Panda Fakes Pregnancy For Better Food Care

Often, the joke in tamil Brahmin Brahmin households is that if a woman does not want to attend a religious function like Seemantham, Ayush Homam,Poojas,Sraddha, the excuse is that she is ‘not at Home ‘meaning she is menstruating.

In Hinduism, one is prohibited from attending religious function if one has periods.

Now a Giant Panda in China has resorted to the trick of faking pregnancy to get better food and care!

Pnada faking pregnancy.jpg
Ai Hin had been ‘under observation’ for two months and was scheduled for worlds’ first panda live birth.Ne


The world’s first live broadcast of a panda birth has been called off after experts said the “mother” involved may have been faking the pregnancy to receive better treatment.

“Phantom pregnancies” are common among giant pandas – but keepers at her breeding centre in Sichuan province believe six-year-old Ai Hin could be exhibiting learned behaviour that marks her out as smarter than the average bear.

The giant panda started showing signs of pregnancy including reduced appetite and mobility in July, at which point she was chosen to star in a heavily-publicised first ever live birth.

But after two months of observation, experts have told state news agency Xinhua that Ai Hin’s behaviour and physiological tests returned to normal.

Wu Kongju, an expert at the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Centre where Ai Hin is kept, explained that not all “fake” pregnancies among the animals are just down to hormonal changes.

“After showing prenatal signs, the ‘mothers-to-be’ are moved into single rooms with air conditioning and around-the-clock care,” Wu told Xinhua.

“They also receive more buns, fruits and bamboo, so some clever pandas have used this to their advantage to improve their quality of life.”


Citation, News, Image.


Become Pregnant By His Stare

A Croatian from Zagreb claims that  he can make you pregnant if you stare at his eyes, if ca even be his photo in the web!


Funny fac is that people do belive him even on this count.


A good match for our on Swamijis and self -styled Gurus who talk about addressing UN and the EU!


Enjoy nuggets about him and his site.

Braco Stares.gif
Braco Stares.


A 47-year-old man from Zagreb in Croatia known only as Braco (pronounced Bratzo) has whipped up a storm of New Age followers across the globe.

How does he do it? With his eyes, apparently.

As reported by Gawker, His seemingly unassuming optics have had an extraordinary range of miracles attributed to them including exploding a woman’s ovaries to heal them.

He achieves these through mass ‘gazing sessions’ where loving followers gaze at this mysterious healer.

Here a just a three of his bounty of miracles:

1 .A DVD of Braco played repeatedly on a DVD player that previously did not have the capability to play on a loop.

2. A woman did not scream during a gazing event event even though a yellow jacket (very scary) was climbing up and down her leg.

3. A woman woke up in the middle of the night and ‘knew’ she had to follow Braco to Hawaii and ended up liking living on a sunny tropical island.

According to promotional videos, Braco makes no money from his work and his own website makes it clear ‘he makes no claim to being a healer and does not promise to cure anyone.’

He does make one concession to his followers that people do “commonly report warm feelings and physical sensations during a gazing experience with Braco.”


Braco’s gaze touches his visitors with peace, silence and hope. Amazing transformations happen, and many find new power, vitality and a zest for life resulting from their experience. Braco does not teach, talk or diagnose to give treatments—he simply gazes in silence and offers his gift to visitors—independent from religion, ideology, race, color and culture.

For over 19 years, Braco has dedicated his life to giving. Over this time, more and more people have come for this unique experience to improve their lives. Today Braco travels to countries globally by invitation; including Europe, Asia, Australia, Russia, and he frequently tours in the United States. Scientists have developed various theories and explanations as to why fundamental transformations happen through “the gaze.” A number of books about Braco have also been published. But Braco just holds his peace without talking or offering explanations, focusing completely on his life task—to give and help.”

Shasti Vrata For Children How To Follow

I have posted some Mantras on Santhana Gopala Mantras for being Blessed with Children.


I included in the post Mantras to prevent abortion.


A little earlier I posted an article on Karbha Rakshmbigai for easy , natural delivery.


Many readers wanted  to know more on this subject.


Murugan with Valli and Devasena
Lord Subramanya with Valli and Devasena. image credit.


To begin with I am providing information on how to follow the Shasti Vrata for Lord Subrahmnya for begetting children.


I have observed, personally,that this Vrata has blessed the couple with children, in one case after 12 years and in another after six years.


Have a Subrahmanya Idol/Photo at Home.


Choose the sixth day of the Waxing moon, Shukla Shasti.


Take  two one rupee or five rupees coins , have them tied up in a new white cloth tinged with turmeric powder.


Pray your Family Deity for child.


Keep these coins in the pooja room or in front of the Deity at Home.


( all these are to be performed after taking bath and with out taking food).


Preferable if the husband wears Pancha kachcha and ladies Madisar,


Perform the Astotra of Lord Subramanya.


As Naivedya, offer Milk Payasam ot Sakkarai pongal.


On this day the couple are not to eat anything.


They should take fruits in the night.


The couple should be together in the night.


This Vrata has to be performed for 45 days( on every Shasti, both Shukla and Krishna Shasti)


Ensure that you do not disclose to others that you are following this Vrata.


I have noticed that woman conceive after the second observance, that is after the first shukla shasi when they have started the Vrata.


If it possible, one may visit the Family Deity and Lord Subramanya in any of His Arupadai veedu, His Six Abodes , before the starting the Vrata.


Or one may visit after the child is born and offer the Coins they have kept at Home before the Vrata.



Sri Subrahmanya Ashtottara Sata Nâmavali:

The 108 Names of Lord Skanda Kumara

Nandikeswarar instructed this incantation to Sage Agastya

Ôm namô Skandâya namaha
Hail Skanda! Vanquisher of the mighty foes!

Ôm namô Guhâya namaha
Praise be to the Invisible Lord – He who abides in the hearts of devotees true!

Ôm namô Shanmukhâya namaha
Praise be to the six-faced one!

Ôm namô Bâlanetrasutâya namaha
Praise be to the Son of the Three-Eyed Siva!

Ôm namô Prabhave namaha
Praise be to the Lord Supreme!
Ôm namô Pingalâya namaha
Praise be to the golden-hued one!

Ôm namô Krittikâsunave namaha
Hail to the Son of the starry maids!

Ôm namô Shikhivâhanâya namaha
Hail to the rider on the peacock!

Ôm namô Dvinadbhujâya namaha
Hail to the Lord with the twelve hands!

Ôm namô Dvinannetrâya namaha
Hail to the Lord with the twelve eyes!

Ôm namô Shaktidharâya namaha
Hail to the wielder of the Lance!

Ôm namô Pisidâsaprabhajanâya namaha
Praise be to the destroyer of the Asuras!

Ôm namô Târakâsurasamhârine namaha
Praise be to the slâyar of Târakâsuran!

Ôm namô Raksobalavimardanâya namaha
Praise be to the Victor of the Asuric forces!

Ôm namô Mattâya namaha
Praise be to the Lord of felicity!

Ôm namô Pramattâya namaha
Praise be to the Lord of bliss!

Ôm namô Unmattâya namaha
Hail Oh passionate One!

Ôm namô Surasainyasuraksakâya namaha
(Suralangasya Rakshithre Namaha); Hail Saviour of the Devas!

Ôm namô Devasenâpataye namaha
Hail Commander of the Heavenly hosts!

Ôm namô Pragnya namaha
Hail, Lord of Wisdom!

Ôm namô Kripalave namaha
Hail Compassionate One!

Ôm namô Bhaktavatsalâya namaha
Lover of devout ones, Praise be to Thee!

Ôm namô Umâsutâya namaha
Son of Uma – Praise be to Thee!

Ôm namô Shaktidharâya namaha
Mighty Lord-Praise be to Thee!

Ôm namô Kumârâya namaha
Eternal youth-Praise be to Thee!

Ôm namô Krauncadharanâya namaha
He who reft asunder the Kraunca Mount – Praise be to Thee!

Ôm namô Senânye namaha
Praise be to the Army Chief!

Ôm namô Agnijanmane namaha
To the effulgence of Fire, all Hail!

Ôm namô Viskhâya namaha
To Him who shone on the astral Visakha – All Hail!

Ôm namô Shankarâtmajâya namaha
Thou Son of Sankara – All Hail!

Ôm namô Sivasvâmine namaha
Thou Preceptor of Siva – All Hail!

Ôm namô Ganaswâmine namaha
On Lord of the Ganas – All Hail

Ôm namô Sarvasvâmine namaha
On Lord, God Almighty, All Hail!

Ôm namô Sanâtanâya namaha
Oh Lord eternal, Praise be to Thee!

Ôm namô Anantasaktaye namaha
Thou potent Lord, Praise be to Thee!

Ôm namô Aksobhyâya namaha
Unsullied by arrows art Thou – Praise be to Thee!

Ôm namô Parvatîpriyanandanâya namaha
Thou beloved of Parvati, Praise be to Thee!

Ôm namô Gangasutâya namaha
Oh, son of Goddess Ganga – Praise be to Thee!

Ôm namô Sarodbhutâya namaha
Thou who did’st nestle in the Saravana Lake!

Ôm namô Atmabhuve namaha
Thou Unborn Lord!

Ôm namô Pavakatmajâya namaha
Thou who art born of Fire!

Ôm namô Mâyâdharâya namaha
Energy Art Thou-Praise be to Thee!

Ôm namô Prajrimbhâya namaha
Praise be to thee Auspicious One! (Blissful)!

Ôm namô Ujjrimbhâya namaha
Praise be to the Invincible One!

Ôm namô Kamalâsanasamstutâya namaha
Praise be to the Lord extolled by Brahma!

Ôm namô Ekavarnâya namaha
The one Word art Thou-All Hail!

Ôm namô Dvivarnâya namaha
In Two Art Thou-All Hail!

Ôm namô Trivarnâya namaha
Thou Art the Three-All Hail!

Ôm namô Sumanoharâya namaha
Thou Stealer of pure hearts-All Hail!

Ôm namô Caturvarnâya namaha
In four Art Thou-All Hail!

Ôm namô Pancavarnâya namaha
In five letters Art Thou-All Hail!

Ôm namô Prajapataye namaha
Father of all Creation-All Hail!

Ôm namô Trumbâya namaha
Praise be to Thee, Oh Peerless One!

Ôm namô Agnigarbhâya namaha
Thou who dost sustain the fire!

Ôm namô Samigarbhâya namaha
Hail Thou who arose out of the Vanni flame! (Fire of the Suma tree)!

Ôm namô Visvaretase namaha
Thou glory of the Absolute Paramasivam, All Hail!

Ôm namô Surarighne namaha
Oh, Subduer of the foes of the Devas, All Hail!

Ôm namô Hiranyavarnâya namaha
Thou resplendent One, All Hail!

Ôm namô Subhakrite namaha
Thou Auspicious One-All Hail!

Ôm namô Vasumate namaha
Thou Oh Splendour of the Vasus- (a class of Gods) All Hail!

Ôm namô Vatuvesabhrite namaha
Praise be to Thee, Oh lover of celibacy!

Ôm namô Bhûshane namaha
Thou Luminous Sun-All Hail!

Ôm namô Kapastaye namaha
Thou Effulgence divine, All Hail!

Ôm namô Gahanâya namaha
Thou Omniscient One-All Hail!

Ôm namô Chandravarnâya namaha
Thou Radiance of the Moon – Praise be to Thee!

Ôm namô Kâladharâya namaha
Thou who adorns the crescent-Praise be to Thee!

Ôm namô Mâyâdharâya namaha
Engergy art Thou-Praise be to Thee!

Ôm namô Mahâmâyine namaha
Great Artist of Deception too art Thou, Praise be to Thee!

Ôm namô Kaivalyâya namaha
Everlasting joy of attainment-Praise be to Thee!

Ôm namô Sahatatmakâya namaha
Art all-pervading-All Hail!

Ôm namô Visvayônaye namaha
Source of all Existence-All Hail!

Ôm namô Ameyatmane namaha
Oh, Supreme Splendour, All Hail!

Ôm namô Tejonidhaye namaha
Illumination divine-All Hail!

Ôm namô Anâmâyaya namaha
Savior of all ills-All Hail!

Ôm namô Parameshtine namaha
Thou art Immaculate Lord, Praise be to Thee

Ôm namô Parabrahmane namaha
Thou Transcendant One, Praise be to Thee!

Ôm namô Vedagarbhâya namaha
The Source of the Vedas art Thou, Praise be to Thee!

Ôm namô Viratsutâya namaha
Immanent Art Thou in the Universe, Praise be to Thee!

Ôm namô Pulindakanyâbhartre namaha
Praise be to the Lord of Valli, the Vedda belle!

Ôm namô Mahâsarasvatavradâya namaha
Praise be to the source of Gnosis

Ôm namô Âsritâ Kiladhâtre namaha
Praise be to Him who showers grace on those who seek his solace!

Ôm namô Choraghnâya namaha
Praise be to Him who annihilates those who steal!

Ôm namô Roganasanâya namaha
Praise be to the divine Healer

Ôm namô Anantamûrtaye namaha
Praise be Thine whose forms are endless!

Ôm namô Ânandâya namaha
Praise be Thine, Oh Thou infinite Bliss!

Ôm namô Shikhandîkritagedanâya namaha
Praise be Thine, Thou Lord of peacock banner!

Ôm namô Dambhâya namaha
Praise be Thine, Oh lover of gay exuberance!

Ôm namô Paramadambhâya namaha
Praise be Thine, Thou lover of supreme exuberance!

Ôm namô Mahâdambhâya namaha
Praise be Thine, Oh Lord of lofty magnificence!

Ôm namô Vrishakâpaye namaha
Thou who art the culmination of righteousness-All Hail (Dharma)!

Ôm namô Karanopâtadehâya namaha
Thou who deigned embodiment for a cause-All Hail!

Ôm namô Kâranâtita Vigrahâya namaha
Form transcending causal experience

Ôm namô Anîshvarâya namaha
Oh Eternal peerless plentitude, All Hail

Ôm namô Amritâya namaha
Thou Ambrosia of Life-All Hail!

Ôm namô Pranâya namaha
Thou life of life, Praise unto Thee!

Ôm namô Pranâyamaparâyanâya namaha
Thou support of all beings-Praise unto Thee!

Ôm namô Vritakandare namaha
Praise unto Thee who subjugates all hostile forces!

Ôm namô Viraghnâya namaha
Thou vanquisher of heroic opponents, Praise unto Thee!

Ôm namô Raktashyamagalâya namaha
Thou art Love, and of crimson beauty- Praise unto Thee!

Ôm namô Mahate namaha
Oh Consummation of glory, All Praise to Thee!

Ôm namô Subrahmanyâya namaha
We praise Thee, Oh effulgent Radiance!

Ôm namô Paravarâya namaha
Oh Supreme (Sovereign) Goodness, Praise unto Thee!

Ôm namô Brahmanyâya namaha
We praise Thee, luminous wisdom serene!

Ôm namô Brahmanapriyâya namaha
Thou who art beloved of seers-Praise unto Thee!

Ôm namô Loka Gurave Namaha
Oh universal Teacher, All Praise to Thee!

Ôm namô Guhapriyâya Namaha
We praise Thee, Indweller in the core of our hearts!

Ôm namô Aksâyaphalapradâya namaha
We praise Thee, Oh bestower of indestructible results ineffable!

Ôm namô Shrî Subrahmanyâya namaha
We praise Thee, most glorious effulgent Radiance!

Om Saravanabhava Om!

Subrahmanya Astotra Download in Sanskrit and other Languages





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Mantra Vow For Begetting Child


Home without a child is No Home.

One can understand the agony of those who have not been Blessed with a Child.

Hinduism offers Mantras and religious practices.

Appakudathan Temple for begetting children
Santhan Gopalan, Appakudathan Temple

I am providing a Mantra on Lord Sri Krishna for being Blessed with Children.

Make sure you pray to your Family Deity and begin the Mantra as detailed below , on preferably Shasti(sixth day of the waxing Moon)

Blessings for a child

Make a prayer to Santhana Gopala by chanting the following mantra 108 times a day for 108 days after bath.

Santhana Gopala Mantra


Om Devaki Sudha Govinda

Vasudeva Jagath Pathe

Dehimey Thanayam

Krishna Thwamaham

Kadhahaa Deva Deva
Gothra Vridhi Karap Prabho

Dehimey Thanayam Sheegram

Ayushmandham Yashashreenam !



This can be performed by the Husband/wife.

Nagaraja is the devata for Kudumba Vrithi.


Perform Nagaraja pooja in your home by some learned priests.

Also visit Rameswaram, Devipattinam and the Navagraha temples around Kumbakonam with your saha dharmini and make prayers to the Devatas.

You may also visit the Appakudathan Temple near Tiruchirapalli,Tamil Nadu,India.

This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu , one of the Pancha Ranga Kshetras ( Five Important Temples of Vishnu) and was sung by   33 verses

by PeriyalvarThirumangai AzhwarThirumalisai Alvar and Nammazhwar.

You may to visit the Temple after Conceiving and visit again with the Child after the child completes one year.

Sanskrit Text of the Mantra.

Manrta for begetting child
Santhan Gopala Mantra

Some more Mantras.

1.Mantra For conceiving a Boy.

Sarvabadhabinirmukto dhanadhanyasutanvitah
Manushyo tatprasaden bhavishyati na samshayah.

2.To prevent Abortion to Katbharakshambika.( read my post on this temple for procedure)

Om Garbharakshambigai vithmahe
Manggala devatheye dhimahe
Thanno devi prosothayat

3. Moola Mantra for Conceiving and to prevent Abortion.

Om hrim lajja jjalyam thah thah lah om hrim svaha.


I shall be posting on how to observe  Shasti Vrata  and some more practices in Hinduism.

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Mantra For Safe Easy Delivery

For a safe and easy delivery for pregnant Mothers , I am providing some mantras.

Thayumanaavr Temple
RockFort Temple,Tiruchi


In addition to this, one may vow to offer a bunch of Raw Bananas (Vaazhaith Thaar) to Thaayumanavar Swamy at Tiruchirapalli.


This vow may be fulfilled after Delivery by carrying the Vazzhaith Thaar in person up the steps and offer to the Lord Thaayumaanavar.




Hiring of people to carry this, is not recommended.


One may also  pray to Karbharakshambigai at Thirukkarukavor for safe delivery( one may pray here for begetting a child), collect the oil they provide and

apply it on the stomach when the Labor starts.


Mantra for Easy Delivery

Mathru boodeswaro devo
Bakthanaa mishta thayaka
Sukanthi kunthala naavaha
Suka Prasava Mrichchathuhu.

Hima vathyuththarey parthavey
Surathaa nama yakshini
Tasyaha smarana mathrena
Visalya karpini paveth.

Hey sankara smarahara
Bramahathathi natha
Mannatha samba sasisooda
Harathri soolin
Sambo sukaprasavakrutha
Pavame thayalo
Shri mathrubootha
Siva balayamam namasthey.

Pray Lord Thayumanavar at Tiruchirapalli rockfort that you will be visiting his temple with the kid and do an abishek upon the fulfillment of your prayer and ask the pregnant lady to chant the following mantra.

It is advisable to recite this mantra 11 times a day daily after bath.

On Monday recite this mantra 108 times either between 6-7 am,1-2 pm 0r between 8-9 pm especially during the hora of moon. 


The Mantra has to be recited during the Chandra Horai, Horai of the Moon.


This information is available in the Panchanga.


Or read my post,” How to find Horai’


Location: Tiruchirappalli 
(Chola Naadu -South of Kaveri)
ShivaTaayumaanavar, Matrubhuteswarar
AmbalMattuvaarkuzhali, Sugandha Kundalambika 
Theertham: Kaveri 
Patikam : Sambandar, Appar
Travel Base: Tiruchirappalli.

Lord Shiva is reported to have attended the Labor of His Devotee and ensured safe delivery.


Shiva was worshipped by the demon ruler Tirisiran, hence Tiruchirappalli, Tirisirapuram etc. Also, since the three peaks here on this hill are occupied by Shiva, Parvati and Vinayaka, the name Tri-Shikharam or Tirisirapuram came into being. Legend has it that Shiva in the guise of a woman (mother) attended to the call of a devotee in labor, hence Matrubhuteswarar.

Tiruchirappalli  is hailed as Dakshina Kailasam, as the hill is said to be 1 of the 3 pieces that flew off the Himalayas. in a fierce tussle between Adi Seshan the mythical snake and the Wind God Vayu. The other two are Triconamalee & Sree Kalahasti.

The Temple: This is a fascinating rock cut temple with several inscriptions from the Pallava and Imperial Chola period. This shrine houses Kangaala Moorthy, one of the 64 manifestations of Shiva. The approach to the temple is through a flight of covered stairs. Towards the end of the climb, the Tayumanavar temple is towards the West, and theUchipillayar temple – East.

There is a rock cut Pallava temple – Lalitankura Pallaveswaram in this hill temple complex. with several inscriptions here attributed to Mahendravarma Pallavan. In addition the Cholas, the Vijayanagar rulers and the Nayaks of Madurai have made extensive contributions here. The  two storeyed Taayumaanavar temple, built on (in) a hill is a masterpiece of construction. The Chittira Mandapam houses a granite chain with nine loops.

Festivals: Six worship services are offered each day here. This well endowed temple celebrates the annual Bhrammotsavam in Chittirai. Aadi Pooram and the float festival in Panguni are also of significance here.

Source for temple Details.

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