480 Days Paid Paternity and Maternity Leave

Yesterday my nephew was saying that the recent trend among couple(we were talking about Relationships now) was to get a Cat and get trained in Parenting before they would like to have a kid of their own.I replied that the new trend is to go in for surrogate mothers.

I wonder how nice it would be if one were to go for surrogate Mother and enjoy the 480 Days paid Leave-paternity and maternity!

Don’t you think it is cute?

Where are we going?

The United States is far behind much of the rest of the world when it comes to recognizing and rewarding the advantages of paid leave for new parents. Some countries like Sweden offer parents rights protected by law to spend the essential time necessary to raise a child in the early years of development, while the US has no federal laws. Only a handful of states offer up to 6 weeks at a greatly reduced wage.

In Sweden, mothers and fathers share 480 days of paid leave that can be spread out from 60 days prior to expected delivery up until the child turns 8. They are paid at 80% of benefits-based income (compared to 55% for 6 weeks in California). The idea is that parenting should be a shared responsibility between both parents, particularly during the early development stages of childhood.

Here’s a breakdown of how other countries treat their parent employees. Click to enlarge.

Details of benefits to parents.
Paid Paternity and maternity Leave.
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