Reverse Swing Against Terrorism in Libya,An Opportunity

And it must be noted that these people are marked by the Religious zealots.

If the West heaps more insults under what ever pretext(Freedom non-sense-there will be Freedom only if people live’you do what you please and others of your community suffer), then the extremists will become more powerful and these marchers will be forced to join with the extremists.

This is the time for understanding and reconciliation.

Prophet Film Made By Ace Porn Director

Now one can understand the hurt sentiments of the Muslims.

With such a sleazy man directing sa sensitive subject as a Religious head, there is absoultely no question of being Creative.

Either it was made for the controversy it might create for the film to successful, or with the definite intent of hurting Islam.

As an aside I might add if one watches the Film of David Cameron ‘Apocalypto’, he will get the subtle message that the Ancient Civilizations were simply savages and that only the advent of Christianity has brought in Culture to them!

You can also get the same message in the Film ‘300’

Anti Muslim Film Maker is An Ex Convict!

  While the Media has been abuzz with the protests in Egypt,Libya,Yemen,US Ambassador’s Killing,Blocking of sites on trailer of the Film calling The Prophet ‘womanizer,cheat and mad’, the earlier purported Director of The Film Sam Bacile was described as a Jew and was hiding in Israel,it is now known that the Man behind the  Film is an […]