Mysterious Entity Tries To Kill Base Jumper, Video

A Mysterious  Entity was caught on Video, trying to kill base Base Jumper.

Watch the Frame by Frame Video.

Watch how this mysterious entity flies in and breaks the safety line. Which cause this Base Jumper to fall over the cliff Luckily he was able to pull his parachute on time . This video has been enhanced so that you can see the entity and where the rope breaks What could this be ? I called it a UFO because I have no Idea what it could be and it is an Unidentified Flying Object. Check it out and tell me what you think.
Link to Original Video.

Mysterious Entity_jpg.
Mysterious Entity.

Mysterious Entity !! Caught on camera trying to kill Base Jumpers. Evil Spirit? Ghost? Nephilim?


Click The Link for Photos.

Background:  These photos were taken by a University Professor in the Eastern U.S. in March of 1970.  Many doctors have identified the subjects in these photos as hydrocephalus.  However, many questions remain unanswered:

  • The subjects in these photos fit description of humanoids recovered from crashed saucers in 1940s.
  • Subjects had no sex organs
  • Subjects were severely burned in cranial area
  • Subjects had large heads and very small bodies
  • Subjects had no naval
  • Subjects had web type hands
  • Subjects had no visible ribs

Comments:  Many reputable medical people have looked at the original photos of these subjects and concluded that they are human and probably suffered from hydrocephalus.  However, many doctors have said that they have never seen anything resembling these entities.  No connection has been made with UFO crashes and these entities.  It is thought that the entities could have been preserved and could have been dead for several years when the photos were taken.  Some evidence has been produced that the photographer was wearing bio-protective gear when shooting photos.  Another possibility is that the subjects were involved in radiation experiments.  The photo of the atom bomb test has been identified as a test at the Nevada Test Site dated May 1, 1952.  The test was labeled as “Project Dog.”  The blast was 19 kilotons.



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‘Area 51 UFO Base US’ Google Earth Videos

Area 51 is The UFO Base in US.

Recently crew of BBC were held at gunpoint and the fact was reported everywhere but in BBC.

Here are some Videos of the Facility from Google Earth.

Area 51 secrets in google earth – SoundCry


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BBC équipage arrêtés UFO Zone 51 Sneak 60 000 photos Analyse

Récemment, un OVNI équipage était tenue, sous la menace d’un revolver dans la base UFO, USA,ce qui n’était pas signalé par la BBC, a été imputée en thi site avec SUN UK et toutes les voix peu après l’incident.,-115.811111111&spn=0.03,0.03&q=37.235,-115.811111111+%28Area+51%29&t=h

UFO analysis.
UFO By Aldrin Apollo.


Image at US UFO Base.jpg.
UFI Base Image 1



Images de Wilbur Allen dans National geographic sont désactivés dès maintenant.


Plus d’images à 


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BBC tripulación detenido Zona OVNI 51 Sneak 60 000 fotos Análisis

Recientemente un OVNI tripulación se celebró a punta de pistola en el UFO Base, LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS, que no fue reportada por la BBC, fue publicado en thi sitio junto con el sol y todas las voces REINO UNIDO poco después del incidente.,-115.811111111&spn=0.03,0.03&q=37.235,-115.811111111+%28Area+51%29&t=h


.The UFO Area 51.
UFO WiburAllen



Wilbur Allen’s trip to Area-51 Documents Photographic Proof of Extraterrestrial Life


UFO analysis.


UFO By Aldrin Apollo.



Las imágenes de Wilbur Allen en National Geographic se desactivará.


Más imágenes en


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BBC Crew Arrested UFO Area 51 Sneak 60 000 Photos Analysis

Recently a UFO Crew was held at gunpoint in the UFO Base, USA,which was not reported by The BBC, was posted in thi site along with The SUN UK and All Voices soon after the incident.,-115.811111111&spn=0.03,0.03&q=37.235,-115.811111111+(Area+51)&t=h

UFO Image.

Now it appears that an object was found traveling at the site and some 60,000 images were taken by Wilbur Allen=at Area 51.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Images of Wilbur Allen in National geographic are disabled now.


More Images at


GUEST Wilbur Allen’s recent trip to Area-51 in the Nevada Desert astounds us all! The photographic evidence is proof, that being over 60,000 photos in a 2 day exploration clearly verifies the existence of Extraterrestrial life that is Visiting planet earth!

In this extraordinary interview Wilbur Allen reviews his body of work and sets out to reveal to the public the steps that he has taken that have lead him to the amazing discovery of alien craft above areas such as the WHITEHOUSE and now Area-51. Mr. Allen has the proof in these photographs and as he said “It is not what the public would expect!”

Enjoy the interview; as well Mr. Allen has been kind enough to release a couple of photos from his recent (October 13th, 2012) trip to Area-51.





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