Mummified Bodies,Magical Signs Scripts

A Crypt with Mummified bodies, surrounded by magical Codes,inscriptions were found in Sudan near Khartoum.

One of the mummies is identified as that of an Archbishop.

A mysterious 900-year-old crypt covered floor to ceiling in ‘magical’ inscriptions has been uncovered in Sudan.

The crypt, which was found containing seven naturally mummified bodies, was excavated in a monastery at Old Dongola – the capital of a lost medieval kingdom that flourished in the Nile Valley.

One of the mummies is thought to be that of Archbishop Georgios, an extremely powerful religious leader in the ancient Makuria kingdom.

The inscriptions on the walls of the crypt were written with black ink on a layer of whitewash and have been identified as Greek and Sahidic Coptic.

Earth At Night NASA Photo Video

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How The West Squanders Light and Energy Satellite Proof.

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