Forgotten Indian Art,Exercise Photos

Mallakhamb or Malkhamb is a traditional Indian sport in which a gymnast performs feats and poses in concert with a vertical wooden pole or rope. Mallakhamb also refers to the pole used in the sport. The word “Mallakhamb” is composed of malla which denotes a gymnast or a man of strength and khamb which means a pole. Mallakhamb can therefore be translated to English as pole gymnastics.(wiki) […]

Bingo Tangles Jodi No 5. Sivakarthikeyan Mimicry.

Star Vijay has telecast a special promo show of Bingo tangles Jodi Season Special. with  the winners of the earlier editions of the show. As usual Sivakarthikeyan had been at his best. In this episode he has shown how multi talented he is,Dancing,Singing,Satire,Mimicry. His spontaneous repartees could have made even P.V.Narasimha Rao laugh. His imitation […]