Improbable Is Possible Sanatana Dharma Tamil World History

I have been researching India,its History,Sanatana Dharma,Hinduism for the past eight years.

I have been referring Indian texts in Sanskrit,Tamil and English (these languages I know a bit).

My search was triggerred by anamolies in Indian History and culture in the prescribed text books.

‘Considering these facts,( I have written detailed articles on each point mentioned here),I have been pursuing my studies and I am stuck with some startling, seemingly improbable facts.

Nothing is Improbable because I do not understand it,

Arthur Conan Doyle quote..image
Nothing is Improbable, Arthur Conan Doyle Quote in Sherlock Holme.

This might shock some.

I shall be writing a series with evidence on some of my conclusions, which might border on Wild imagination to plain Crazy!

So the idea that One could see the world with a small device in one’s palm and communicate.!’

When checked with resources from ancient Indian texts,foreign literarure not being referred to in our curricula,archaeology,Astronomy,Astro-archeaology,Philology,Linguistics,Racial theories,Geology, and the past cultures of the world and their religion and legends,I found,

  1. Bharatvarsha existed as explained in Indian Texts,
  2. The events, characters are real,
  3. Bharatvarsha extended throughout the world,
  4. Rama and Krishna were real.
  5. Rama’s name is found  in Kings List of Sumeria, along with Dasaratha and Bharatha.
  6. Rama is referred to in Atlantis Legends.
  7. Rama Tribe is found in Africa.
  8. Ramas Chapel in Iraq.
  9. Egyptian Pharoahs wore Vaishnav marks on thier body.
  10. Australian Aborigines perform Shiva Trinetra Dance even today.
  11. Ancient Tamil is spoken ,even now in Cameroon.
  12. Hindu thoughts were prevalent in Greece much before the arrival of Alexander to India.
  13. Pillars of Herules was dedicated to Krishna.
  14. Krishna Balarama and Shiva were worshipped in ancient Greece.
  15. Tamil Siddha Bhogar is found in Sooth America.
  16. Agastya is found New Zealand.
  17. Rig Veda was compiled in the Arctic.
  18. Pradhyumna, son of Lord Krishna founded the Port city Port Barzhyn in Russia.
  19. Russia has Vedas called Perun,Perun Santis and they were nine in number.
  20. Siberians worship Ayur Devathas of Hinduism even today.
  21. Lake Baikal was Indra’s Amravathi.
  22. Kaikeyi was born in Russia.
  23. Russian language is very close to Sanskrit.
  24. Saptha Rivers, that is seven rivers as explained in Indian Texts are found in Russia.
  25. Yagnyavalka, the Sage who gave Shukla Yajur Veda lived in Russia.
  26. Caspian Sea was Kashyap Sagar.
  27. River Danube was name after Dhan, mother of Dhanavas.
  28. Rig Vedic Mandala city is found in Arkaim, Russia.
  29. Russia was calle Sthree( Women) Varsha and was a Republic.
  30. Petra Jordan Has a Shiva Temple.
  31. Arabia was Aravasthan.
  32. King Vikramaditya ruled the region.
  33. His edict is found in Kaaba.
  34. Muhammad’s Uncle wrote Siva Stuthi.
  35. Shiva Linga is in Meccan and Islam follows Vedic rituals at Kaaba.
  36. Ancient Arabians followed Tamil customs.
  37. Tamil kings extended their kingdoms to middle and far east.
  38. Cilappadikaram Nedunchezhiyan ,Pandya King was called Nebuchadnezzar I.
  39. Yadavs migrated to Israel and are the ancestors of Jews.
  40. Hittie,Elamite,Hurian,Sumerian,Minoan civilizations trace their roots to Tamils.

Articles to follow.

Please note that this Blog exploratory and research oriented in Nature.

Alternative views with evidence welcome.


Madurai India Atlantis Construction Similar

There were four ancient civilizations in the world.

They were,

The Uighur,


Lemuria, and


Lord Rama,whose ancestor Satyavrata Manu was from Lemuria and he moved to north ,Ayodha, where his son Ikshvaku founded the Ikshvaku dynasty to which Rama belongs.

And the Tamil Chola kings belong to Ikshvaku dynasty.

Lord Rama aligned with the a section of Atlantis clan,Horus to defeat Seth.

This is chronicled in Sumerian history.

Names of Dasaratha,Rama and Bharatha are found in the Sumerian Kings List.

Atlantis was described in detail by Plato.

Shall be writing a series on this shortly.

Madurai city layout.image
Madurai city street. Consruction

Based on his writings and other literary references ,design of Atlantis city has been arrived at.

The general lay out is similar ,if not identical with that of Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

Generally ancient south Indian cities,especially in Tamil Nadu were built in concentric lay outs with the temple at the center.

One can witness this in all major temple towns,Madurai,Srivilliputtur,Srirangam…..

At Madurai the streets surrounding the temple are named after the Tamil months.

Not surprising, considering the fact that Maya,the architect of Delhi was from Atlantis.

This coupled with the emerging Lemuria,the part played by Malayathdwaja Pandya,father of Madurai Meenakshi took part in the Mahabharata battle on the side of Pandavas,Krishna and Arjuna married Pandyan princesses and had children through them,Balarama visited Murugan in the south,Krishna participated in Tamil Poets’ Conclave,Krishna defeated a Pandya King….

Atlantis city lay out.image.
Atlantis city lay out. Image credit. David Icke Forum.



Atlantis city design. Image
Atlantis city detailed construction lay out.

These are the references from Mahabharata.

I have written in detail on all these and also on the Ramayana,Vedic references to Tamils and Lemuria and Mu.

I have provided Madurai city 360 ° view as Featured Image above the title of this article and Atlantis city maps above.

Credit. Madurai city image in the body of the article,




Ruby Gold Mining By Chinese Pandya King Nediyon Madagascar 5000 BC

When the Puranas , Ithihasas and Tamil Classics repeatedly assert the existence of a Tamil land and describe in detail the trade carried out by the Sanatana Dharma with the people of this Tamil land, I take this seriously  and do not dismiss them as Myths because it is inconvenient for my beliefs.

Lemuria Continent
Lemuria continent and Mu

Sometimes, nay, most of the time, Truth is inconvenient..

Movement of Tectonic plates,Infra red dating of Thiruvannamalai,Tirupati reveal that the former was 3.94 billion years old and the latter 2100 Million Years ancient.

Jwlapuram Cuddapah, Andhra Pradesh, India is dated around 74000 years where Nataraja is found and this has been validated by Mount Toba’s Emission.

The great Floods , noted by Tamil Sangam literature  finds its echoes in world literature.

Migration to Europe at various times coincides(?) with these floods.

Bhagavtha Purana refers to the fact that Rama’s ancestor Vaiwasvatha Manu meditated in the south and this has been found to be near Madagascar.

Article Link provided at the close of the post.

Manu migrated to Ayodhya and his son Ikshvaku founded the Ikshvaku Dynasty, to which Rama belongs.

Rama’s empire one among the four earliest empires of the world.

These four empires were,



Rama and


Rama faced Atlantis people in a war at Seven Rishis Valley near Harappa.

Please check my article Rama dropped a Nuclear Bomb.

Tamil Classic which revolves around the Chola harbor of Poompuhar, Tamil Nadu which mention Krishna and Mahabharata  is dated 20,000 years ago.

Cilappadikaram, the one of the five epics of Tamils, mentions  the land of the Tamils in the south, which had four major rivers ,Kumari Aaru, Peru Aaru, Pahruli Aaru and Kanni Aaru.

Size of Lemuria was  34 Million Square Miles

The Tamil texts mention that Ruby and Gold were mined here near a mountain called Meru.

Please check my article Mountain Meru in Africa?

The Pahruli river was excavated to irrigate the mountain valley by the Pandyan King Nediyon. Ruby was mined from the mountain Mani Malai and gold from Meru Malai. It is said that Chinese laborers were employed by the Pandyan King and when they went down the mines they appeared like a huge army of small ants, therefore, they were called “the gold mining ants”.( https://atlantisjavasea.com/tag/kapatapuram/ )

In Madagascar Ruby and gold are being mined even today

.’Rubies have historically been mined in Thailand, the Pailin and Samlout District of Cambodia, Burma, India, Afghanistan, Australia, Namibia, Colombia, Japan, Scotland, Braziland in Pakistan. In Sri Lanka, lighter shades of rubies (often “pink sapphires”) are more commonly found. After the Second World War ruby deposits were found in Tanzania, Madagascar, Vietnam, Nepal, Tajikistan, and Pakistan’

Madagascar’s primary gold deposits are thought to be of mesothermal “lode” quartz-hosted type. This type of lode gold deposit is extremely valuable, accounting for nearly 20 percent of world gold deposits. The same type of deposits can also be found in Australia, Canada, Brazil and Ghana. Madagascar gold is found specifically in greenstone belts, quartz reefs and quartz veins, and as diffused mineral. Gold has also been recovered from ancient and recent alluvial accumulations and lateritic earth. The mineralization of vein deposits is mainly gold-quartz and gold-sulphide associations.

Primary gold deposits in Madagascar predate the breaking up of Gondwana, the southernmost of the two super continents that made up Pangea. This is an important fact, as is renders regional tectonics irrelevant to the gold deposition model. Madagascar’s basement rocks- the oldest rocks in the area, have been divided into three main systems. From the youngest to the oldest these are: the Vohibory System the Graphite System, and the Androyen System. The Graphite system forms the greatest part of Madagascar’s basement and is the most consistently mineralized in gold. The Vohibory System also contains some gold districts.’

The Sanskrit  texts are clear that the  Rubies and Gold were imported from Dravida Desa,South.

References and citations.






Four Earliest Civilizations Rama Tamil Empires

I had written on the ancient civilizations of the world.

The earliest civilizations included the Rama Empire.

The ancestor of Lord Rama, Vaivaswatha Manu lived in the south,The Dravida Desa.

He migrated to Ayodhya because of a Tsunami.

He meditated in a Plateau at the time of the Tsunami which is now in Madagascar.

Pleased read details  Manu Meditated in Madagascar

His son Ikshvaku founded the Ikshvaku founded the Ikshvaku Dynasty, to which Lord Rama Belongs

Manu migrated to North

And in the War with Atlantean people Rama was involved.

Rama's Empire.
Rama Empire

When one cross checks this information with the history of Tamils, Atlantis.,Osiris it clicks.

There were four ancient civilizations,



Osirian  and


The timeline is from 76,000 BC!

Reference and citation.

76000 – 24000 B.C. Lemurian Civilization:
Lemuria was an island which embraced all of present-day Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Oceania, western North America, and everything between. It was destroyed by earthquakes and then submerged about 26,000 years ago. Man’s first civilization arose on the continent of Lemuria 78,000 years ago and reached heights so great that our present civilization can barely be considered a civilization when compared to it. Government, religion, and science achieved such perfection as to be far beyond our present comprehension. Western Civilization is only about 2,500 years old and has narrowly survived its power-seeking rulers and priests. Our science and technology are but in their infancy and as yet consist of but relatively few rediscoveries. The religion of Lemuria was established on the laws of the universe by Christ Himself when He ruled Lemuria under the name Melchizedek.

22500 – 8500 B.C. Atlantean Civilization:
After the destruction of Lemuria, Atlantis grew to be a great nation, which subsequently proved to be the world’s second-ranking civilization. It flourished for some 14,000 years until its submersion about 10,500 years ago. The name of this nation was Poseid, and it was the offspring of the colony which the Pfrees (overly practical) had originally established.

The nation of Poseid was inventive far beyond the wildest imaginings of modern scientists. Their fantastically advanced technology afforded consummate leisure, comfort, and a vast abundance of material things. Unfortunately, the people were much too preoccupied with the pursuit of physical pleasures and with the accumulation of luxurious possessions to take advantage of the opportunity to attain citizenship, and this shortcoming ultimately resulted in their downfall. Internal conflict arose when large numbers of Katholis (overly idealistic) deserted their cities in South and Central America and migrated to Poseid in order to escape their savagely warlike neighbors. The Katholi priests set about to bring Poseid under their sway, but they only succeeded in destroying the governmental and economic system which produced the wealth and luxuries they sought to usurp. Civil and religious warfare vexed the land until it submerged beneath the ocean waves.

When Atlantis sank in a localized earthquake, it left all the rest of the globe impoverished so far as technology was concerned. Nobody else knew how to duplicate that technology; so many of the things that had been used world-wide simply didn’t exist any longer. Even though technology gradually diminished in the rest of the world, they managed to be civilized towards one another. But then 3,000 years after the sinking of Atlantis came a world-wide reapportionment of the land masses.

5500 B.C. Osirian and Rama Nations:
The third greatest civilization was the pre-dynastic Egyptian culture, known as Osiris, which was greatly different from the records that we are able to find of the various dynasties. The fourth greatest civilization was the Rama Empire in the Indian sub-continent. The common people in India then had an entirely different philosophy than the educated ruling families who, incidentally, were members of the Brotherhoods.

The pre-dynastic Egyptian culture was concurrent with the Rama Empire and both were concurrent with the end times of the Atlantean civilization. They were known as the three kings. Atlantis was predominantly a very practical group of people. The people in the Rama Empire of India were much more idealistic than they were either practical or mentally oriented. The Osirian nation was primarily noted for its use of mental techniques in a positive way.

The ancient Rama Empire in India became the fourth-ranking civilization under a dynasty of enlightened leaders who for a period of several centuries suppressed the priesthood. The Rama regime and predynastic Egypt had both managed to salvage some of their culture after the fall of Atlantis, but the rest of the world was reduced to a condition of brutal struggle for survival. The colonies of the world were irretrievably shut off from the technology of Atlantis, and in a few generations they reverted to a stone age-existence. The few manufacturing facilities not destroyed by world-wide earthquakes and tidal waves soon deteriorated from lack of raw materials to feed them. Stone replaced smelted metals for tools, and all too soon subsequent generations couldn’t believe anything other than stone had ever been used. Egypt and India were precariously spared from the far-reaching upheaval, and their weakened governments gradually succumbed to evil priests and war lords.

That last reapportionment 7,500 years ago put an end to the Rama Empire in India as well as the Osirian nation in the Mediterranean basin. Today, what we consider ancient history only goes back to about that cataclysm. What we commonly refer to as the “cradle” of civilization in the region of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers of today, was people coming back to some semblance of civilization and culture.


Why Rama Uses Brahmin Rishis In Gotra Pravara

I had written on the Gotra and the Pravara of Lord  Rama.

He recites the names of Brahmin Rishis as his ancestors in His Pravara.

Lord Rama was a Kshatriya.


Rama with Kodanda,Bow.jpg
Lord Rama

Lord Rama’s Gotra/Pravara is this.

Yajur vEDa Saakhaa adhyaayinE, VaasishTa, MaitraavruNa KouNDinya trayaarishEya Prvaraanvita, VasishTa


GotrOdbhavaaya, Tribhuvanaadheesaaya, AkhilaaNDa kOti BrahmaaNDa naayakaaya, Tattva ateetaaya, Sat chit Ananda

moortayE, Soorya Vamsa Paavanaaya, Akhila jagad aananda kaarakkaya, Ksheeraabdi VaasinE, SaraNaagata vatsalaaya,

Kousalyaananda Vardhanaaya, ThaTakaa ThaaTakEyaantakaaya, Sree Paada rENu paalita Goutama kaLatraaya, Parama

Bhaagavata architaaya, khaNDeekrita tripura chaapaaya, Saadu jana nivaasa vrukshaaya,LakshmaNa agrajaaya, Sreevatsa


 Koustuba  haara - kanaka kEyooraadi DivyaabharaNa bhooshitaaya, Vaijayantee Vanamaala sObitaaya, Ikshvaaku Vamsa


Udbhavaaya, Naabhaaga VarmaNa: naphtrE, Aja Mahaaraaja VarmaNa: poutraaya, Dasaratha Mahaaraaja VarmaNa: putraaya,


Sree Raamachandra VarmaNE Saakshaat NaaraayaNa svaroopaaya varaaya'

Pravara of Lord Rama

Now Lord Rama was a Kshatriya.

Yet we find that He uses the Brahmin Rishis as his ancestors as His Pravara!


Gotra is derived from two sources.

One is ancestors an another is the  Guru Shishya Parampara, Preceptor Disciple Lineage.

That is one type uses the ancestors an the other uses the Guru of his family.

The Ancestors are used tin Gotra/Pravara by the Brahmins.

They do not use the Guru, except in some cases, like Viswamitra as he was by birth a Kshatriya and later became a Brahmin because of Knowledge.

His original Name was Kausika when he was a King.

When he became a Brahma Rishi, he was called Viswamitra and there is Kausika nd Viswmitra and Kausika Gotra.

The offspring he sire when he was a king Kausik use the Kausika and after he became a Brahmin, those offspring use Viswamitra Gotra.

Other communities like Kshatriya, Vaisya and Sura normally use their family priests, Guru’s Gotra for they considered Gurus as spiritual Fathers.

Lord Rama chose a middle path thus,

Yajur vEDa Saakhaa adhyaayinE, VaasishTa, MaitraavruNa KouNDinya trayaarishEya Prvaraanvita, VasishTa''


He belongs to the Pravara consisting of three Rishis viz., VasishTar, MaitraavaruNar and


KouNDinyar; He is born in the VasishTa Gotra

GotrOdbhavaaya,  ( Guru Prampara)...


Ikshvaaku Vamsa

Udbhavaaya, Naabhaaga VarmaNa: naphtrE, Aja Mahaaraaja VarmaNa: poutraaya, Dasaratha Mahaaraaja VarmaNa: putraaya, (ancestors)



He belongs to Ikshvaaghu Vamsam: He is the Great grandson of Naabhaaga Mahaaraaja Varma; He is the


grandson of Aja Mahaaraaja Varma; He is the son of Dasaratha Mahaaraaja Varma; He is Sree Ramachandra Varma;'

Note how meticulously he uses the term Varma , indicating  that He is a Kshatriya.

Brahmins must use the term Sarma, Kshatriyas Varma and Vaisyas Gupta after their Names in Pravara.

Thus Rama does not make  a mistake when He uses the Brahmin Rishis in His Pravara.