Kudankulam Nuclear Plant Unsafe Scientists Petition

The Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant,Tamil Nadu, built with Russian collaboration, would have been a smash hit commercially, had it been private enterprise, considering the amount of controversy and publicity generated associated with it.

There were and are protests galore in Tamil Nadu against it being commissioned because of its safety Standards.

Kudankulam Nucleat Power Plant ,Tamil Nadu, India.
Kudankulam Nucleat Power Plant safe?

The agitators led by Udayakumar mobilized people to siege the plant by sea and land.

His office was raided by the authorities, foreign funds link was found, action by the Government was promised, then nothing.

In between APJ Abdul Kalam, hte Former President, accompanied by Scientists, visited the plant and declared it to be safe.

Central Minister Narayna Swamy has been , like a true Meteorologist,t has been threatening the plant will be commissioned ‘within fifteen days’, for the past one year!

Now sixty scientists have petitioned the PM , expressing concern over the safety of the Plant.

Their apprehension is well taken as news has surfaced on the   sale of substandard materials for Nuclear Plants.

The ZiO-Podolsk machine building plant’s procurement director, Sergei Shutov, has been arrested for buying low quality raw materials on the cheap and pocketing the difference as the result of an investigation by the Federal Security Service, or FSB, the successor organization to the KGB.

It is not clear how many reactors have been impacted by the alleged crime, but reactors built by Russia in India, Bulgaria, Iran, China as well as several reactor construction and repair projects in Russia itself may have been affected by cheap equipment, given the time frame of works completed at the stations and the scope of the investigation as it has been revealed by authorities.”

The Scientists allege that there has been no third-party verification of the safety standards at the Plant.

How this has been overlooked so far by the Governments(or is it deliberate?) and the Courts?

The same applies to Scientists.

Why haven’t they raised the issue earlier?

Are they shouting now, because, if some thing were to happen in future,considering the Russian scandal, they want to assure others and themselves.i told you so?’

Third Party verification was overlooked right from the beginning.

It is imperative for the Courts and the Government to conduct a Third party Audit on the safety of KNPP, before commissioning it.

I have been a vociferous  supporter for the plant, now , in the light of the present disclosure, I am not sure .

Read my contradictory view on this.



Sixty of the country’s leading scientists have written to chief ministers of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, expressing safety concerns over the controversial Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant which received the Supreme Court’s nod earlier this month. The scientists, most of who aren’t specialists in nuclear energy, have sought a safety review of the plant by an “independent panel” of experts. ..

The top court had declared that all expert bodies were of the unanimous opinion that adequate safety measures had been taken at the plant situated in Tamil Nadu.

But the scientists, in their three-page petition, have expressed doubts “particularly with reference to possible sub-standard components” that were supplied to the plant. Recently, four faulty valves were detected in the first reactor unit of the plant; they were later replaced. Some Russian officials had also been arrested recently over alleged corruption in sourcing sub-standard materials from some Russian nuclear plants…

The scientists, though, made it explicitly clear that they were not “advocating for or against nuclear energy”. While some of the petitioners, they said, consider nuclear energy a “legitimate” option, other signatories believe it is “too risky”.

The petitioners include scientists from premier institutions like the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).





Concentrated Radiation from Japan heading to US-Video.

One does not know what to believe.

By the way, any body monitoring radiation levels in India?


Comparison of Censored and Uncensored information on Radiation Video.

Fortunately, the map is a hoax, according to the real Australian Radiation Services, which has put a disclaimer on its website letting readers know it had nothing to do with the map.

One of the giveaways is that the “rad” is an outdated unit of measurement and is no longer widely used, said Joe Young, managing director for the service.

Young doesn’t know who came up with the map.

“They’re just scaremongering for no real benefit to the community,” he said. “They should be trying to assess the situation, not make matters worse.”

Other versions of the map attribute the information to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, said NRC spokesman David McIntyre. No matter where it allegedly comes from, there is no truth to it.


Nuclear-related Emergency Information-Live updates form Japan

1755 copper engraving showing Lisbon in flames...
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What has occurred in Japan’s Nuclear plant is a disaster of disasters and although I am not surprised there is’nt  much press on TV, or other more accessible media channels to the public being broadcasted. Why? Some common sense experts would say because they don’t want to make a big deal, until, the nuclear spill causes a snowball effect destroying anything and everything in its path. What are the cost besides the human losses the earthquake/tsunami has caused? Was Japan moving too swiftly with its technological innovations?  The spill for starters, will create some extremely  severe problems in the ocean, our fish for one will not be a safe food to eat for a long, long, time. How long? who knows, I’m not an expert on nuclear reactions. But I am sure this single chains of events will change the face of the earth forever, in ways I cannot fathom. What are the only viable solutions and what comes next? The first groups of people who come mind are the earth protectors and their mean green fighting regime. Yes, just a few short years ago recycling was something we did out of cashing in some aluminum for a handful of cash, now we do it out of respect. Now we must do more  to help balance our planetary karma or else. The choice is leaves no room for weak links who won’t participate and the odds of reversing the catastrophe are extremely unbalanced.

48Foot Tsunami Video.

48-foot wall of water hit Japanese nuclear power plant


Video shows tsunami crashing into Fukushima nuclear site
By Brian Walker and Matt Smith, CNN
April 9, 2011 4:02 p.m. EDT
Click to play
48-foot wave hits nuclear plant

NEW: Video shows the March 11 tsunami swamping the plant
Nuclear plants will now need 2 backup generators per reactor
Engineers examine rising water levels in reactor No. 3 condenser
Nitrogen concentrations boosted in reactor No. 1

Tokyo (CNN) — A brief video clip released Saturday captures the massive tsunami that crippled Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi power plant, showing the wall of water that slammed into the facility and created an ongoing crisis.

The video shows the giant wave generated by the historic March 11 earthquake crashing over the plant’s seawall and engulfing the facility, with one sheet of spray rising higher than the buildings that house the plant’s six reactors. Tokyo Electric Power, the plant’s owner, told reporters the wall of water was likely 14 to 15 meters (45 to 48 feet) higher than normal sea levels — easily overwhelming the plant’s 5-meter seawall.

The footage was was shot from high ground about 900 meters south of the plant by a worker who evacuated before the tsunami hit, the Tokyo Electric Power Company said in releasing the six-second clip.

Strange Light Glowing In Japan After Earthquake.Video ,Live Updates.




UPDATE 10.50 CST – Video taken in Tokyo of a blinding blue light witnessed on the horizon at the time of the quake is causing a stir. Sky News reports that the light could be a phenomenon thought to occur due to intense electromagnetic activity with the movement of tectonic plates.

UPDATE 10.22 CST – No damage, casualties in Miyagi Pref. as of 11:55 Thurs.: police

UPDATE 10.20 CST – The quake has been revised down to a mag 7.1.

UPDATE 10.19 CST – Japanes Weather agency sees Miyagi quake as aftershock of March 11 temblor.





Japan was rattled by a strong aftershock Thursday night nearly a month after a devastating earthquake and tsunami flattened the northeastern coast.

The Japan meteorological agency initially issued a tsunami warning for a wave of up to one metre, but that was later lifted.

The warning was issued for a coastal area already torn apart by last month’s tsunami, which is believed to have killed some 25,000 people and has sparked an ongoing crisis at a nuclear power plant.

Announcers on Japan’s public broadcaster NHK told coastal residents to run to higher ground and away from the shore. Residents along the northeast coast were being evacuated.

The U.S. Geological Survey said Thursday’s quake was a 7.1-magnitude and hit 40 kilometres under the water and off the coast of Miyagi prefecture. The quake that preceded last month’s tsunami was a 9.0-magnitude.