Qaddafi Killing Images,Videos – What it means to the Islamic World.

Opposition to these Dictators were self centered ,interested only in grabbing power rather than rebuilding the Nation. Unless the Islamic countries realize that they they need to keep their national interest foremost in their collective conciousness,these nations will remain Anarchic and continue to dance to the tune of the US. The followers of Islam and thre the leaders of these countries must not fritter away their energies in petty squabblig among themselves. They should also ensure that Terrorism and Islamic Fundamentalism is nipped to ensure because it gives the US the lever to unleash attack on these countries. The bane of dictatorship must also be done away with.


US Fells Qadhafi, another step in Controlling world Oil?

Now Qadhafi is dead ,the US has another source to feed its voracious appetite for OIL. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are the lackeys of the US. US has successfully contributed to the dismantling of the USSR which has opened up the central Asian Countries Reserve for the US. On the deliberate ploy of WMD, Iraq has been dealt with. … Continue reading US Fells Qadhafi, another step in Controlling world Oil?

Nutritional Value.

Food Item Calorific Value Nuts, almond butter, plain, with salt added 1582 Calories per cup Nuts, almond butter, plain, without salt added 1582 Calories per cup Oil, vegetable, almond 1927 Calories per cup Raisins 306 Calories per 100 Gram Bread, banana, prepared from recipe, made with margarine 186 Calories per individual loaf (include Keebler Elfin … Continue reading Nutritional Value.

Beyond Dubai: A Look At The Middle East

May be with inflow of cash borrowed or re pumped,the country is solid on showmanship and not on self developed infra structure.It is propelled by western/Indian expertise and immigrant labor,which is not a sound base for development base.Excepting oil based industries, which again is run by foreigners, there seems to be little indigenous industry developed by local,excepting in terms of investment and the country's economy is run on imported labor and /products primarily and export of oil.This bubble might burst at any time.

President Obama’s Secret: Only 100 al Qaeda Now in Afghanistan

What has happened to Delta forces, SWAT teams,Cons.ops,CIA Na free lancers for the CIA? Or is the deployment of troops a precursor to occupy Afghanistan and later Pakistan and eventually Central Asian oil fields?