Baby Abuse By Maid Videos For Parents

Those who are after crass materialism, justifying the craze for Money and creature comforts, with the excuse of citing 'cost of living,those who say this themselves are not convinced of this), must watch these Videos of Babies being left to the care of the Maids. I do not wan to add any comment as the videos are enough and for more information on these and parenting, check my posts on parenting/lifestyle.


Principles Of Parenting In The Vedas Hinduism

Perform other duties like Aupaasanam and other nithya karmas-read my posts on Rituals of Hindus, Samskaaras. Give the pride of place for the family Deity. Worship the Gods at fixed time daily at Home. Vedas do not speak about. building a Temple, much less visiting Temples. 3.Dharma Sambhashana. Talking about Righteousness , Moral Books, Purans, Itihaas and of course the Vedas.

Elder Abuse By Children Facebook Discussion.

It produces the opposite reaction. You have run the family for nearly 30 t0 40 years and you have taught , or you thought you had taught your children to face Life,. Why not leave them be? What could they do? They might make mistakes. like you and I have mad when we were young, or for that matter even now. Why not admit that the younger generation may be( in Fact) is more intelligent in handling Life than we did? Let them run the family the way they want. If you have brought them up well and proper they would have the basic Morals alright. That would do. Not the silly expectation of them coming to you and submitting their account and informing y

The Courtyard Of Moon

  Moon is used in world literature as an allusion,allegory simile to express various emotions. The practice of using the concept Moon as a part of Life goes to the Tamils. There is no Poet who has not sung about Moon right from the Classical  Age of the Sangam till the present day. It is … Continue reading The Courtyard Of Moon

Evil Eye On Children Warding Off Removal

When you attempt to feed the child, some food would remain. Take this and keep it on the road where a Dog can eat. Do not feed the child in front of others or in Public. If you have to feed in a Milk Bottle, keep the Milk Bottle covered, ready-made covers are available . To prevent the child waking up in the middle of the night crying, keep a New Broomstick underneath your cot. Some times you may find the children crying for no reason, despite being fit. In these circumstances, take two red chilliness,little Crystal Salt in your right Palm close it, let the child face The East , keep your close Palm in the other , rotate clockwise , anti clock wise, up and down in front of he child's Face and leave the chilies and Salt on the road. There is also this practice of throwing this mixture in Coal Embers at Home or in the Flames of a kerosene stove instead of throwing the mixture on the road. Normally this mixture dropped in Fire or Embers should make you choke.

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