Thank You My Son

I am sorry.

I have never expressed my appreciation of him, though I am proud of him.

As I near my death, I am running 65 years, I would not like to depart without saying how much I thank him and love him.

Parents Complaints To Children

This happens when the parents cross fifty and children start earning or get married,whether the son stays with the parents or not.

Recently I had a call on this from a son on this.

He was worried about this.

Each of the parents have complained about the other.

The Boy wanted to solve the issue

The Boy is over 35 and the parents in their sixties.

Who Is Good Do We Know

I recently watched the popular talk show on StarVijay TV with participation from parents,teachers and students.

And what the teachers see as good and how do they identify the Good Student in general and a Good man in particular.

To my shock none of them have been able to specify a single attribute that characterizes a good Man.

The yard stick to determine One who is Good seems to be,

1.Good education with top rank.

2.Settling well in Life.

3,Respect to elders.