Fraud That is Stock Market, How Naming Drives.

I am one of the view that the stock market is a huge fraud and a form of legitimized gambling with the active connivance of the Governments.

The stock market is played by a minuscule percentage in India, may be .001 % of the population.

But th Government decides its policies on its performance.

One would expect the economy in prosperity when the stock market is booming.

But facts are other wise.

When the stock market is down, the economy is cited as the reason for the poor performance.

Prosperity of the share market is for the prosperity of the Rich.

Having been in a Senior management position I know how the IPOs are rigged.

You pay a percentage to the underwriters.

They, who have funds at their disposal or contacts, including the Banks and Institutions, buy up the stocks, and inflate the price.

Gullible Public laps it up and it drives by.

Again the stock prices go up.

The underwriters cash in on the boom and quit, depending on the new business they get.

The promoters, depending on whether they want to run the business or run away either cash in on the boom or continue fixing up Institutions.

This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Now The New Yorker has published a report as to how stocks rise in prices.

By a simple piece of clever naming!



Between the beginning of October and early November, the following eight companies were among more than twenty that began trading on the New York Stock Exchange: OCI Partners, Springleaf Holdings, Brixmor Property Group, Essent Group,, Mavenir Systems, Midcoast Energy Partners, and Twitter. They’re a diverse group of tech, energy, property, and finance companies, valued at their respective I.P.O.s between three hundred and sixty million dollars (Mavenir Systems) and $24.5 billion dollars (Twitter).

By the end of their first day of trading, Midcoast, Springleaf,, and OCI had risen in value, whereas Essent, Brixmor, Mavenir, and Twitter had fallen. At first it’s hard to discern a difference between the early appreciators and the early depreciators. Many experts argue that it’s impossible to reliably forecast stock prices in the short run. In his classic 1973 guide to investing, “A Random Walk Down Wall Street,” the Princeton economist Burton Malkiel famously claimed that “a blindfolded monkey throwing darts at a newspaper’s financial pages could select a portfolio that would do just as well as one carefully selected by experts.” Investors, Malkiel argued, were at the mercy of the markets, and though prices generally rise in the long run, it’s impossible to beat the market reliably and consistently. Malkiel’s book has sold more than a million copies…

Short-term investing is certainly a gamble, but if you look back at the eight companies, you’ll find one subtle feature that distinguishes the climbers from the fallers: whether their ticker symbols are pronounceable according to the rules of English—that is, whether it’s possible to read them out loud as if they were words, without adding extra sounds. The pronounceable OCIP, MEP, LEAF, and WUBA (OCI, Midcoast, Springleaf, and, respectively) appreciated by between one percent and fifteen per cent, whereas the unpronounceable ESNT, BRX, MVNR, and TWTR (Essent, Brixmor, Mavenir, and Twitter) depreciated by between half a per cent and fourteen per cent. Eight stocks is a tiny sample by any standard, and stock prices are shaped by far more powerful forces—but the relationship between ticker pronounceability and early performance seems to hold with larger samples, too. (The trend holds if you include all twenty-three stocks that began trading between early October and early November: after twenty-four hours on the market, seventy-five per cent of the companies with pronounceable symbols appreciated, but only forty-seven per cent of those with unpronounceable tickers appreciated.)

Several years ago, Daniel Oppenheimer and I examined the performance of nearly a thousand stocks that entered the New York Stock Exchange and American Exchange between 1990 and 2004. We separated stocks with pronounceable ticker symbols from those with unpronounceable symbols. Across both markets, stocks with pronounceable symbols enjoyed a bigger post-I.P.O. boost than their unpronounceable counterparts. The effect was strongest during the first few days of trading; over time, it weakened, but never quite vanished.


Mumbai Second Most Honest City In The World

Politicians were not in town that day.

Any way nice to hear this.

Second Honest City In the World. Mumbai.

Second Honest City In the World. Mumbai.

The most honest cities in the world:

1.     Helsinki, Finland – 11 out of 12 wallets

2.     Mumbai, India – 9 out of 12

=3.   Budapest, Hungary – 8 out of 12

=3.   New York City, USA – 8 out of 12

=5.   Moscow, Russia – 7 out of 12

=5.   Amsterdam, Netherlands – 7 out of 12

=7.   Berlin, Germany – 6 out of 12

=7.   Ljubljana, Slovenia – 6 out of 12

=9.   London, UK – 5 out of 12

=9.   Warsaw, Poland – 5 out of 12

=11. Bucharest, Romania – 4 out of 12

=11. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 4 out of 12

=11. Zurich, Switzerland – 4 out of 12

14.   Prague, Czech Republic – 3 out of 12

15.   Madrid, Spain – 2 out of 12

16.   Lisbon, Portugal – 1 out of 12

As part of a project carried out by Reader’s Digest, wallets were dropped in 16 cities around the world in an attempt to find out how many would be handed in. Each wallet contained a contact number, a family photo, business cards, coupons and the equivalent of $50 or £31.

Mumbai, India was the second most honest city in the world with nine out of 12 wallets getting handed in, while Lisbon, Portugal was the most dishonest with only one wallet being returned to its owner.

The magazine selected the cities and then asked its reporters to ‘lose’ the wallets in public places, such as shopping centres, car parks and on pavements. A total of 192 wallets were dropped with 12 ‘lost’ in each city.



Satanists Turn Church Founder’s Mother A Lesbian Video

The very concept of the existence is erroneous and does not stand to Philosophical reasoning.

Members of a satanic temple have performed a “pink mass” over the grave of Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps Jr.’s mother, Catherine Idalette Johnston. The ritual is a same-sex ceremony aimed at turning Johnston gay in the afterlife.

Members of a satanic temple have performed a “pink mass” over the grave of Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps Jr.’s mother, Catherine Idalette Johnston. The ritual is a same-sex ceremony aimed at turning Johnston gay in the afterlife.

At best it can be a form of Religious perversion, of trying to be different.

In a bizarre incident,the Satanists turned the mother of the Founder of a Church into a Lesbian posthumously, by conducting Pink Mass.

I expect the Atheists to follow suit or improve upon this.!



A group of satanists say they’ve given the controversial Westboro Baptist Church a taste of its own medicine, performing a same-sex ritual at the grave of the mother of the church’s founder.

Members of the Satanist Temple performed on Sunday what its spokesman describes as a “pink mass”  an admittedly made-up ritual, celebrating gay love, at the grave in Meridian, Miss.

Spokesman Lucien Greaves  doffed a headdress made of horns as two male couples, and a female couple recited scripture, lit candles and made out over the grave.

Members then posthumously declared Catherine Johnston, the mother of Westboro’s founder Fred Phelps, a lesbian.

The ritual was designed to get a rise of the WBC, the satanists said, an organization that’s earned a national reputation for getting a rise out of others.

Phelps is the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church, a fundamentalist congregation infamous for picketing at the funerals of celebrities, victims of disaster and terrorism, and U.S. soldiers killed in combat.

The church, located in Topeka, Kan., believes that the whole of the United States is in a state of sin because of gays. Members often protest at funerals carrying signs that read “God hates fags.”

The idea to stage a counter-protest by the New York based Satanist Temple after WBC members threatened to picket at funerals for those killed in the Boston Marathon bombings, Greaves told

The ritual took place at Magnolia Cemetery near a busy road, but Greaves said no one bothered the group of Satanists.


Robots Make Film On Humans

Yes, it’s true.

Robots Film a Movie.

Robots Film a Movie.

Read the Story:

The past few decades have seen robots occupy numerous occupations once purely under the sole purview of humans. This trend towards a de-peopled workplace shows no promise of slowing down anytime soon. In fact, a new project appearing at NYC’sTribeca Film Festival is proving that robots may have yet another role that they can take off our carbon-based hands: documentary filmmaker.

The Blabdroid project aims to be “the world’s first documentary shot and directed entirely by robots.” The project pairs tiny adorable robots with human subjects who are then questioned and filmed by their automated counterparts. The questioning includes sometimes pointed queries such as “What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to someone,” “Who do you love most in the world,” and “Tell me something you’ve never told a stranger before.”.

The bots were designed by Alexander Reben as part of his MIT Media Lab master thesis under a project originally titled Boxie The Story Gathering Robot. The team sees Blabdroids as being an open-source project that can be uploaded with customizable questions that can be repurposed for other projects.

Aside from artistic purposes, one could imagine Blabdroid-like bots being used as location-specific polling mechanisms or even as replacements for wedding videographers.

While Blabdroids still require a human editor to sort through the footage to appraise the quality of the content, they represent a new and exciting way the human condition can be represented through our newest technological tools.



Look At This New York Pehthouse

This is an 80-foot slide hiding in a historic, NYC skyscraper

This is an 80-foot slide hiding in a historic, NYC skyscraper

It’s part of a residential makeover of an amazingly luxurious, four-story penthouse.

It’s part of a residential makeover of an amazingly luxurious, four-story penthouse.


The slide brings you right into the living room.

The slide brings you right into the living room.


Don’t worry, everyone watching TV is used to the giggles by now.

Don’t worry, everyone watching TV is used to the giggles by now.

Peep into the Interior.

Peep into the Interior.