Why Rama Uses Brahmin Rishis In Gotra Pravara

He recites the names of Brahmin Rishis as his ancestors in His Pravara?


Lord Rama’s Gotra/Pravara is this.

Yajur vEDa Saakhaa adhyaayinE, VaasishTa, MaitraavruNa KouNDinya trayaarishEya Prvaraanvita, VasishTa….Note how meticulously he uses the term Varma , indicating that He is a Kshatriya.

Brahmins must use the term Sarma, Kshatriyas Varma and Vaisyas Gupta after their Names in Pravara.

Rama Kings Thailand Rama Kien

A Tamil Brahmin from Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu founded the empires in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand

Tamil Saint Andal’s Thiruppavai and Shiva’s prayer Thiruvembavai are celebrated as National Festivals in Thailand.

Now there have been Kings of Thailand ,named after Lord Rama.

Rama Foot Prints 1.2 Million Years At Uttarkhand?

The hole in this date is that , for a footprint to have made an impression on a rock, the rock should have been soft enough to take the imprint.

There seems to be no such ancient rock that was as soft as to take the impression.

Even the date of Rama, which is around 5114 BC, may not be correct.

The date should be pushed back to Treta Yuga, which is the period Valimiki assigns to Ramayana.

Vasishta ‘head’ Dated 3700 BC

As I have observed in many of my articles, if one finds an article of great antiquity relating to India/Hinduism, attempt to post date it from the scientific date!

This has happened in the case of dating Krishna’s Dwaraka,Arikkamedu Tamil Nadu,Pallavaram , Tamil Nadu,Rig Veda……