Pakistan In The Dark Osama Killing By US, Bin Laden Pak Document

US Commandos flew into Pakistan from a Carrier, in a Helicopter and Killed Osama Bin Laden in Abbotabad, Pakistan. This, in a house located near the Army Barracks/Training School! There is failure on the part of the Intelligence Agencies and 'a total collapse of the Government' in the words of the Commission of Enquiry appointed by Pakistan to look into this fiasco. The commission has submitted a 365 page report. This report also explains how the US kept the Pakistani Government in the dark. Despite the remark by the Commission's remark 'that the report may be buried' It was and never made Public.


Musharraf To Be Tried For Treason

As Musharaff's ill luck would have it, Nawaz Sharief has returned to power in Pakistan. Musharraf's Bete Noire has decided t try Musharraf for Treason. When Musharraf disposed. When was in Power , Musharraf disposed. Now Nawaz Sharief does. Bhutto did Zia Ul Huq. Zia Ul ul Huq hanged Bhutto.

‘Missing Persons` went `Missing` On Their Own’

This gem is from General Pervez Musharraf. former president of Pakistan who is now in Custody in Pakistan, for the killing of Benazir Bhutto and Baluchistan Killings Now we know why The Pakistani ISI Chief and The Military are demanding that General Musharraf be treated respectfully in confinement. "LONDON Former President Pervez Musharraf has said that most of the `missing persons` went `missing` on their own.

Musharraf ‘Life In Danger ,Have Come Back’ Why Ran Away

General Musharraf, former Pakistani President returned to Pakistan yesterday to participate in the Elections. Addressing his supporters he said,   Musharraf Vows to save Pakistan " “I have put my life in serious danger and come back to save Pakistan,” he said in his 10-minute talk with journalists in front of his supporters who could not hear … Continue reading Musharraf ‘Life In Danger ,Have Come Back’ Why Ran Away

‘We Can take India Out in Eight Seconds’ Pakistan

Yes,You took out India and formed Bangladesh. You took out Osama Bin Laden. You installed Democracy. You do not beg the US for Money. You are an integrated unified and strong Country. Ayyo paavam! "Pakistan could launch a nuclear strike on India within eight seconds, claimed an army general in Islamabad whose warning is described in the latest volume of Alastair Campbell's … Continue reading ‘We Can take India Out in Eight Seconds’ Pakistan