Mantra Yantra For Series Of Problems Avoid Divorce Save Marriage

Sometimes One faces a series of problems for no fault of their own and they can not explain the cause. And these problems arise one after another or at times simultaneously. I have faced similiar situations in Life and to me it was Devi Abhirami who saved me. There is one more issue people face to day. That is, the issue of Divorce.


Parents Complaints To Children

This happens when the parents cross fifty and children start earning or get married,whether the son stays with the parents or not. Recently I had a call on this from a son on this. He was worried about this. Each of the parents have complained about the other. The Boy wanted to solve the issue The Boy is over 35 and the parents in their sixties.

Whom Should A Brahmin Marry Manusmriti

Social Order seems to take priority. The Laws of Manu on selecting a Bride , to me, seems very rational. As parents most of us follow the same without articulating or even aware of it. To ensure Offspring without Genetic disorders Manu prohibits marriage with immediate blood relatives. And with chronic illness and birth defects. He insists on not marrying from a Family without a Male Heir. Boys' parents know how difficult it is to interact with a child with no brother/s for they normally are unaware of Mael view-point. And in the event of the demise of the girl's father, if there are no Males to interact on behalf of the Girl, it creates n running the Family at times of crisis. Manu pays scant regard to the wealth of the Girl's Family. He has also provided some physical marks which might have a bearing on the character of the Bride.

LGBT Issues In Hindu Forward Communities

Sometime back I posted an article on the views of Hinduism on LGBT. The post received good response and many with this issue have written to me saying that th post helped them mentally. Yet members of some communities i Facebook of which I am a member, felt that these issues are in bad taste and some communities have even removed the post. Hinduism is a way of Life...By adopting an Ostrich like attitude, one faces on certain issues, much more serious issues later that would arise because of this. Problems are to be addressed to and not wished away, thinking that if we do not think about them , it would disappear. There is this attitude of taking no decision, a modern western concept of course,justifying that the problem would solve itself.

Mantra For Estranged Couple Strained Relatioship

Many relationships turn sour because of some words uttered in a moment of uncontrolled emotions and this at times leads to serious consequences. Some may result in the Couple being estranged. This is because the Savitri in the tongue releases word from the Mind unchecked as words, Sarsvathi. This has many reasons. I touched upon this in a Post on Savitri. After the words are out, one follows another and estrangement might result. Though both the parties want to unite some thing blocks them. Today they call it Ego. Merely naming it as Ego does not solve your problem. Here are some slokas. Begin on a Sukla Paksha Chaturthi(4th Day of the waxing Moon) or the sixth day (Shasti) and continue it for 45 days.