Jallikkattu Ban PETA Project Thessalonica To Destabilize Story

But why is that they have not raised their voice against Cow Slaughter? Why not against the killing of Goats during Bakrid? Is beating one with self with chains during Muharram is not cruelty? If you extend their Logic,they should have moved the court to ban non vegetarian food on the ground of cruelty to the animals killed. Now read a description of how the Jallikkattu pettion and other Hindu harming cases moved in the courts


Donations to Missionaries in India.

Large amount of funds go to Christian organizations whose purpose is conversion. This act of “soul harvesting” or “planting of the Church” is an anachronistic practice of nineteenth century which is totally incongruous in the twenty first century where faith based political movements like the Church movements are disappearing from Europe their cradle of growth. Europe which has given up on the Church is trying to overcome its guilt by exporting Christianity to India. The recipient organizations may argue that they are serving poor but do they need European money to serve Indian poor.

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