Cancer Drugs Combinations Prices

Cost of Cancer Drugs are sky rocketing.

Drug Companies arbitrarily fix rates and when an indigenous manufacturer is ready to supply at a fraction of the cost, these Drug companies hide behind patents.

A sample.

India’s patent appeals office has rejected Bayer AG’s plea to stop the production of a cheaper generic version of a patented cancer drug in a ruling that health groups say is an important precedent for getting inexpensive lifesaving medicines to the poor.

Last year, India’s patent office allowed local drug manufacturer Natco Pharma Ltd. to produce a generic version of Bayer’s kidney and liver cancer drug Nexavar on the grounds it would make the drug available to the public at a reasonably affordable price. It was the first use of compulsory licensing under Indian patent laws passed in 2005…
I have a friend in Bangalore whose close relative is a distributor for Cancer drugs.

He sells a medicine at Rs 8000 to Patients ans he makes a profit of 22% if he sells it Rs.1800!

next time your Doctor recommends you a Cancr Drug, as him show the combination, check the information at the Link below and confront him to prescribe an an equivalent Indian Drug or ask him to give you details of other drugs available in the market.

Please remember these Drugs will not arrest Cancer immediately and you have some time to buy them.