200,000 Cancers Likely from Fukushima Explosion.Video/Official Report on Reactor.

Follow the Link for official report on Japan Nuclear Accident. © Copyright 2010, Fairewinds Associates, Inc, All Rights Reserved http://www.scribd.com/doc/52467769/NRC-Rst-Assessment-26march11 The Health Outcome of the Fukushima Catastrophe Initial Analysis from Risk Model of the European Committee on Radiation Risk ECRR By: Chris Busby. Given that the ICRP predicted excess cancers will probably appear in the next10 […]

First food ban issued in Japan nuke crisis.Radiation and Food Safety.

Prime Minister Naoto Kan placed an indefinite ban on spinach and another local vegetable produced by Fukushima and neighboring prefectures Monday after samples were found to be abnormally radioactive. He also suspended Fukushima milk. The food ban, the first since the nuclear crisis began, is certain to alarm a public already anxious about radioactive fallout […]