Wife Children ‘Not Applicable’ Manmohan Singh Document

Dr.Manmohan Singh in an Affidavit filed to The Returning Officer for Rajya Sabha Elections , attested/accepted by a Commisioner of Oaths, Delhi, has declared in the column marked ‘Names of Dependents’

N/A ( Not applicable)

Hope it does not mean Not Available!

This means that,

1.The Commissioner of Oaths had signed this with out Manmohan Singh being present, which is a violation, or

2.Manmohan Singh really means NA or Not Available

Telecom Corporate Gave Unsigned Note To PM 2G

Now the main accused ‘ former Union Telecommunication Minister A.Raja, who is contesting this election, has disclosed that .

‘Unsigned note was given to PM by Telecom Corporate regarding Spectrum Auction and how subscriber Criteria can be devised”

The would be Tenderer sets Norms for the Bid!

We do not know what else the ‘the unsigned note contained

“Never Discussed,Raja Altered 2 G Press Note’ Nanavati AG

My reply was ‘It is a sin to to be indifferent when inhuman acts are done and in such a situation, people should have reacted against Hitler which they did not.

World War II and the Holocaust was the Result.

The other side is that when people in Power allow things to drift as the Wiemar Republic had done in Germany then people yearn for an alternative even if they were aware they were descending towards Inhumanity, they welcome it’as in Hitler’s case.

By allowing the Corrupt free as in India, we are escalating a situation as those in Germany prior to Hitler and the the French Revolution of 1789

2G,CWG Crime Accused Made Judges, India Shining!

  2 G Fame A.Raja and CWG Scam King Suresh kalmadi have been made as Members of The Parliamentary Committee!   You expected these jokers of politician species to take action against these people and clean public Life.   The audacity of these people knows knows no bounds.   Is there not any one Rule in appointing the accused […]