Ophthalmology Eye Surgery In Vedas Nimi Tantra

Ophthalmology was called Nimi Tantra in Ancient India.

A research paper presented by states that nearly all the diseases known to us were known these ancient people and the cures.

Complicated Eye Surgery, Cataract removal were performed

The Founder is Nimi,from whose name is derived the word for Minute,Nimisham”

Cracks 250 Year Code, Secret Society Manual!

A Rare, 250 year old Manuscript,A present by A colleague, Visit to a Computer Specialist Lecture on Translation Algorithm,Search for the Language.. —– and Finally the Unveiling of a Secret Society. Sounds like the blurb on a Best Seller? No. This  actually happened. Wolfgang Hock, a colleague, presented  Christiane Schaefer,a Philologist was presented  a rare manuscript in […]