Gayatri Twenty Four Devatas.

I am providing the Devatas, presiding Deitites ofThe Gayatri Mantra. They are twenty four, one Devata for each syllable. The list. 1) Agni,


Twenty Four Meters for Gayatri One For Each Syllable.

Every letter of 24 of Gayatri has one Rishi , in all twenty four Rishis for twenry four Syllables. Now Gayatri , a meter by itself has twenty four Meters.

Twenty Four Rishis Of Gayatri One For Each Syllable

Now, who are the Rishis of the Gayatri Mantra and the Chief Rishi who released the Gayatri Mantra? The Rishi who revealed the Gayatri Mantra is Sage Visvamitra. The Rishis, according the Nyasa we recite for the Gaytri are seven in number.. They are, Atri, Bhrigu,

Sama Veda Sandhyavandana Text English

I have posted Sandhyavadanam for Krishna Yajur Vedins. I have posted up to Deva Tharpanam. I shall post the remaining part shortly. Sukla Yajur and Sama Veda Mantras are hard to come by. I have collected the Sama Veda Sandhyavandana texts from Sri.P..Ramchander(almost in full) Text for Sandhyvandana fo Sama Vedins. Part-I - Argya Pradhanam … Continue reading Sama Veda Sandhyavandana Text English

No Sandhyavandan Procedure In The Vedas ?

I replied that, to the best o my knowledge that the procedure for Sraddha is laid down in the Smritis and that I do not ind a reference to it in the Veda. While making this comment I made a remark that I was not sure whether Sandyavandana procedure was mentioned in the Vedas. I received a feedback that Vedas and Upanishad do mention Sandhyavandana. I have been able to locate the reference, which I reproduce...... Even this does not constitute a procedure for performing Sandhyavandana. I am yet to check the Aranyakas. References to worship of the Sun is mentioned, no procedures to be followed are set. Inputs clarifications welcome