Raping Rules Of Islam Female Slave Book Issued ISIS

I hear that the majority of Muslims are against this.

But I do not seem to have any thing so far.

Or are they doing this job of condemning so publicly that none hears of it?

If an obscure magazine which no one would have heard of otherwise, had published some innocuous remark or a Cartoon on Muhammad, from a country like Iceland,Norway, there would have been vociferous protests starting from Muslim Countries, down to our street Mullahs and Imamas.

Probably these people consider the atrocities as not worth noting!

Now ISIS has issued a Pamphlet explaining the justification, nay a diktat, for Raping woman they have captured.

Read this atrocity of a directive.

Rape Marriage Of Children Yes By Sri Lanka

“If under aged girls are statutorily raped and the sexual act was however with consent, it may be good to have legislation that allows the perpetrator to marry the ‘victim’ with her consent.”
President Mahinda Rajapaksa

This gem is from Rajapakshe, President of Sri Lanka, the land that follows The Buddha!

The Army has honed its skills in raping,by raping Tamils .


Tamils deserve to be raped, is it?

Well then when it comes to Sinhalese,?

North East Is It A Part Of India? Plight Of Students

One would scant coverage of news from the North east of India.

Many are not even aware of the States in the North eastern Part of India,which in a paternalistic way called as the Seven Sisters of India.

Indian media wakes up on the issues of the North east when there is an insurgency activity, election or a Corruption case erupts up.

Many students from the North East study in Indian Universities, especially in the South, like the Manipal Group of Institutions in Karnataka ,Bangalore and Anna University in Tamil Nadu.

The students do not get the same treatment as the other Students.

In fact in some campuses thee are separate Mess facilities for them.

In Hostel room allocations, these students are grouped together.

They do not get a chance to mingle with the other students,

On their part the North Indian Students do not make an effort to mingle with the others.

Ordered Gang Rape In Public View

A raised Bamboo platform was set up.

The girl was repeatedly gang raped and the whole Village witnessed this obnoxious inhuman and despicable incidence.

While the Politicians are playing the usual game of Buck passing, the Police, who went to arrest the culprits after a hue and cry over the affair, were admonished by the Villagers for’ attempting to destroy their Honor!.

I am not sure whether Literacy has reached the Village or despite it , the Tribal remain Tribal.

Those from the North East may take what I am stating below with a pinch of salt .

My Brother’s daughter had spent considerable time in the North East of India, about Ten to Twelve years.

She used to narrate me incidences of Debauchery by men and women who were already married.