Introduction To Quantum No Jargons

I was a Speaker in a Function marking the occasion of the release of a Research Book “Downloading Nature‘s Secrets,From Akasa to Quantum Vacuum

Field by Sri.Lakshminarayananan Gopalan in Chennai on the Fifth of April 2014.


The book deals with the inadequacy of the present day Science, how the Vedas have anticipated these issues and how the Gayatri Mantra  unlocks these secrets.


Quantum Theory in Graphics
The Quantum Theory






Quantum explained with Light
Are these beams of light over Sydney, Australia made of particles or waves? The true physical nature of light had been debated for years. Planck and others showed that not only light but all matter exhibited properties of both a particle and a wave.(Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)



Chart of Quantum Theory
Quantum Theory in Chart

I shall be posting on this shortly.


Science, as we know , rests on certain Laws, which are assumed to be true,called Axioms.


These laws under strict laboratory identical conditions will operate and the same Cause will produce the same result.


The problem is you produce the conditions obtaining in Nature and you repeat them to produce the result, which obviously has to produce the same result.


In other words, Science tells you How and never Why.


But it assumes that it is final.


When you can not describe or define Why , your word is not final.


This applies to Science .


Let us take the Laws of Newton.


I shall not be discussing the exact definitions as it would be beyond the scope of this essay.


I shall deal with it later.


An object remains Inert until it is impelled by an External Force.


From where does this external force come ?


No answer.


If it is assumed that it is in the Nature of things, as Axioms, then you are not solving the issue, but are ducking it and you are offering the Mechanics of Motion, that’s all.


In my view this does not matter, as it does not tell me any thing new in terms of my inquiry content.



For the average person, whether we know how a Thing moves does not matter so long it moves.


Things were falling to the ground even before Newton discovered Gravity.


Even if we are blissfully unaware of it , still Gravity would function.



However these theories have their uses in that these help in developing technologies that help(?) Man.


The second law that the rate of Momentum being directly proportionate to the force applied is also thrown out of this discussion as the first law on which this is derived from is not answering the question.


The same to the Third Law of Motion.


Science also harbors under the strain of Space and Time.


Unless we understand Space and Time we may not be able to understand the Laws of Nature and These terms Space and Time remain undefined till date.


At best, there are only descriptions and that too are being contradicted more or less on a daily basis.


As Emmanuel Kant put it,”Space and Time are the Two goggles through which Man perceives” Remove these,you can not conceive of anything , let alone perceive!


Coming back to the Theory of Motion, we now have research going on in CERN, Geneva, to find the God Particle.


As we all know the Atom consists of Electrons, Protons and Neutron.


Electrons and protons move around the Neutron. Now, when an object moves it creates energy.


So where do the Energies from these electrons and protons go?


Again, the movement of these seem to be directed.


Scientist want to find it as they have theoretically found that there must be some particle or force that directs these electrons and protons .


So the search goes on. Now apply this to the Movement of galaxies that spins and move, The same Laws apply.


And there is is this Theory of Expanding Universe which states that the Universe is expanding with each object in the Universe hurling away from each other and this has been proved by the Infrared shift of the Spectrum.


If these things keep on moving away from each other, where is does it end?


Where is the Edge of the Universe? Einstein tried to solve this through he general Theory of Relativity.


Appropriate at this point,  is that the Space and Time  become One Universe at one point  and that Time can travel both forwards and backwards.


And it can recoil on it self and there are Time Worms.


Then we have the Black-holes, which are assumed not to let even light rays to escape from it.


And Time runs backwards there and, theoretically if one were to enter a Black-hole, he might enter the Past travel through the Future and emerge in the Present!


And this gives rise, along with the effort to find the God particle leads us to Quantum Theory and Multi verses.

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Black Hole Destroying Matter Photos Videos

Phenomenon that is causing awe and least understood is Black Hole.

It is said to be so dense that it does not allow even the light rays to escape and its presence is inferred.

They swallow matter.

A rare photo of Black hole  destroying matter is captured.

Here they are:

DaGalaxy Hercules A
A Radio-Optical View of the Galaxy Hercules A
Illustration of Black Hole.
Artist’s illustraton of the disk around a giant black hole. Image credit: A. Hobart, CXC


Probable Black Hole Destroys Star, Puttenham & NASA’s Artists Compar

Cosmic Journeys : The Largest Black Holes in the Universe



Black holes may be the most ironic objects in the Universe. They are objects with gravity so fierce that if you venture too close, literally no force in the Universe can prevent you from falling in. Not even light can escape, which is why we call them what we do.

Yet they also power the brightest objects in the Universe. As matter falls in, it forms a diskjust outside the black hole that gets infernally hot, blasting out radiation bright enough that it can be seen across the Universe. Not only that, due to forces in the disk like friction and magnetism ramped up to mind-numbing intensities, this disk can focus and blast out two incredibly powerful beams of matter and energy which scream out into space, forming structures both vast and beautiful … like the ones seen in the galaxy Hercules A:

eriously, grab the embiggened version of that. It’s stunning. I’m using it as my computer’s desktop image, in fact. There’s also an incredible 5000 x 3500 pixel version.

In the heart of the galaxy Hercules A is a monster black hole: It’s about 600 times as massive as the black hole in the center of our Milky Way, making it about 2.5 billion times the Sun’s mass. It’s one of the largest known black holes in the Universe, so big we call it “supermassive.”

And it’s hungry. Material is actively funneling down into the maw of that beast, forming a huge disk and blasting out those jets of material you can see in the picture (which is a combination of visible light seen by the Hubble Space Telescope and radio waves—colored pink in the image—detected by the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array). Focused tightly, those jets march across space at ridiculously high speed, slamming into material around them. Eventually they lose enough energy that they slow and puff outward, forming those twin lobes. When this happens, the material emits light in the radio part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The lobes of Herc A make it one of the brightest sources of radio waves in the entire sky.

The scale of this will turn your brain into goo: Those lobes are well over 1.5 million light years across from tip to tip, 15 times the size of our entire galaxy! And they’re powerful, emitting a billion times the energy our Sun does at radio wavelengths. The energy flowing out of Hercules A is simply insane. In X-rays alone it blasts out 100 billion times as much energy as our Sun does in all wavelengths of light. Replace our Sun with an object that bright and the Earth would vaporize.

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Time 4, Cyclic-Explained with Slow Motion,Ultra Motion.

Time, as  seen, is relative.

Time Warp.


Time in Indian philosophy is an Attribute of Reality, so is Space.
The Cyclic Theory of Time overcomes the Non Linear Theory of Time in that there is no seeming contradiction in comprehending different time scales.


to illustrate,; you take a snap of an action, say a cricket match with two different cameras, one with a higher speed and another with ultra slow speed.


If a catch has been under dispute, the ultra slow motion camera will show the exact action, that is, whether the catch has been taken cleanly by the fielder.


The same information will not be available in a High speed camera.


One camera shows an action and another does not show it.


Which is True in relation to Time?


That is to say, one instrument recording the event for the same period does not show it, though it should have passed the time at which the event has taken place and the other shows the same event, which it has passed.


Recordings provide us with two projections.


Ordinary  Daily events we see are recorded here in Ultra Slow motion and In Fast Mode.


Which ‘Seeing is Correct?’


What do we See?





If it is due to the quality of instrument, then can we not say each one of them is correct or both of them are wrong?


So when we talk about Perception, Time factor is one of the coordinates we do not know much about, if we accept Linear Theory.


If we accept Cyclic Theory, we can say the event has happened and not happened.


The difference is the relative positioning.

Again, an event is a form of energy.


Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.


If we accept the Theory of Linear Time, we have to say the event is no more or is destroyed.


Under Cyclic Theory, this does not happen as everything happens, happened and will happen at the same time.
Recent researches on Human Brain have shown that the Brain anticipates action yet to take place and keeps the senses like eyes to receive the message and in fact receives (ref. TOI Aug 08) the message ahead of the event.


Time moves both forwards and backwards .Time is a Stream; so is Space. Per se they are Absolute. They are Relative to the observer.


To put it in simpler words ,things exist in Space and Time at all times irrespective of your positioning and what we say to-day has happened ,is now happening at another level for an observer positioned to observe it.


For them, our Universe is Past. Similarly for another observer, what we see as future, may be Present.


If we accept the Linear Theory of Time, we can not account for the time factor.

(This leaves an interesting question. Do we really see what we see?
Do we prove the existence of eyes because the scenes are seen or do we see things because we have eyes?)


We will be able to Realize Self when we transcend Space and Time.



What is Reality? Stephen Hawking asks..,8599,2017262,00.html?xid=rss-topstories



Read more articles on Time in this site , filed under ‘Time/Astrophysics’.


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Time Non Linear-3 Hinduism Explains How

The reason for this situation is the assumption that Time is Linear.


Time flows in one direction that is forward.
What if Time is Cyclic?


That is, it flows around and depending on where you are.


Time moves both forwards and backwards .


Time is a stream; so is Space. Per se they are Absolute.


They are Relative to the observer.


To put it in simpler words ,things exist in Space and Time at all times irrespective of your positioning and what we say to day has happened ,is right now happening at another level for an observer positioned to observe it.


For them, our Universe is Past.


Similarly for another observer, what we see as future, may be Present.


Indian Concept of Time.


Hinduism advocates Cyclic Theory of Time.


Time, Indian Perspective.

TIME- Calculation in Hindu Philosophy.

3.2 seconds- 1 Kaashtai.

30 Kaashtais or 1.6 minutes or 96 seconds -1 Kalai

30 kalais or 48 minutes – 1 Muhurtham

30 Muhurthams or 1440 minutes one day.24 hrs of western time)

15 Days -one Paksha

2 Paksas – one Month

6 Months -one Ayanam

2 Ayanams -one Year)

There are Four AEONS (yugas).-In terms of Man-Years.

I. Kali Yugam 4, 32,000 years.

II. Dwapara Yuga 8, 64,000years. (Kali x 2)

III. Tretha Yuga 12, 96,000 years. (Kali x 3)

IV. Krita Yuga 17, 28,000 years. (Kali x 4)

V. Total 43, 32,000 years

For Devas, in the next plane of existence, one year by human calculation is one day.


On this basis they have 43, 32,000 years as one chatur yuga or Aeon (By their account 12033 years approximately).


They live for 12033 years. At the end of the day Brahma effects Dissolution.
Next Level. Brahma, the Creator
30917370000000 one Life of hundred years).
*43, 32,000 human years is one day for Brahma.

During the day, 14 Manus reign, under the orders of Brahma

.Each Manu reigns for 30, 67, 20,000 Human Years.
30, 67, 20,000 multiplied by 14, is *42 940 80 000 human years is Brahma’s one day. (The difference is due to Sandhyaa and Sandhyaamsa calculated for Deva years).


The universe is dissolved at the end of each day.


Creation begins the next day.


Brahma reigns for 100 Brahma years or 30917370000000 of human years (For the Creator, there shall be Dissolution at the end of each of his day.


At Night there shall be withdrawn.Next Day starts.)

That is 0 .53 light years. This is for Universe of Matter of one fourteenth of the Universe of matter (14 Lokaas). Matter occupies only 0.1% of entire Universe. Balance of 99.9 % of Universe consists of Anti matter (named now as dark Energy).

The Universe of Antimatter has corresponding Time scale .It contains anti matter.


At the time of Final Dissolution, matter and antimatter collide and Entire Universe becomes dormant to become dynamic again. Matter and Antimatter forming the Universe is said to be contained in the SriChakra of Devi.


The Gods mentioned so far are nominees assigned for a specific purpose and they undergo evolution and dissolution.


The individual Gods are embodiments of Principles of Creation, Sustenance and Dissolution.


They are Principles and are given Name and Form to help one to realize the Ultimate Reality.
This Cycle is for fourteen known levels of existence and all of them exist simultaneously.


That means all activities happen simultaneously.


That is to say, Ramayana happened somewhere and is also happening and will happen in future. (With reference to us).
We can see Time is Nonlinear and is Cyclic.









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Time Non Linear 2-Flows Forwards Backwards

Time Zones differ.Let us leave the explanation or justification for the change in Time zones. The fact is, one in a particular Time zone can only visualize or imagine the reality of the other T Timezone , nothing more. From the individual standpoint, the time zone in which he is placed is the Reality and the other time zones are not experienced by him directly at the given point of Time. We go with the statement of others that other time zones exist because people who live in the other zones vouch for it. But we do not perceive it by ourselves.
From the explanation of Big Bang theory, we know the universe was formed at the time of Big Bang and started moving forward or started evolving.

What of the moment just before Big Bang? Stephen Hawkins states that it is irrelevant as it has no bearing on our Time frame. (Brief History of Time).

Is it logical to say that when we can not comprehend or explain concept, the concept is irrelevant?

What if it has a frame of reference of time than the one understood by us?
We can see clearly that we link Time with Motion. Displacement is observed due to change in Time Frame.

Time is understood by displacement. It means that we perceive Time because of a displacement of object, be it the universe or the hands of a clock. This Circular Reasoning is a logical fallacy. (As we say commonly. egg came from the Hen and Hen came from the egg.

We can not arrive at a conclusion).
To quote another famous example;

if we travel in a train traveling at a particular speed and observe a train moving at the same speed in the same direction, you will observe that you are stationary as the other train.

But you will have covered some distance. In this case motion seems to be at rest while space has been observed. By this example we can say space may exist independently of Time.
But when we follow the concept of Big bang, time is intricately connected with Space and in fact is concomitant with Time.
Another example from Xeno’s Paradoxes:
1. Let us keep the distance from Bangalore to Chennai at 300 miles (for calculation purposes.)
If we travel at the rate of 300 miles per hour, we will reach Chennai in an hour; at 600 miles per hour, 30 minutes; at 1200 miles per hour in 15 minutes; at 2400 miles per hour, in 7.5 minutes; at 3600 miles per hour, in 3.75 minutes, at 7200 miles, in 1.8 minutes; at 14400 miles, in .9 minutes. At this rate, we would have reached Chennai before we left Bangalore!
2. Let an object X travel between A and B.X has to cover half the distance of AB before reaching B, we may call this as C;
X before reaching C, should cover half the distance of AC, say D; to reach D, X has to cover half the distance of AD, say E.
We know that Space is infinitely divisible.

That means X will be traveling infinitely, that is, motion is impossible.
When we speak of Pole star being 400 light years away, we can only say that it existed 400 years ago, because the light left Pole star 400 years ago! We can not say it is there now because we see in the sky today.
The long and short of it is that defining Time is very difficult and is in fact impossible.
Latest findings on Black hole suggest that if you go through a black hole, time runs backwards. If by chance, we were to be in Black hole, will we perceive our present universe as flowing forwards in Time?

““In our everyday lives we have the sense that time flows inexorably from the past into the future; water flows downhill; mountains erode; we are born, grow old, and die; we anticipate the future but remember the past,” the scientists write in a recent study in Physical Review Letters. “Yet almost all of the fundamental theories of physics – classical mechanics, electrodynamics, quantum mechanics, general relativity, and so on – are symmetric with respect to time reversal. “The only fundamental theory that picks out a preferred direction of time is the second law of thermodynamics, which asserts that the entropy of the Universe increases as time flows toward the future. This provides an orientation, or arrow of time, and it is generally believed that all other time asymmetries, such as our sense that future and past are different, are a direct consequence of this thermodynamic arrow.” In their study, Feng and Crooks have developed a method to accurately measure “time asymmetry” (which refers to our intuitive concept of time, that the past differs from the future, in contrast with time symmetry, where there is no distinction between past and future). They began by investigating the increase in energy dissipation, or entropy, in various arrangements. The scientists’ method of measuring time asymmetry is best explained in the context of an experiment. In the macroscopic world, where glasses of milk are spilled, time asymmetry is obvious. But on the microscopic scale, because the amount of energy involved is so small, it’s more difficult to tell that entropy is increasing, and that time is moving forward and not backward. In fact, during some intervals, entropy might actually decrease. So even though overall entropy is still increasing on average, in accordance with the second law, the direction of time is not obvious at every moment in the experiment. Further, the scientists show that even an average entropy increase does not necessarily ensure time asymmetry, but can arise in an arrangement that appears time-symmetric.”

“Time flows like a river but what is flowing? In a new theory it is the forward momentum of light that forms the forward flow of time. Because the Universe is never at absolute zero everything is radiating light waves of EMR continuously. If our eyes were more sensitive to the light we would be able to see this universal process. This process is totally universal and interactive; from the largest object to the smallest creature will slow the rate that time flows forming a curvature of spacetime relative to its own energy forming the future of its own evolutionary path. We have a universal process of spherical 4π symmetry forming and breaking that forms the spiral of life as time unfolds photon by photon or moment by moment.”

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Time ,Non-Linear Theory. Indian Thoughts 1

Time is a very difficult topic ,so is Space.

No clear definition of Time has been set as of Date.

The interchange of the Terms Space and Time is a challenge to the known laws of Physics.

When you observe the Black Holes  where time stops and runs backwards ;

when you notice the movement of extra particles in the sub atomic ranges as in Bosun experiment;

when you have Time Warp proved by Quantum Theory and Mechanics;

when you find the that the receiving by the earth the light from the Star does not prove its existence, rather that it did exist depending on the time taken by the light to reach the earth,

you are astounded and you are forced to reexamine your known Theories of Physics.

Well Indian Philosophy was aware of this fact and it has observed that the .OBSERVER HAS AN IMPORTANT ROLE AS THE OBSERVED, FOR TO OBSERVE SOMETHING THAT TRAVELS AT A VELOCITY THAN THAT OF LiGHT, THE OBSERVER NEEDS TO MOVE INTO THAT PLANE OR the results will not be correct.

Instead of looking at the Universe from  the outside Indian Philosophy looks at the instrument that perceives these phenomena;one such instrument is the Mind, which also has the elements that make up the Universe..

Mind is treated as on sense organ(for details please read my blogs on Hinduism).

Now let us look into the concept of Time.

Different perspective of Time.

Changing views of Space and Time along the world line  of a rapidly changing Observer.

In this animation, the vertical direction indicates time and the horizontal direction indicates distance, the dashed line is the spacetime trajectory (“world line”) of an accelerating observer. The small dots are arbitrary events in spacetime that are stationary relative to each other. The events passing the two diagonal lines in the lower half of the picture (the past light cone of the observer) are those that are visible to the observer.


Galilean transformation
Galilean transformation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


World Line Change.

The slope of the world line (deviation from being vertical) gives the relative velocity to the observer. Note how the view of spacetime changes when the observer accelerates. In particular, absolute time is a concept not applicable in Lorentz’s spacetime: events move up-and-down in the figure depending on the acceleration of the observer.

Indian Philosophy recognizes the limitations of human mind and abilities. It knows that one is restricted by space and time, which does not afford him the luxury of understanding things as they are. Any perception or understanding is conditioned by the twin spectacles of Space and Time (Immanuel Kant in Critique of Pure Reason.)

To understand things as they are is beyond human ability. Let us say that we want to know whether there are any particles that travel at a higher velocity than light. (It has been proved theoretically that they exist).If we want to prove them by direct experience rather than inference, we need to be in motion in tune with the particle traveling faster than the velocity of light (Einstein circumvented this problem by theorizing that if an object were to travel at a higher velocity than that of light, it would no longer remain matter. (Theory of Relativity.)

Imagine, we travel at a higher velocity than the velocity of light, not withstanding the fact that we may no longer remain as matter, what happens?
We may be able to observe the particle traveling at a higher velocity than light. But, in the process of observing this phenomenon, we no longer remain in our normal original state. That is to say we have changed our plane of existence to that of the object traveling at a higher velocity.
This means to understand, in the realms of Higher Physics, if one needs to observe things of a different coordinates, one needs to move to the same level of existence.
That is to say our existence coordinates or parameters vary. This leads to different level of Time as this involves motion at a higher velocity than the one we are in. This admits the differentiation of time, determined by two factors-the point from which one observes and the point at which the observable exists. In short to understand higher velocities one needs to be at the same velocity to observe in real-time.

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Time Travel is Confirmed, Physicists

A photo of the first time travel test with Eri...
A photo of the first time travel test with Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I came across a news item in The Huffington Post Post that physicists have confirmed Time Travel

Time and Space are two concepts that can not be defined as of now.
In fact it has not been done so till date.
A best some explanations are given.
Time Travel is real and possible at all times.
Events are taking place, have taken place,will take place at the same time.

Above is my comment on the Story.

For an idea into Time ‘Time- a Non-Linear Theory’,please read my blog filed under Time at
If you take he example of The Exodus,it took place,has taken place ,is taking place now  and will take place, all at the same time.

This applies any event.
This can be appreciated if one were to understand that Time/Space is not linear( as believed now Science);and that it is Non-linear and Cyclic.

As the material is Copyrighted please visit the Link .



By: Adam Hadhazy, Life’s Little Mysteries Contributor
Published: 04/16/2012 12:32 PM EDT on Lifes Little Mysteries

In this weekly series, Life’s Little Mysteries rates the plausibility of popular science fiction concepts.

In the first “Back to the Future” movie, all it took to travel through time was 1.21 gigawatts and a flux capacitor (packed into a DeLorean sports car for style points). Despite centuries of dreams and decades of bona fide research, flux capacitors remain beyond our grasp, as do any other time travel-enabling devices.

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