Kerala Caculus Precedes Western Calculus

I am trying to instill a sense of pride in our heritage by posting articles on various astounding facts in out texts, our stupendous Temples Astronomy. It is for the specialists to delve deep into the Texts and reveal what they contain. Unfortunately those who know Sanskrit are not generally aware of advanced modern Scientific Theories and those familiar with modern concepts do not know Sanskrit. My request is that both the groups must get familiar with what they do not know or get together to highlight the highly advanced scientific nature of Hindu Thought.


Three Million Scientific Papers Wrong Statistical Method Wrong

Now a Testing tool used by Psychology is found to be wrong and so are the three million scientific papers based on these tools. Worse is that this has happened in Applied Psychology

Chidambaram Geomagnetic Centre of Earth Universe? Study

I found that Equatorial Geophysical Research Laboratory (EGRL), the regional centre of IIG, is at Thirunelveli because,

Rig Yajur Atharva Vedas Hymns Explain Electricity.Text

More texts form other ancient sources speak of Airplanes,Gravity propelled Machines, Anti Matter. Here I am quoting the relevant texts on electricity

Cell Division under New Microscope Video

One of the mysteries of Life is the division of Cells. Viewing it under Microscope is an experience. Now a New Microscope has been developed an it can provide interesting 3 D viewing.