Smartphone Pictures Security Risk Verified True Video

There is a Video that one takes with a Smartphone poses a security risk as it reveals your location details and other data. The YouTube video has gone viral and there are reports that this news item is a Hoax. I checked and found that this is not a hoax. The information seems to be authentic,


Movie Made With Atoms By IBM Video

In a breakthrough scientists have just produced the first e film , shot by moving 'Atoms!! What we see in the film is 100 Million times larger than the original!

Cell Phone To Control Prevent Gas Fire’Leakage. Video.

As both husband and wife work, people often tend to forget switching off the Gas Cylinder. Even while at Home they often do not switch off the Gas Cylinder Off. The Gas Fire is something that can nor be easily controlled or doused. A Physics Teacher from Vellore,Tamil Nadu,India has invented a Gadget to switch off the Gas Switch off … Continue reading Cell Phone To Control Prevent Gas Fire’Leakage. Video.

Mobile Terror ,Beware

  I received the following forward  from my brother;s son , a couple of days ago. I thought it was just routine.   Then I have received this from my friend and phone calls from some of my acquaintances.   I am reproducing the message for it is better to look foolish than to be sorry.   This … Continue reading Mobile Terror ,Beware

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