Why Galactic Cosmic Radiation Not Hit Astronauts?

We know thee is radiation and some thing called Galactic Cosmic radiation. We are also told that it would endanger our health and might induce cancer . We have been ending Astronauts into Space and there seems to be no effects of this radiation. On the one hand Space science claims that thought there may be Radiation […]

Japan dumps Nuclear Toxic Water into Sea-Health Effects,Video.

Bottom line is no body is sure how the radio active waste shall affect marine Life and Environment. They just make a general assertion that the effects will be minimal with out any supporting evidence and no one has determined what the ‘Safety Limits’of radioactive materials dumped in the ocean are. Japan, with no other […]

Distilling the Radiation Out of Tap Water,Videos.

    Yes, distilling removes radiation. Even a water distiller you see all over ebay from China will do this. Your cost will be around $130-$200 dollars. Distilling CAN take out heavy metals There have been many lab tests in the country where they contaminate the water 5 times higher than what EPA allows for […]

Pets suffering from disaster,Japan Radiation.

      “This is a big calamity for pets, along with people,” said Sugano Hoso of the Japan branch of the U.S.-based United Kennel Club. “Many are on their own, and many more are trapped in evacuated areas where people have left.” The biggest concerns are reuniting them with their owners and getting them […]