Alcohol Based Recipe Banned In Facebook.

Facebook is used to share anything, let alone personal information..

Ricard banned Facebook.

It also comes as a time when France is facing a teen “binge-drinking” crisis they previously thought confined to the loutish shores of the UK and Scandinavia.

Recently I posted how Facebook comments were insulting to women and Facebook found that it had no objection!

Now a French Court has rued that Alcohol based Recipe in Facebook is banned.

Good move.


Judges from the Cour de Cassation ruled that the smartphone application, which allowed users to post a cocktail recipe directly to their walls with the message “You can get Ricard Mix recipes too on the Ricard Mix Codes app,” was ‘inopportune’.


They considered Facebook users logging on to find an advertisement from a friend would 1) Not recognise it as an advert because it was posted by someone they trust; 2) Be an unsuspecting recipient of advertising because all they thought they would find on Facebook was the usual fare you get on Facebook (boastful statements, endless photos of a pug/newborn baby/ holiday in Ibiza etc. etc.).


It’s not massively surprising that the July 3 ruling has gone unnoticed in France. The powers that be have a history of wrapping their public in cotton wool when it comes to advertising. What might be considered patronising and unnecessary in other countries is deemed basic protection here.


The most obvious example is television advertising, which has to be clearly labelled as such, meaning that each time programming cuts to a commercial break, an “advertising” jingle is played. Just in case you thought you were watching a one-minute “documentary” about why driving a BMW makes you feel like a real man… followed by a very short film about a really fascinating cleaning product.

I think it’s fair to say this attitude – which, strangely, hails back to the days when advertising was so forthright it would seem entirely unnecessary – is pretty outdated. Especially in a case when teenagers are the concern – which is what the judges insisted was their priority in their verdict against Pernod Ricard.



Facebook On Rape Women Obscene

The posts in Facebook are bordering on the Obscene, nay they are obscene and Revolting.

Recent jokes on Women are nauseating.

Facebook’s reply and justification is appalling.

Is this Free Speech?


All of these are examples, from Facebook, of speech and images encouraging and/or making light of violence against women. Both the images and the language are extremely graphic and disturbing. We believe it’s important to make them available in order to illustrate the extent and impact of Facebook’s inaction on gender-based hate speech, but please choose to view them or not at your own discretion.

Many of these images passed Facebook moderation — that is, they were reported as violating Facebook standards, and Facebook declined to take them down. Some of them came down later when media stories highlighted specific pages. Some of them are still live on Facebook.

A note on redactions: we’ve redacted parts of images to protect the identities of women whose images have been used against their will. None of these images are/were redacted on Facebook.

UPDATE: Facebook is claiming that because they took down all the images in our original sample set, there is no more problem. Until Facebook recognizes that the problem is their POLICIES AND PROCEDURES, not any individual pages, we will keep posting fresh examples that are still live each day. Again, many of these have already been reported and allowed by Facebook moderation. They may come down now when we SHAME Facebook with them, but that doesn’t solve the problem. ONLY NEW FACEBOOK POLICIES AND PROCEDURES DESIGNED TO BAN GENDER-BASED HATE SPEECH will solve this problem. 

Facebook on Woman
Facebook Post On woman.
Facebook post
Facebook comment


Comments in Facebook.
Facebook Post

In a blog post, Facebook said its “systems to identify and remove hate speech have failed to work as effectively as we would like, particularly around issues of gender-based hate.” The company said it would review how it dealt with such content, update training for its employees, increase accountability — including requiring that users use their real identities when creating content — and establish more direct lines of communication with women’s groups and other entities.


2G Chidambaram Senior Partner of Raja ,Takes to Twitter YouTube

Dr.Subramanian Swamy has taken the fight of 2G to Twiiter.

The Court has not granted his prayer to include Chidambaram as Co accused in 2G Scam.

So Swamy has taken the route to Twitter to mobilize Public opinion.

Sample Tweets.

Swamy Takes to Twitter

@DeoShrinivas: @Swamy39 Never mind Dr. Swamy, I wish you all the best for your review petetion. These up-downs won’t matter in a war.

@iGabbarSingh: @Swamy39 Correct, You are like bowler of Cricket keep bowling at right area, you will get wicket for sure.

@KISNABLISS: @Swamy39 Mr Swamy never giveup! U r the hope!! Truth will prevail!! No one is capable of suppressing it for long!!

While there were those who outrightly slammed Swamy.

@pschakra: @Swamy39 U r trying to settle Ur personal vendetta & jealousy with Chidu in Public. Why thru media?Do with dignity&don’t waste our time

@Joydas: When HC threw out Subramanian Swamy’s Case, he said he had more Clinching Evidence he didn’t give in HC (awwww how cute) but will give in SC

@anarkanu: Subramanian Swamy is jst lk Court Jesters of yore! Sits in the Royal Court but is worth only as a joker to entertain wid his antics @Swamy39

Twitter feuds, however, aren’t new to social media active politicians, especially Swamy, whose profile describes him as one who gives as good as he gets.

Recently, the social networking site had come under scanner for its alleged role in spreading rumours about the people from the Northeast region.

Not content with this, he has taken to YouTube as well.

Those interested to follow Swamy on YouTube  may click Dr.Subramanian Swamy Channel.



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US JOB Availability, By Location,Industry

I saw an interesting Tweet at my Twitter from USA Today.


I am posting the information for those who might have missed it.

( my Readership is relatively high from the US)


Where Jobs are US.jpg.
Where Jobs are US


Please follow the Link

Information is provided Industry wise Location wise.

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