India England Test BCCI Media Row On Photos,Silly.

Media is reported to be refusing to provide photographs of the Test Match between India and England.

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Sharpening up: Samit Patel and Ian Bell prepare for the first Test Photo: GETTY IMAGES

“International news agencies have responded by saying they will not be providing any photographic coverage of one of the most high-profile clashes in cricket. The British-based Press Association has also decided not to distribute photographs from the tour”

Reason ,BCCI wants the Media to use the photos provided in BCCI Site.

The BCCI say is concerned that press photography taken at matches will later be used in advertising commercials over which it has no control. The NMC believes there are already prohibitions on this in place and that press freedom is at stake.

“The BCCI has excluded photo agencies claiming the photography they take cannot be used in the commercial environment but it is a red herring because there are clear accreditation rules which agencies have signed that stipulate the photographic material cannot be used for commercial purposes. We are wholly concerned there might be something else behind this. It should be easily resolved. The assurances they want can be given.”

If there are safety clauses prohibiting the use of these photos for Commercial endorsements later, then what BCCI is cribbing about?

This argument can be resolved by BCCI and The Media for an agreed share of the proceeds.

As of now, if the clauses are in place , the action of BCCI is silly.

But the demand of the Media to BCCI to provide Broadcasting facilities at the venue at BCCI’s cost is equally silly.

They can do it at their Studio as has been done earlier.


This is only the most recent spat with media organisations to threaten coverage of the tour. Sky Sports will be commentating on the series from a studio in west London after refusing to pay the $500,000 that the BCCI demanded to provide production facilities at the grounds. The BBC almost followed suit before negotiating a settlement to allow Test Match Special to broadcast on site.

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