Cracks 250 Year Code, Secret Society Manual!

A Rare, 250 year old Manuscript,A present by A colleague, Visit to a Computer Specialist Lecture on Translation Algorithm,Search for the Language.. —– and Finally the Unveiling of a Secret Society. Sounds like the blurb on a Best Seller? No. This  actually happened. Wolfgang Hock, a colleague, presented  Christiane Schaefer,a Philologist was presented  a rare manuscript in […]

The Illuminati Covenant.Authentic?

I have blogged quite substantially on Illuminati with Videos,News and opinions as the information can not be ignored. However I am unable to decide what Truth is-probably it is Illuminati’s strength. I leave it to the readers’ judgement. You might provide me with additional information. ” WW~Notes: Allegedly written by an Illuminati whistleblower, and just like theProtocols of […]

‘Thule Society-Another Like ILLUMINATI?

Though not as well-known as The ILLUMINATI,Thule Society seems to have had influential followers and played a role in World affairs. However we can take this information with a pinch of salt. ” While it may be true that the world is on a downward spiral and that Nyarlathotep has achieved nearly every one of his goals…Stomping […]