Brahman Upasna in Sri Rudram

One is by Knowing ( mind) and another is by Experiencing. Knowing belongs to mind while experiencing is of the realm of the Heart (heart) Realising Brahman through Experience is through the Bhakti Yoga, Path of Devotion. This calls for total surrender to God. But human mind being what it is , is never satisfied with following something without knowing it to be true. This, knowing well that knowledge


Shankaracharya Misinterpret Vedas Misled, Shiva In Padma Purana?

“The Mayavada philosophy is impious. It is covered Buddhism. My dear Parvati, in the form of a brahmana in Kali-yuga I teach this imagined Mayavada philosophy. In order to cheat the atheists I mislead them by describing the Supreme Lord to be without any personal form or qualities.”

God with Form, with and without, and Attributless Levels

Others have to go step by step. The though waves are present because of our attachment to objects of desire. We desire them ;hate them;these produce thought waves, If one focuses on an object of his desire, he becomes immersed in it. Since human nature is to go after things that are to his/her liking, an image has been suggested.

Navavarana Pooja Lalitha Tripura Sundari Principle

The Navarana Pooja for Devi is considered  as Supreme in the worship of Lalitha Devi, Tripura Sundari.   This forms a part of Tantra Shastra of Hinduism.   Avarana means concealment,masking, obstruction.   The attempt to realize self is  is paved the path of Obstructions.   This lies with the individuals mind and ego.   … Continue reading Navavarana Pooja Lalitha Tripura Sundari Principle

Definiton of Bhagvan God Hinduism

Hinduism uses the term Bhagavan to denote God.   Bhag means Fortune, unlimited Wealth.     In Hinduism material wealth is not considered as Wealth or Fortune.   Attributes or Qualities that are Eternal are considered so.   The Authority of Hinduism is the Vedas and they declare the Reality as devoid of Attributes, Nirguna. … Continue reading Definiton of Bhagvan God Hinduism