Jesus Had Two Dads He Is Fine, Anglican Church!

The height of irony.

Bill Board On Jesus.
Bill Board On Jesus.

This on a billboard outside an Anglican church in Niagara Falls

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A picture of a sign outside an Anglican church in Niagara Falls that sends a message of inclusivity when it comes to homosexuality has gone viral.

The billboard outside St. John’s Anglican Church reads: “Jesus had two dads and he turned out just fine!”
An image of the sign caught worldwide attention this week after it was posted on the social-media website Reddit.

The post gained hundreds of thousands of views. It received more than 15,900 positive votes and more than 14,300 negative votes.

According to Christian faith, Jesus is the son of God, but was partly cared for on Earth by his birth mother’s husband, Joseph.

“I don’t find it offensive in any way,” said St. John’s rector Lynne Marchant.


How Redditors Brought Down Internet Company

We write,


We post, share it with social networking sites.

Many get elated if they get Likes. especially if some one  does it in Facebook.

I fail to understand the elation when some one likes your Spouse’s Photo!

If your writing is voted up, your joy knows no bounds,

If it is featured in the Front Page , Home Page ot the dash Board, well, ecstasy.

I still remain a Simpleton and distribute and forget about except for replying comments.

In fact I have been using Facebook, a micro-blogging site, but use it to provide Links to my posts, I do not even post it to Page, though my son insists that Facebook community is stronger and drives visitors in.

But I consider Facebook as basically non serious and frivolous,there are exceptions.

In a curious case Redditors have brought a Meme Company Down by sleuthing.

( I do share in Reddit and promptly forget it, do not even know whether it is voted up or buried.

Curiously I receive traffic from Reddit, to ana extent that in 2102 Reddit drove the maximum traffic to my site.

Now about the present story.

It has the ingredients of Greed,manipulations, Bribery,wrong promises and Sleuthing by the vigilant.

Read On.

In June 2011, the biggest meme-generating forum on the Internet held elections. The community’s moderators had become overwhelmed with its runaway popularity. Reddit’s r/AdviceAnimals needed help.

They got it in the form of redditor gtw08, the eventual winner.

Looking back, all the moderators remember thinking about gtw08 was that he was quiet. They’d barely ever communicated with him, and they certainly didn’t know his real name. His history on Reddit amounted to little more than link submissions to a relatively new site calledQuickmeme, where users type bold-faced captions on popular memes like Scumbag Steve and Success Kid

These are known as image macros. They’re the bread and butter of r/AdviceAnimals, a community that would soon grow to more than 2.5 million users and dominate a certain part of Web culture, proliferating memes that bled into mainstream culture, from Ridiculously Photogenic Guy to Grumpy Cat.

And all along, gtw08 sat on the moderator rolls, holding immense power over which links survived and died in the subreddit.

This is the story how three redditors eventually brought him down, along with the biggest image macro site in the world…

Launched in July 2010, their meme-making site was soon seeing massive traffic. It simplified what had traditionally been a laborious process for one of the Internet’s favorite pastimes: putting funny captions on popular images. By the summer of 2012, Quickmeme was seeing 70 million unique visitors and a half-billion pageviews,according to Wayne Miltz…

Quickmeme was now netting the brothers around $1.6 million a month, according to independent analytics site Worth Of Web. The traffic came largely thanks to referral traffic from Reddit’s homepage—the self proclaimed “front page” of the Internet, which collects more than 71 million monthly visitors. Quickmeme was a fundamental part of the Reddit ecosystem.

You could even call the Miltzes Reddit-made millionaires…

In April 2012, a new competitor emerged in the meme-making landscape. Livememe looked like an outright Quickmeme clone, except for two crucial differences: It supported GIF animations and special effects

The trail went cold.

Aware that other AdviceAnimals moderators were watching him closely, gtw08 began covering his tracks. He’d remove an unpopular Quickmeme post here and there, some Imgur posts, and then a popular Livememe link.

But at the same time, gtw08 was also hashing out conspiracy theories about Livememe to the other mods. The site was using bots to get its posts voted up to the frontpage, gtw08 claimed. And in a bid to get Livememe banned, he compiled data of this alleged botting scheme. The moderators didn’t see enough evidence, however, and voted against the ban.


Jesus In Dog Butt

Huffington Post reports of an image appearing in Dog’s butt.

It avers that it could have been photo-shopped.

If people can believe in Miracles when they say Mary/Jesus has appeared in other natural formations or animals or when a weeping Jesus Image is reported, they might as well believe this!

God is Nameless, Formless, Name and forms are for us to concentrate.


Image of Jesus
Jesus image in Dog’s Butt.
Negative ,Image of Jesus in Dog's Butt.
Negative ,Image of Jesus in Dog’s Butt.

Some More;

Jesus In Car Image
Bird Turd Jesus “It’s like Jesus staring right at me,” says Jim Lawry of Brooklyn Ohio, who posted a YouTube video of bird poop that looks, at least to him, like the face of Jesus.



Virgin Mary In wood
Virgin Mary In Log FOX 13


Jesus on a Wall
Tampa, Florida — An Ybor City restaurant’s name has taken on a new meaning after some say the image of the Virgin Mary appeared on one of its walls. The restaurant is Hamburger Mary’s and the image first got attention over the weekend after some customers noted its appearance on a stainless steel plate on the wall near the kitchen. (
Christ on a Towel
Dec. 29, 2011 – London, England, United Kingdom – A woman was left stunned when she hung out her laundry to dry and discovered the face of Jesus staring back at her from a crumpled sock. Sarah Crane, 38, was amazed when she went to collect her washing and realized she had the most holy pair of socks in Britain. She was so impressed by the clarity of the face they even built a shrine to the sock. (Paul Cunningham, Caters News / ZUMA)




Girl Kicked Out By Ex Boy Friend Google Street View.Privacy?

Google Street View has captured a Girl being kicked out of her ex Boy friend’s House.

Wonderful Technology!

The issue of kicking out a woman is deplorable.


My point is that are we ever alone’

See some of the Google Street View Photos below.

Would we be alone at least in the Toilet?

I doubt.



Girl being thrown out , Google Street View.
Girl Being kicked out of Ex. Boy friend’s House

A bad break-up can be tough enough, but what if it was captured by Google Street View cameras and immortalized on the web?

That’s the dilemma of one woman, who – after being dumped by her boyfriend several years ago – can be seen beside her car with a pile of her belongings, according to several internet postings.

The image was posted on Reddit and the photo-sharing site Imgur with the caption: ‘Google Streetview captures the glorious moment when my buddy kicks his now ex-gf out of his house.’

In it, the downtrodden female clutches a Victoria’s Secret bag as she stands next to curbside bags and boxes. Among the items is a beach chair and what appears to be a giant stuffed dog.

The identity of the woman is not known, but the photo was snapped somewhere in Southern California, according to the poster, who declined to provide additional details to ‘protect the identities and privacy of my friend and his ex.’

Google Street View of  a Man.
Weird: This baffling snap captured by a Street View camera shows apparently naked man climbing into or out of the trunk of a Mercedes in Mannheim, south-west Germany, while a dog sprawls on the driveway
Google View image of Lovers.
Google view Captures Lovers in a Dressing Room!


A Child’s Apology Letter To Park For Breaking Twigs

In a moving letter a child wrote apologizing for breaking a rare Twig in Yosemite National Park.

As Adults we are too proud to admit our mistakes,in the process lose happiness..

Wish we remain Children.

This kid note submitted to Reddit by user and self-proclaimed Yosemite National Park Ranger bestmattever, shows the dismay of a young child named Evie, who wrote the letter with two sticks attached because the child knew they were “not supposed to take things from the park.”

The humanity! To the Yosemite National Park gulag with Evie! Those are irreplaceable one-of-a-kind twigs.

But Park Ranger Bestmattever is endeavoring to live up to his Reddit username, and there will be no gulag for little Evie.

“I sent her a nice letter and an extra Junior Ranger badge. I told her how impressed we all were, and how we hung up her letter in our office so we could show others how great our Junior Rangers like Evie are,” he said in a comment on the thread.( Huffington  Post).

A Child's Apology for Breaking a Twig.
A Child’s Apology for Breaking a Twig.
Some Nice notes from Children
Some Nice notes from Children
Notes from Children
Notes from Children
Funny note from Children
Funny note from Children

For more notes.