Darwinian Interpretation Of Dasavathara Incorrect

There are ten accepted Avatars of Lord Vishnu in the Four Yugas.

Charles Darwin Caricature.
As evolution became widely accepted in the 1870s, caricatures of Charles Darwin with an ape or monkey body symbolised evolution.Image credit,Wiki.

They are,

The Avatars under each Yuga.

Satya Yuga.





Treta Yuga.




Dwapara Yuga.

Krishna ,

Balarama .

Kali Yuga.

Kalki, Yet to manifest.

There is an explanation of these Avatars in therms of Charles Darwain’s Theory of Evolution.

fish, the first class of vertebrates; evolved in water(Indicates origin of Fishes in Silurian Period,

Kurma – amphibious (living in both water and land; but not to confuse with the vertebrate class amphibians)(Indicates origin of Amphibians in Devonian Period,

Varaha,mammals, wild land animals (Indicates Mammals origin in Triassic Period.
 Narusimha,beings that are half-animal and half-human (indicative of emergence of human thoughts and intelligence in powerful wild nature)…
1. Darwin’s Theory is not conclusively proved.
It remains what it is named as ..’Theory’.
2.Two points on Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.
If only the fittest survived , how come the earlier Species that have evolved are to be found still.
You would expect them to be extinct.
When a general statement is to be made as the basis of a thory, ALL individual cases have to be taken into account.
This has not been done as as All the species known to Man  are yet to be identified.
Amazon which contains a whole lot of Species, has been explored by about 5 % !
To arrive at an assertion with out Data is unscientific.
For details plese read my Post on Darwin’s theory incorrect?
A Nobel Lauerate has voiced this and has been castigated!
Now, to the interpretaion of Hinduism in the light of modern findings.
Some overzealous people of Hinduism try to interpret Hinduism in the light of modern science.
My view is that this is wholly unwarranted and one need not seek appreciation , justification from the west to spread the Glory of Sanatana Dharma.
Let the facts speak .
This interpreation is wrong on two counts.
1.TThe Puranas speak of Devas, Man ,Plants, Animals coexisting .
Unlike other Religions, Hinduism talks of Cosmos as having evolved from Principles, Pancha Bhutas, Pancha Tanmatras, the underlying principles of the Pancha Bhutas.
This evolutiuon is of two kinds, one at the Macro/Universdal Level and the other at the Individual level.
Both aspects are of Brahman, The Reality and the evolutionary concept of Hindusim is different,
Kindly check my article on this.
2.The other point is that if Matsya is the beginning of Evolution, then nothing else should have existed along with it.
But we have Manu, a Human being existing when Matsya Avatar took place and it was the Matsya that advised Manu to meditate.
Therefore the interpretaion of Dashavatara in terms of Darwinism is incorrect as Darwinism is not proved and interpretaion of  Hindu theory of evolution as found in the Puranas is incorrect.

‘Evolution’ Darwin Theory Proof-Partially Right.HD Video

Darwin’s Theory on the Evolution of Species is questionable.


1.All known Species have not been verified and this is technically incorrect.This is not the mistake of Darwin alone.

It is the failing of Science as well, taking a ‘inductive Leap’

2.If nature is attempting to perfect,considering the age of nature,nature seems to be inefficient as we are yet to see a perfect Species.

3.If we extend the Logic, what happens once the ‘perfection is reached?

4.Yes, Christianity is incorrect for th reasons specified in the article.

5.Indian Philosophy has a different approach.Perfection has different grades/levels.Once a level is reached another Species evolves.

6.As to the issue of nature being teleological,Perfection need not be Ideal-it is our conception.


Inspired by the book by Richard Dawkins, I took his reading from a passage of his book as the basis for this experimental short film. During the formation of the theory of ‘evolution’, Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace had noticed that the supposed perfection of nature as represented by the Christian ideal was in fact inaccurate. Species of animals and plants had not been created to fulfil a specific role, they did not live in harmony as if in an idealistic garden. Instead, all life was locked in a furious battle to complete for limited resources in harsh environments, and this competition gave opportunity for mutation to form adaptation and change. Richard’s book helps explain just how far the science and specifically our understanding of evolutionary biology has come in the 153 years since the publication of Darwin’s ‘On the Origin of Species’. For this film, I shot footage from an idealistic garden with the words highlighting the deeper nature of the biology.