Kudankulam Nuclear Plant Unsafe Scientists Petition

The Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant,Tamil Nadu, built with Russian collaboration, would have been a smash hit commercially, had it been private enterprise, considering the amount of controversy and publicity generated associated with it.

There were and are protests galore in Tamil Nadu against it being commissioned because of its safety Standards.

The agitators led by Udaykumar mobilized people to siege the plant by sea and land.

His office was raided by the authorities, foreign funds link was found, action by the Government was promised, then nothing.

In between APJ Abdul Kalam, accompanied by Scientists, visited the plant and declared it to be safe.

Central Minister Narayna Swamy has been , like a true Meteorologist,t has been threatening the plant will be commissioned ‘within fifteen days’, for the past one year!

Now sixty scientists have petitioned the PM , expressing concern over the safety of the Plant.

Their apprehension is well taken as news has surfaced on the sale of substandard materials for Nuclear Plants.

The ZiO-Podolsk machine building plant’s procurement director, Sergei Shutov, has been arrested for buying low quality raw materials on the cheap and pocketing the difference as the result of an investigation by the Federal Security Service, or FSB, the successor organization to the KGB.

It is not clear how many reactors have been impacted by the alleged crime, but reactors built by Russia in India, Bulgaria, Iran, China as well as several reactor construction and repair projects in Russia itself may have been affected by cheap equipment, given the time frame of works completed at the stations and the scope of the investigation as it has been revealed by authorities.”

Concentrated Radiation from Japan heading to US-Video.

One does not know what to believe. By the way, any body monitoring radiation levels in India? Related: Comparison of Censored and Uncensored information on Radiation Video. Fortunately, the map is a hoax, according to the real Australian Radiation Services, which has put a disclaimer on its website letting readers know it had nothing to do with […]