Fraud That is Stock Market, How Naming Drives.

I am one of the view that the stock market is a huge fraud and a form of legitimized gambling with the active connivance of the Governments. The stock market is played by a minuscule percentage in India, may be .001 % of the population. But th Government decides its policies on its performance. One would expect the economy in prosperity when the stock market is booming. But facts are other wise. When the stock market is down, the economy is cited as the reason for the poor performance. Prosperity of the share market is for the prosperity of the Rich. Having been in a Senior management position I know how the IPOs are rigged. You pay a percentage to the underwriters.


Mumbai Second Most Honest City In The World

Politicians were not in town that day. Any way nice to hear this.

Satanists Turn Church Founder’s Mother A Lesbian Video

The very concept of the existence is erroneous and does not stand to Philosophical reasoning. At best it can be a form of Religious perversion, of trying to be different. In a bizarre incident,the Satanists turned the mother of the Founder of a Church into a Lesbian posthumously, by conducting Pink Mass. I expect the Atheists to follow suit or improve upon this.!

Robots Make Film On Humans

Yes, it's true. Read the Story: " The past few decades have seen robots occupy numerous occupations once purely under the sole purview of humans. This trend towards a de-peopled workplace shows no promise of slowing down anytime soon. In fact, a new project appearing at NYC’sTribeca Film Festival is proving that robots may have yet … Continue reading Robots Make Film On Humans

Look At This New York Pehthouse