Sachin Tendulkar Post Retirement Speech Full Text Video

Sachin Tendulkar’s post retirement speech. Humble,Emotional and Sensible.         * Friends please settle down, I’ll get more emotional! It’s hard to believe my wonderful journey is coming to an end. * I have got a list of people to thank because sometimes I forget. * I would like thank everyone who has […]

Sachin Tendulkar In A Nutshel , Minus His Spirit.

I read an interesting article on Sachin Tendulkar.

It lists hundred facts about Sachin Tendulkar and it is quite comprehensive.

In fact it is Sachin Tendulkar in a nutshell, though one can not catch his spirit, which has to be observed to be believed, be it being a Team Man,Patience,Composure,

Calmness,Sobriety,respect for elders, encouraging others,his Humility.

Here is an excerpt.

Advani, Sachin Tendulkar Of BJP

Both Advani and Sachin Tendulkar were a part of an Era,

One for the party, another for Indian Cricket.

Both shored up their respective fields of Play, BJP, Cricket.

They have enriched their fields beyond the wildest dreams,one from 2 to 182, another the team from Zero to World Power o Cricket.

One fail to understand that it is a team Game(Politics)

One understands his time is up and been told so, while the other given hints, has gradually retired from some forms, though not fully.

The other has been gives enough hints to step aside and he sulks and lives in past glory.For both their understudy have come up, though may not match them, are good enough.

When will they learn?

Match Fixing and Sachin Tendukar

In the days of Wealth, Wine , Women and Match fixing Sachin Tendulkar stands in his sterling character.

More than the Cricketer,’ the Man behind shines through.

DOING A PENANCE: Sachin Tendulkar does “go puja” at end of the two-day “sarpa santharpane” at Kukke Subrahmanya temple in Dakshina Kannada .