Introduction To Quantum No Jargons

I was a Speaker in a Function marking the occasion of the release of a Research Book “Downloading Nature‘s Secrets,From Akasa to Quantum Vacuum Field by Sri.Lakshminarayananan Gopalan in Chennai on the Fifth of April 2014.   The book deals with the inadequacy of the present day Science, how the Vedas have anticipated these issues […]

Black Hole Destroying Matter Photos Videos

Phenomenon that is causing awe and least understood is Black Hole. It is said to be so dense that it does not allow even the light rays to escape and its presence is inferred. They swallow matter. A rare photo of Black hole  destroying matter is captured. Here they are:   Probable Black Hole Destroys Star, Puttenham & NASA’s Artists […]

Time 4, Cyclic-Explained with Slow Motion,Ultra Motion.

Time, as  seen, is relative.   Time in Indian philosophy is an Attribute of Reality, so is Space. The Cyclic Theory of Time overcomes the Non Linear Theory of Time in that there is no seeming contradiction in comprehending different time scales.   to illustrate,; you take a snap of an action, say a cricket […]

Time Non Linear-3 Hinduism Explains How

The reason for this situation is the assumption that Time is Linear.   Time flows in one direction that is forward. What if Time is Cyclic?   That is, it flows around and depending on where you are.   Time moves both forwards and backwards .   Time is a stream; so is Space. Per […]

Time Non Linear 2-Flows Forwards Backwards

Time Zones differ.Let us leave the explanation or justification for the change in Time zones. The fact is, one in a particular Time zone can only visualize or imagine the reality of the other T Timezone , nothing more. From the individual standpoint, the time zone in which he is placed is the Reality and the other time […]