Pakistan’s Illegal Attempt to Swallow Gilgit Baltistan

While every one knows that Pakistan is trying hard to divert its people’s attention to Kashmir and gain Internationalise this issue, of

no avail now,the issue of Gilgit Baltistan is being kept under the wraps

Moreover Pakistan wants to use this issue as a bargain chip with China.

In the process the cries of the people remain unheard.

What India does is likely to affect these people.

Time India took it own stand instead of reacting to US and China.

Sibi Story of Mahabharata In Japan

As the Dove was the natural food for the Falcon, it demanded that it be given its food.

To keep up his word and driven by compassion Sibi cut a portion of thigh equivalent to the weight of the Dove.

The scale tilted towards the Dove.

King Sibi continued to cut away portions of his body, to match the weight of the Dove.

As it was not possible, he sat on the scale himself.