Teens Technology Social Media, A Study

People share information on The Social Media.

Teens also do.

Despite warnings about the fact that the information shared in the Social Media is likely to be misused, they still do.

So is chatting online.

The probable reason is the basic Gregarious instinct of man, the urge to be with people and share.

Why on the Social Media and not in person?

‘Jihad No,Sharia As State Religion’ Muslims Survey

A Survey conducted by Pew Research Center, reveals interesting peep into world Muslims thinking.

Contrary to popular perception that Muslims favor Jihad, want women subjugated( this writer included), the Survey Findings lets us know that Muslims think as any one else.

What is needed by Muslims is to back up their collective Will to throw away the crazy Mullahs who preach the obnoxious concepts like Jihad,Slavery of women.

However Muslims have some more steps to take like emancipation of women and getting rid of Ghetto mentality of Pan Islamism.
For instance while Muslims in Islamic countries favored Sharia , they differed in its interpretations they want it applicable in select areas, Property Rights,Divorce,

Sex Facts US

  1.At least one in four teenage girls nationwide has a sexually transmitted disease, or more than 3 million teens, according to the first study of its kind in this age group.(usatoDay 27/5/2008) 2.Glamydia Syphilis (primary and secondary) Cases reported in 2011: 1,412,791 Cases reported in 2011: 13,970 R ate per 100,000 people: 457.6; increase […]

iPhone Code of Conduct Mother To Son

Technology brings with it its problems.

One such is internet and the other iPhone.

With so many applications one can do anything one wishes .

Exercising parental control on this issue is , in my opinion, is not possible.

But ours is to Advice, that’s all

One mother took this issue and has laid down a Code of Conduct to her son after presenting him with a iPhone..