is increasing.

Yesterday I posted a Blog ‘Kerala‘s Porn addiction‘ where I have quoted some expert saying lack of Sex education is a cause.

For the reporter it is more important to film the  event than to save the girl!

Th Media’s deafening silence  on the reporter’s action of Filming the incident instead of helping  the victim is strange.

It is the Independent  that has highlighted this issue.

If the media which is staffed by the educated(presumably)and the socially conscious is silent, how is it that Sex education is going to solve the problem, when normal education does not kindle the human quality of Compassion?

SCENES captured on film by a television journalist of a mob molesting and stripping a teenage girl in a city in north-easternIndia have triggered outrage across the country.

Many people are demanding to know why the journalist filmed the 30-minute assault, rather than trying to help the young woman.

At least four men have been arrested by police in the aftermath of the attack on a 17-year-old fashion student.

Officers said they were able to identify a number of the alleged participants from the footage that was broadcast on television and subsequently uploaded on to the internet.

The media channel has defended the actions of its staff.

The incident in the city of Guwahati has again highlighted the dangers and threats often faced by women in India, a nation where sexual harassment is often referred to by the media as ‘Eve-teasing’.

Yesterday, television channels repeatedly broadcast the footage of the beating and assault of the young woman, said to have taken place after she had been celebrating a friend’s birthday in a bar.”

I am of the opinion that the absence of swift  deterrent punishment and erosion of moral values as the reason for the type of roguish behavior.

Unless we address this problem , we would be like the economists who blabber on economy where no results would be forth coming sans sound bites.

“A teenaged girl was pulled by her hair, lifted up, thrown down, beaten up, thrashed, molested, groped, slapped and stripped in full public view for 30 minutes on Monday night at a busy road near the Christian Basti area in Guwahati by a mob of around 20 men.

I am beginning to think if my family  is atall safe in this country. It is hu some xpert saying lack of Sexrting to see a teenager to be treated in this manner.The video of the incident that was leaked on YouTube, shows the mob – consisting of around 20 men – beating the girl before stripping her.

Its a shameful act from the city which was known for tolerance.

The way the entire incident took place shows the mean and beastly thoughts that our “Youth” is cultivating in them.
What troubles me more is the fact that it happened in the city where i had seen the light of my Youth and was always proud to be associated with this part of the country;

Priests! Move over, It is Time for Nuns

We have heard of the priests engaged in sexual abuse and Paedophilia.

Now 87  cases have been filed against a Nun for abusing girls.

It is always a problem when natural instincts are curbed instead of being regulated

English: Pope Benedict XVI
English: Pope Benedict XVI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An Irish nun is to appear before a special sitting of the country’s Circuit Court on 87 charges of the sexual abuse of primary school girls.

The nun, whose name has been withheld by the State to protect her victims, appeared at Sligo Circuit Court on Tuesday.

Her case, thought to be the first of its kind in Ireland, has been listed for mention again on May 22nd.

Judge Rory McCabe has ordered the special sitting after the Director of Public Prosecutions outlined the huge number of files to be considered by the prosecution’s legal team.

The case was transferred from another county only last week according to DPP barrister Dara Foynes.

Newspaper reports say that several of the nun’s alleged victims were in court for the brief hearing.

Those present heard the barrister for the accused woman complain about the delay in the trial. She said her client had been charged in January 2010.

In response, Foynes said a ‘voluminous’ number of files had only been given to prosecution solicitor Hugh Sheridan last week after the transfer of the case from another county

Mom Pimps Her Daughter of 6 Years! Teacher A Porn Star

Sexually Abused child.
Image via Wikipedia

We have come across news of a lady Teacher crossing over half the world to have intimate relation ship with her teenage Student;a Lady teacher eloping with a boy;a teacher(man) deserting his Family for his teen age student.

A father imprisoning his daughter for over a decade and fathering her children(his wife stays in the same house,yet knew nothing)

(read my blogs on this under family,relationship)

The perversion continues.

Now we find a mother pimping her 6-year-old.

If this is not enough a Teacher is rumoured to be a Porn Star.

A middle school teacher has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into rumors that she’s also a hardcore porn actress,KCAL-TV reports.

Haydock Intermediate School officials released a statement saying the teacher, whose name is being withheld, is not facing criminal charges — but that the school considers the activity to be inappropriate.

“It has been alleged that one of our teachers is depicted in at least one pornographic video and possibly others on the internet…These sites contain extremely graphic and inappropriate pornographic material.”

KTLA-TV reports that officials were alerted when students showed administrators a pornographic video allegedly starting the teacher.

“These allegations do not involve any Oxnard School District students,” the school’s statement says, according to KTLA. “We are asking teachers to discourage the children from searching for and/or visiting these inappropriate sites. We ask that you be particularly vigilant over the next few days with respect to the Internet content being accessed by your child on his or her telephone or other Internet-ready devices.”

Superintendent Jeff Chancer told the Ventura County Star his main worry — other than students trying to search for videos of the teacher — is that it will disrupt productivity.

Are we worse than animals?

Freedom in Lifestyle breeds despicable acts fit only of degenerates.

Deterrent punishment, Islamic style is the only solution, to stem the rot.

A Florida mother has been jailed in Georgia, accused of prostituting her 6-year-old daughter to support herself and her drug habit.

Police in Columbus, Ga., arrested 39-year-old Dalina Nicholas, of Jacksonville Beach, Fla., on March 1 on a warrant accusing her of child neglect. She was locked in the Muscogee County Jail. Quinn Brooks, 56, and John Hagans, 47, are behind bars in Jacksonville Beach in connection with the case, accused of paying for sexual favors with the child. A third man, 51-year-old Norman Thompson, is being sought by police.

According to a report by Jacksonville Beach police, the investigation into the case began on Jan. 7, when a homeless man flagged down a patrolling police cruiser. The man said he knew of a young girl, later identified as Nicholas’ daughter, who was being sexually abused by several men, police said.

The homeless man told police the abuse had been ongoing for about two years and said that he had witnessed Nicholas use drugs. The man also said he was present once when Nicholas allegedly accepted $20 from a man and told her daughter to get naked and lay on a living room mattress so the man could have oral sex with her, police said.

The witness, according to police, said the girl had confided in him that she was being sexually abused and asked him to “help her make it stop.”

Nicholas, confronted by investigators at her Jacksonville Beach apartment, denied her daughter had been sexually abused. She told police that she had been abused as a child and would “know if her daughter was going through the same thing,” the police report states.

The 6-year-old girl told police detailed accounts of sexual abuse that she had suffered in her home, by various adult males, police said.

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