Alcohol Based Recipe Banned In Facebook.

Facebook is used to share anything, let alone personal information.. Ricard banned Facebook. It also comes as a time when France is facing a teen “binge-drinking” crisis they previously thought confined to the loutish shores of the UK and Scandinavia. Recently I posted how Facebook comments were insulting to women and Facebook found that it had no objection! Now a French Court has rued that Alcohol based Recipe in Facebook is banned. Good move. Story: Judges from the Cour de Cassation ruled that the smartphone application, which allowed users to post a cocktail recipe directly to their walls with the message “You can get Ricard Mix recipes too on the Ricard Mix Codes app,” was ‘inopportune’.

Facebook On Rape Women Obscene

The posts in Facebook are bordering on the Obscene, nay they are obscene and Revolting. Recent jokes on Women are nauseating. Facebook's reply and justification is appalling. Is this Free Speech?O

2G Chidambaram Senior Partner of Raja ,Takes to Twitter YouTube

Dr.Subramanian Swamy has taken the fight of 2G to Twiiter. The Court has not granted his prayer to include Chidambaram as Co accused in 2G Scam. So Swamy has taken the route to Twitter to mobilize Public opinion. Sample Tweets. @DeoShrinivas: @Swamy39 Never mind Dr. Swamy, I wish you all the best for your review petetion. These up-downs won't matter … Continue reading 2G Chidambaram Senior Partner of Raja ,Takes to Twitter YouTube

US JOB Availability, By Location,Industry

I saw an interesting Tweet at my Twitter from USA Today.   I am posting the information for those who might have missed it. ( my Readership is relatively high from the US)     Please follow the Link Information is provided Industry wise Location wise. Ack.USA Today.

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