Neeya Naana Vijay TV Cheats Why People Fall A Prey

Be sure that any scheme that guarantees a return of more than 15% return on Investment is a fraud. I for got to mention MLM. It is the great con ever!


Cheaters,Cheated Neeya Naana Vijay TV Finer Points

There are three classes in the category of the people cheated, or rather who succumbed to cheating for none can cheat you without your active participation. 1.Those who woke up after losing a fortune,like the one in the show who had lost over 35 lakhs over a period of ten years entering into any scheme that was offered from Gold Quest to plantations! 2.The second is the group that suspects that they are being cheated, made a quick check (anticipated and covered by the Scamaster), convinced them selves that they are smarter than the Scamster and went on losing!

Some Indians Against Love Marriage ‘Neeya Naana’

Look at the families of the Self Respect Movement Leaders in Tamil Nadu,Illegal Children ,Bigamy and Concubines in Public. There was a talk in the show that the Tamil Culture speaks highly of Love. What people chose to ignore is that it never allows illegal liaisons . Nor does it approve of all love. If it were so why there is 'kalavozhkkam,kaikkilai,madaleruthal' in Tamil Literature? Point is that human nature has been the same especially On Love ; there have been resistan

Relationship-Brother and Sister Unique.Video

There are many Realationships which we form and there are some which are granted to us. Parents,Brothers and Sisters and Children.... In these we have no choice. In Tamil and Sanskrit there are unique words to denote these relationships. Tamil :Parents-Petror.-one who begets-They beget children,They are the custodians. Sanskrit-Sahodaran/Sahodari-of the same Blood-sharing the same Blood. Of these … Continue reading Relationship-Brother and Sister Unique.Video

Star Vijay-Neeyaa Naana-Teachers,Students-A Review.

Star Vijay has been hosting a Talk show 'Neeya Naana' which addresses social issues and in some cases personal issues as well for quite sometime now.The show is good for the topics chosen and the manner in which the discussion is steered and summed up.The show instead of being crammed with statistics and a show … Continue reading Star Vijay-Neeyaa Naana-Teachers,Students-A Review.