Serpent Mound US Hindu Naga Loka Ruins?

There is a 420 meter Long Mound called the Serpent Mound in Adams County,Ohio,US.

Serpent Mound Marker.jpg
Serpent Mound Ohio historical marker. “Serpent Mound Plaque” by Stepshep – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –


The Great Serpent Mound is a 1,348-foot (411 m)-long,three-foot-high prehistoric effigy mound on a plateau of the Serpent Mound crater along Ohio Brush Creek in Adams County, Ohio. Maintained within a park by the Ohio Historical Society, it has been designated a National Historic Landmark by the United States Department of Interior. The Serpent Mound of Ohio was first reported from surveys by Ephraim Squire and Edwin Davis in their historic volume Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley, published in 1848 by the newly founded Smithsonian Museum.’

ncluding all three parts, the Serpent Mound extends about 1,370 feet (420 m), and varies in height from less than a foot to more than three feet (30–100 cm). Conforming to the curve of the land on which it rests, with its head approaching a cliff above a stream, the serpent winds back and forth for more than eight hundred feet and seven coils, and ends in a triple-coiled tail. The serpent head has an open mouth extending around the east end of a 120-foot (37 m)-long hollow oval feature.Most of them are depicted with the snake eating an egg or with eggs in the general vicinity,[5]though some scholars posit that the oval feature symbolizes the sun, the body of a frog, or merely the remnant of a platform. The effigy’s extreme western feature is a triangular mound approximately 31.6 feet (9.6 m) at its base and long axis. There are also serpent effigies in Scotland and Ontario that are very similar.

Various theories have been advanced on the meaning of this relic.

Built by members of the Adena culture,

the Hopewell culture, or the Fort Ancient culture.,

Allegheny people.

There is also a Theory that states how a comet-like Venus could have seemed to emerge from Jupiter as in ancient Hindu and Greek myths.There are serious suggestions that the serpent is intimately connected with the heavens. Several writers have suggested that the serpent is a model of the constellation we call the Little Dipper, its tail coiled about the north star.


the cosmos is often thought of as having three basic levels – i.e.,

Upperworld, earth, and Lowerworld . These three levels are vertically connected by an axis mundi. In Native American cosmology, the Upperworld is the realm of the sky, sun, and stars, as well as powerful celestial birds known as Thunderbirds. By contrast, the Lowerworld is a watery world, located opposite to the Upperworld. It is the realm of fishes, frogs, snakes, and related creatures. Chief of the Lowerworld creatures is either the Great Horned Serpent or Underwater Panther. The Upperworld and Lowerworld are antithetical to each other.”

Serpent Mound Ohio.jpg
Location of the Under Water Panther Serpent Grotto (this amazing Lidar of the Serpent Mound, the largest effigy mound in the world and a UNESCO Nominated World Heritage site, was made and shared by Jeffery Wilson, President- Friends of Serpent Mound).

The attributes of the Water Serpent- Water Spirit include :

a) an unusually long tail and often represented with a man face with horns in petro glyphs

b) often accompanied by other water animals

c) ruled the waters- underworld-not a bad place

d) could come to the earth level in the form of a man (6)( William F Romain, Director of the Serpent Mound Project, in his article about the Newark Earthworks)

The attributes of the Water Serpent- Water Spirit include :

a) an unusually long tail and often represented with a man face with horns in petro glyphs

b) often accompanied by other water animals

c) ruled the waters- underworld-not a bad place

d) could come to the earth level in the form of a man (6)’

The Americas are the Patala Loka described b the Puranas of Hinduism.


Serpent Mound US.jpg
Here is another example of a Serpent Mound River Stone Artifact. Note the extended snake mouth jaws with a circle in it.

The Incas’s ancestors were Tamils.

Please read my post on this.

More archeological evidence has come to light on the Indian connection of South America.


Most of you in India are familiar with the Charak Puja ceremonial observed in Bengal and several States in South India. This Hindu Ceremonial also observed in Mexicohistorian call it the mexicon and peru. The Spanish Valador ritual. A relief of Bayon central temple of Angkor Thom inCambodia represents a rite similar to the Mexico Valador. The use of parasol (Chhatra) is an age-old sign of royalty and rank in India, Burma, China and Japan. The Maya Astec and the Incas also used it as a sign of royalty. Frescoes of Chak Multum in Yucatan show two types of parasols both of which correspond to types still in use in South-East Asia.’

Incas celebrated it as “Inti Raymi”

This was celebrated 24 June.

The Nagas of the Patala Loka lived under water,

They were Blue/Black in color.

The can enter the earth and assume Human Forms.

Lord Krishna killed  Kaliya by entering deep into the waters and was there quite some das before he emerged , killing Kaliya.

Bhima spent few months in the Patala Loka after having been poisoned by Duryodhana and pushed into river waters.

He married a Naga Girl and had a son through her.

In Ramayana, the Moola Sena of Ravana came from down South to assist him in his battle with Rama.

Lord Vishnu went down the sea and killed Hiranyaksha.

And the Puranas describe differnt toes of Serpents.

The Vedas were rescued for the deep-sea, Patala by Vishnu.

Considering all these references, the fact that all other archeological finds in the Americas, and the evidence of Sanatana Dharma having been present throughout the world and the Astronomical details provided by Vedic Texts having been proved right, one can look for Sanatana Dharma connection.

I am searching for more material and shall come back.

Inputs welcome.



Walmart Seeks Donation For Its Workers.

Walmart the giant chain seems to be in its last financial throes(!?) when it is revealed that it is seeking donations for its employees Thanksgiving Dinner!

Donate to Walmart
Walmart seeks donations.

An advocacy group called Organization United for Respect is chastising Walmart for setting out storage containers to collect donations for employees who can’t afford a Thanksgiving dinner.

The Web page and Facebook page of the group feature a photo of two storage containers underneath a sign that says, “Please donate food items here so Associates in Need can enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.”

The Web page also says, “Walmart is asking us to donate food to our coworkers. Why can’t Walmart pay us enough so we can feed our families?”

The Web page quotes someone named Jamaad Reed of Cincinnati, identified as a Walmart Associate, saying “If I made $25,000/yr, I wouldn’t have to rely on food stamps.”

The donation containers are displayed at a Walmart in Canton, Ohio, some sitting on tables in an employees-only area, others underneath tables, according to theCleveland Plain Dealer.

Walmart media representatives could not be reached Monday night, but company spokesperson Kory Lundberg told the Plain Dealer that the signs prove that employees care about one another.

“This is part of the company’s culture to rally around associates and take care of them when they face extreme hardship,” Lundberg said.

The signs at the Canton store were the idea of store employees, but Walmart also has company-wide programs, Lundberg said. The Associates in Critical Need Trust is paid for through contributions from Walmart employees and grants up to $1,500 to employees facing challenges such as homelessness or illness, the Plain Dealerreports.

Paranormal Photos

I am intrigued by Paranormal activity despite or it because of my background and interests.

Though Reason tells me it is difficult to prove to the satisfaction of others,  I Have experienced paranormal activity, like seeing a Man vanishing into thin air within my grip(literally), watching figures wafting down the closed Glass windows, I have blogged on these(Under Interesting and funny, Lifestyle)

I have posted from sources Videos and articles.

I came across some genuine amateur Photos at Documenting

I have secured the permission from th the site owner for posting material.

Here Below are interesting Photos.

One may remember that the Lady is no Conspiracy Theorist and seems to be genuinely astonished at the Photos.

‘I hadn’t realized there was a paranormal section until today!!! I would love to share a couple of my best photographs from investigations. I have been doing investigations since around the age of 15; in both private settings and as part of a collegiate team.

(Please note: I am VERY picky when it comes to the authenticity of paranormal photography. The few photos I am posting here are 100% not photoshopped; with the exception of the second one being zoomed.)
This first photo was taken at a small Ohio cemetery. There are three distinct blue orbs in it.

Paranormal Photo from a Cemetery.
Orbs in a Cemetery.
Paranormal Photo.
This second photo is the central most orb zoomed in by 13x.


Paranormal Photo.
This next photo was taken at a small cemetery in the western Pennsylvania area, near the Ohio border.


Ghosts Indulging In Sex Photo Video

A Four Old Girl had captured the Ghosts indulging in Sex!


May be  they are Indian Rapists.





An Ohio woman said her 4-year-old granddaughter snapped a picture of two ghosts having sexual relations in her living room.

Dianne Carlisle of Euclid said her granddaughter, Kimora, 4, was playing with her cellphone in the living room and Carlisle later found one of the pictures she snapped depicted a pair of ghosts getting down and dirty, WJW-TV, Cleveland, reported Tuesday.

Ghosts indulge in Sex
Ghosts indulge in Sex

“I never seen anything like this,” Dianne said. “I mean, ghosts still have feelings? (They’re) having sex?”

Carlisle said she has had previous encounters with ghosts, including a voicemail message from her deceased sister.


‘Don’t Execute Me,I am Fat’

A killer pleads not to execute him because he is too fat to be executed humanely.

You don’t get words to comment on this!


Richard Cooey
AP Photo Ohio inmate Richard Cooey (l.), who was executed in 2008, argued he was too overweight to die by lethal injection. Now, Ronald Post (r.), who’s set to die Jan. 16 by lethal injection, is saying the same, according to a new court filing. Post wants his execution delayed.

An Ohio inmate scheduled to die by lethal injection wants his upcoming execution delayed because he’s too obese.

Convicted killer Ronald Post, who tips the scales at more than 480 pounds, filed federal court papers Friday claiming that executing him in his current condition could result in a “torturous and lingering death.”

The 53-year-old was sentenced to death for the 1983 murder of an Ohio hotel clerk, and is scheduled to die Jan. 16 with a single dose of pentobarbital, typically injected through the arms.

Post believes his weight, vein access, scar tissue and other medical problems raise the likelihood his executioners would encounter severe problems. He’s also so big that the execution gurney might not hold him, his lawyers said in the court filing, according to the Associated Press.

“Indeed, given his unique physical and medical condition there is a substantial risk that any attempt to execute him will result in serious physical and psychological pain to him, as well as an execution involving a torturous and lingering death,” the filing said


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