UFO Hangs Over Home For Four Hours Video.

Morag Ritchie, 50, was awoken in the middle of the night by flashing lights in the sky over the family home in rural Scotland. The grandmother-of-one woke her family up and her daughter’s fiance caught the shocking images of four blinking lights on video. Related articles ‘UFO spent four hours hovering above our rural home’, […]

Dog Sentenced to Death for injuring a Cat!

Zaniest sentence ever. And I thought only Americans are good(!) at these things! Do Dogs sit over Judgment on our actions? A Scottish dog will soon be killed because he escaped from his family’s garden and attacked a neighbor’s cat. That’s the final word from an Edinburgh appeals court that upheld an earlier death sentence for the […]

Lochness Monster Video-2011.

A Photo Showing What Some Are Saying is the Loch Ness Monster in Lake Windermere in 2011 Could Be the Best Evidence Available That the Monster Exists Loch Ness Monster Photo 2011: Is This Photo The Loch Ness Monster | NowPublic News Coverage http://www.nowpublic.com/strange/loch-ness-monster-photo-2011-photo-loch-ness-monster-2759084.html#ixzz1NLELzdjE