Neeya Naana Vijay TV Cheats Why People Fall A Prey

Be sure that any scheme that guarantees a return of more than 15% return on Investment is a fraud.

I for got to mention MLM.

It is the great con ever!


The third type is those who do not know that they are being cheated  continue to be cheated.

Under this Class comes ULIP schemes ,Insurance .

If two guys deserve the award for Cons Concept they should go to ,

The one who invented Interest rate

The One who invented Insurance.

The former is notional , relative to your needs and the greed of the one who lends you.

The other one is born out of the First.

In the first one you imagine that you will keep on earning and one day you will find it is gone or it does not come to you as promised.

Check Pension Plans.

Except Government’s Pension Schemes, you would never receive more than 6  % per annum  return.

Insurance is a concept where the Insurer covers himself from all angles and he is sure that the demands from the investors would not come at the same time and he could go on rolling in some one else’s money!

Online scams
This scam will usually come in the form of a conventional email message. It will inform you that you won millions of dollars and congratulate you repeatedly. The catch: before you can collect your “winnings”, you must pay the “processing” fee of several thousands of dollars.

Tale ULIP (Unit Linked Insurance Plan).

You have a Fine print ‘Subject to Market Risk

In plain English your money is not guaranteed.

Why do people victims  get cheated are  well-educated professionals.



Tendency to Gamble.

If you look at the victims you will not find  people from the Poorer section of the Society.

They know the value of earning money.

As you earn more the tendency to over spend  and gamble though you know it is likely to fail.

Look at the IT people who earn around a lakh per month.

They would pay up gladly 1500 Rupees for a shirt which they to be worth 300,pay for Coffee 150  which is worth Rs 15, convincing themselves they pay for ambiance  and Service aided by advertisements calling ‘Value Addition’


Top 10 Online Scams of 2012.

A classic pyramid scheme: you get an email with a list of names, you are asked to send 5 dollars (or so) by mail to the person whose name is at the top of the list, add your own name to the bottom, and forward the updated list to a number of other people.

The author of this scam letter painstakingly explains that, if more and more people join this chain, when it’s your turn to receive the money, you might even become a millionaire!

If you are thinking about applying for a “pre-approved” loan or a credit card that charges an up-front fee, ask yourself: “why would a bank do that?” These scams are obvious to people who take time to scrutinize the offer.

Remember: reputable credit card companies do charge an annual fee but it is applied to the balance of the card, never at the sign-up. Furthermore, if you legitimately clear your credit balance each month, a legitimate bank will often wave the annual fee.

Cheaters,Cheated Neeya Naana Vijay TV Finer Points

There are three classes in the category of the people cheated, or rather who succumbed to cheating for none can cheat you without your active participation.

1.Those who woke up after losing a fortune,like the one in the show who had lost over 35 lakhs over a period of ten years entering into any scheme that was offered from Gold Quest to plantations!

2.The second is the group that suspects that they are being cheated, made a quick check (anticipated and covered by the Scamaster), convinced them selves that they are smarter than the Scamster and went on losing!

Vijay TV, a Part of Star Group’s Tamil TV channel has a popular Talk Show,hosted by Mr.Gopinath covers a wide spectrum of subjects ,ranging from personal anguish like the one of those who have lost their spouses,Corruption and the recent one on Frauds,Fraudsters and the Cheated.

Scams On line.
On Line scam 2012

People who say that they are yet to be cheated and those who have lost a fortune were arrayed against each other and it made an interesting show.


There are three classes in the category of the people cheated, or rather who succumbed to cheating for none can cheat you without your active participation.


1.Those who woke up after losing a fortune,like the one in the show who had lost over 35 lakhs over a period of ten years entering into any scheme that was offered from Gold Quest to plantations!


2.The second is the group that suspects that they are being cheated, made  a quick  check (anticipated and covered by the Scamaster), convinced them selves that they are smarter than the Scamster and went  on losing!


A gentleman from Coimbatore narrated this.


He revived an email that he had won Nine crore and was given a London Phone Number.


He contacted the number and was pleasantly surprised that the man at the other end was addressing him by his personal name(this smart Alec did not know you can get that if you have an email ID).

The man at London told him that to complete the formalities a sum of Rs One lakh needed to be transferred to him.

Our smart man did not follow his instruction immediately and went on talking with that man for a period of Six months!.

Convinced that the man was sincere(because our man felt that no fraudster would continue the discussion after he was not listened to immediately),had some of his friends from Chennai to  join him .

Then he informed the man  at London and asked him to give the details of the Demand Draft.

The man at London do sent him the  scanned copy of the DD.

It was drawn on bank of Scotland for an amount equivalent to Rs One Crore..

Our friend had it verified by  his auditor and cross checked by phone to Bank of Scotland and was  informed that the DD was genuine.

Then he sent the  sum of Rupees one lakh.

Then the man at London told him either to come to London or he could send the money to India in Dollars through Courier and demanded Rs 100,000.

Our man convinced the London man to accept Rs  40,000 and sure when he contacted the Courier he was told indeed there was Cover for him containing money!

When he, along with his friends went to collect the cover , he was asked to pay aboutRrs 20,00 as the Courier explained that he had carried the Dollars Illegally and our friends refused to pay up.

Promptly they rang up London and convinced the man(!0 to send the money through some one to Chennai  and shelled out about 20.000.

Early next morning they had a call from a Mumbai Number that the money had arrived and they demanded Rs 20,000 to come to Chennai.

Or people paid and they were met near Park Sheraton Hotel by Two Nigerians with a suit case and parted with Rs 5000 to them towards their expenses!

They were told that the suit case contained Dollars in the form of Black papers and once dipped in the Liquid provided the black paper would into Dollars and they had a Demo !

Of course the Couriers left.

When our friends opened the suit case they found a bundle of black papers and a small bottle the size of an eraser .

When they dipped the papers in the liquid, the paper was burnt.

When they contacted London they were informed that they would receive a larger bottle and only then did our people realize that they were conned!

Wait, The Story does not end here.

The man who narrated the incident said that he has been in touch with the London man for the past eight years and the man was till asking him to deposit Rs 3 Lakhs to send  the Liquid!

A man with common sense would have found enough loopholes to suspect scam right from the beginning.

Why do people do they way they have done here?









Some Indians Against Love Marriage ‘Neeya Naana’

Look at the families of the Self Respect Movement Leaders in Tamil Nadu,Illegal Children ,Bigamy and Concubines in Public.

There was a talk in the show that the Tamil Culture speaks highly of Love.

What people chose to ignore is that it never allows illegal liaisons .

Nor does it approve of all love.

If it were so why there is ‘kalavozhkkam,kaikkilai,madaleruthal’ in Tamil Literature?

Point is that human nature has been the same especially On Love ; there have been resistan

The issue of Love Marriage occupies an important decision-making  point in India,

Though the number of love Marriages have increased in India, there are still lingering doubts about the success rate of these Marriages.

The spate of Divorces of late have reignited the resistance to Love marriages, when it was on the wane and Love marriages were not beginning not to be frowned upon.

I watched the successful Talk how ‘Neeya Naana‘ in Star Vijay on 21 January.

This Talk show is a very rare show where there is some sense and purpose and is never staid  or Stale.

Major credit is to the Anchor Mr.Gopinath.

Now to the point on hand.

Why are some people against Love marriages even at this Age?

Let us look some facts.

Before we proceed to analyse the points, let me add a few points on my impressions of the Show.

The show was informative and engrossing.

To be fair the anchor, as usual, did not have any pre conceived notions on the subject and drew the participants out.

Protagonist for Love marriages’ assertion that it is only marriages that nurse he well-being og the Society and they talked as if Love marriage alone is the most important   point in one’s Life!

In general, both people who are against  and for love marriages greed that Love marriages with out parents’ approval leave one in pain and the couple fend for themselves with out the approval from the relatives and the Society.

They found that getting their children married pose a daunting problem.

The problems for Love marriages with out parents approval  in India:

1.The couple are disowned their parents.

2.In case they fall into hard times, there is none to help them.

3.If there is a misunderstanding between the couple, there is nobody to turn to diffuse the tension.

4.Parents face social ostracism of sorts from the Society, even from the enlightened sections of the Society.

5.Parents can not take part in any social discussions in Public, being branded as the parents of the ‘Eloped’

6.Even if the couple who get married against their parents wishes, feel that the pain they have to undergo when their  parents disown them and feel totally humiliated when their children do not receive the warmth and affection from their parents as Grand father and Grand Mother.

7.Parents though they said they were against these marriages, were favorably inclined to agree if the Boy has no vices and earn reasonably well to support a wife.

The main concern of the parents , as is normal with a parent, is whether the Girl would suit the family or would end up breaking it.

Being from two different environment- whether it would be easy to make adjustments for day-to-day Life.

Love is fine but the question of adjustment in daily life?

If one of the partners were to hail from another Religion, it becomes very oppressive to adjust to their behavior. however broad minded one is.

What we ought to be is different from what we are.

Even when people marry from similar backgrounds arranged by the parents one finds it difficult to adjust.

This is natural as two personalities can never be identical.

If this is so, what about the marriages from entirely different back ground including from the time one wakes up?

Parents arrange marriages with the intention of making their children happy and at the same time ensure that the couple have the least point of known differences.

This is practical.

And this is not to say that all arranged marriages are  successful and Love Marriages are doomed to fail.

The chances of Love marriages failing due to different Life Styles are greater.

Then comes the question of Caste.

In India it is fashionable to break down any cause to caste.

Caste is nothing a feeling that one  higher than the other.

This is inbuilt in the Human Psyche.

Every one wants to assert that he a cut above the rest.

People with similar way of living form into groups and they stick together.

This is Human nature.

One can not force one to like another

It   is a personal choice.

Nature and dispositions determine caste.

It is fashionable to decry Caste without understanding the Concept which is based on Human nature.

I noted in the progarmme that(though I am aware of it) that as to who are most open to inter caste marriages economic status being alright, it is the Brahmins (who are called the Higher caste, though they do not declare it!), they are in the fore front!

It is a fact that the practice of ill-treating the so-called scheduled caste is by the other communities and not by Brahmins.

How many cases of’ ‘Two Tumblers’ were practiced by the Brahmins?

The recent attack on a dalit( an ingenious way of segregating a community, coined by , I think Ambedkar!) where  Community Homes were destroyed was instigated by the Vanniyar Community instigated by Ramadoss who runs a political out fit.

They declare that  their community is being polluted by the dalit!

Even those who declare that they would ‘kill their daughter’ if they marry outside the caste state that they would do nothing of the sort if the community they marry into happens to be a Higher One!( In fact a Man declared so in the show)

In essence Love marriages are good.

But they have to be tempered with a check on background.

What one gets at the age of 17/ 18 is sexual attraction.

It will not stand.

Parents who have brought you up know what is good for you seek their guidance and be open with them.

Parents must also not treat Love Marriages as some thing Evil.

Check and if the Boy or Girl is good, the family and economic background is reasonably good, go ahead.

Do not lose your children.

They are our Blood.

Marriages are personal issues, to be decided by the individuals and their families, in that order.

The Social Activists, better look to their families first.

Look at the families of some of the Self Respect Movement Leaders in Tamil Nadu,Illegal Children ,Bigamy and Concubines in Public.

There was a talk in the show that the Tamil Culture speaks highly of Love.

What people chose to ignore is that it never allows illegal liaisons .

Nor does it approve of all love.

If it were so why there is ‘kalavozhkkam,kaikkilai,madaleruthal’ in Tamil Literature?

Point is that human nature has been the same especially On  Love ; there have been resistances, approvals.

Do not try to misquote Tami by saying all Love was approved.



Relationship-Brother and Sister Unique.Video

There are many Realationships which we form and there are some which are granted to us.

Parents,Brothers and Sisters and Children….

English: Brother and sister in the street of Q...
English: Brother and sister in the street of Qala-i-Shada, Kabul, Afghanistan Français : Un frère et sa soeur dans les rues de Qala-i-Shada, à Kaboul, en Afghanistan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In these we have no choice.

In Tamil and Sanskrit there are unique words to denote these relationships.

Tamil :Parents-Petror.-one who begets-They beget children,They are the custodians.

Sanskrit-Sahodaran/Sahodari-of the same Blood-sharing the same Blood.

Of these the relationships between brothers is at one level and between sister and brother is at another level.

A man sees in his sister his mother.

Despite his ragging her early in Life, a man is totally dedicated to his sister to his younger sister.

This slightly differs from his elder sister.

With the younger sister he is totally free and indulgent, while with the elder one he is more reverent and a little reserved.

With the later he seeks advice,but with the former he shares every thing as he would with a close friend.

No doubt they have their quarrels as befits a true relationship.

A sister is more like a mother but with  difference , she guides him tenderly.

Whatever be the age , his affection for the sister and hers for the brother does not fade.

Owing to the fact that one has to go different ways by getting married and has his/her own Family, the Love remains dormant.

The stages  vary as a Child,Adolescent’married and after be-getting children.

Asa child they quarrel, be a informers to parents of each other, as adolescents they share their innermost feelings unique to that age.

But this relationship seems to strain a bit after marriage. mainly because of the fact another woman enters the Life of man and women being possessive by Nature are disturbed.

They can not reconcile themselves to the fact that time has moved.

They forget that also are sister in Law to her husband’s sister.There their behaviour is different, similar to her brother’s wife.

But be it a brother or sister the affection sustains till the grave.

All these were brought into focus in Neeyaa,Naana of  STAR Vijay on 10 June .

The show was well anchored by Mr.Gopinath, who seems to know to ask the right question without being too intrusive.

Excellent Anchor who seems to research his subject,

(The greatest relief was not to find the self-styled Expert Dr,Shalini who normally offers text-book views, totally unrelated to reality.)

Now watch the video and the greatest song on the love between by Kannadasan in Paasa Malar.

Listen and Down load at

Star Vijay-Neeyaa Naana-Teachers,Students-A Review.

Star Vijay has been hosting a Talk show ‘Neeya Naana’ which addresses social issues and in some cases personal issues as well for quite sometime now.

The show is good for the topics chosen and the manner in which the discussion is steered and summed up.

The show instead of being crammed with statistics and a show of projecting the Anchor draws out what the people really feel about the social issues.

The strength lies in selection of participants, though the Special invitees seem to lack objectivity and their knowledge is shallow when they make sweeping general statements.This could be addressed by the producers of the show.

The latest show on 25 December 2012 on’Teachers and Students–  how they perceive each other ‘ has brought out the core problem of the relationship between the Teachers and Students.

On the Teachers side the following points were put forth.

Students look elsewhere in the Class room without paying attention to what is being taught.

They behavior is unruly and distracting.

They refuse to take notes.

They lack manners and self-discipline

The boys use bad words and make obscene comments on lady teachers.

If they are questioned parents come into the picture and question the parents.

Students have the behavior  a Customer.

On the Students’ side:

Teachers expect blind obedience.

They do not conduct classes interestingly, nor do they conduct classes in the interactive mode.

Students are pointed out their mistakes in the Class publicly lowering heir self-esteem.

Teachers lack self-discipline and do not prepare for the classes.

The Teachers dictate notes verbatim from standard text Books, which is a waste of time.

Part time students are being questioned uncivilly.

The most important factor ,in my view, is that Teaching profession does not have (mostly) really interested and motivated Teachers who are interested in the Welfare of the Students and seem to attract people who either get into Teaching profession as a stop-gap arrangement till they get a more rewarding job(monetarily) and even those who come ito the profession lack the Character and traits that make a Teacher.

As I have noted in my earlier Blogs, to-day we no longer have teachers who are dedicated and involved,say about 50 years ago.

Teachers under whom I studied did not have fancy qualifications like M.A.,Phd,specialised in teaching.

In fact the Teachers under whom I studied in a small place were just B.A. and in some case B.T.(equivalent to B.Ed of today) or L.T (Licentiate in Teaching).

But they had the personal Character and dedication to the welfare of the students without being aware of it.

My father was a teacher and he used to take tuition with out fees as also my other teachers,saying that to charge fees for teaching is a sin!

Parents never questioned the Teachers for they knew, nay felt, that the Teachers were better in handling their children.

It  is the quality of Teachers that is the issue .

Privatization of Education has brought in Consumerism where the parents mind set is’I pay the Fess-it is your job to make my ward proficient’ forgetting that whether they have allowed their wards to choose what they want.

Managements need to increase the number of Students every year to earn profit of the institution.

So the Teachers are forced to runthrough the syllabus without any scope for interaction in the class.

By collecting huge donations Managements admit students with ut quality or aptitude.

Add to this the confusion of Reservation,based not on merits but on Community.

To show results and retain their jobs teachers encourage tuitions to increase income as well.

Another factor is the industry.

The point was made by a professor of New College Chennai, where he stated that the industry(now getting employment alone is the criteria of education), requires not a completely competent professional but one  with the basic inputs in the subject to enable the industry to mould the students their way and interests.

This is a serious issue.

Are we going to lead our lives the Corporates want us?

Parents need to reflect on this.

However Teachers must realize that times are changing and the Students of the day are no longer the blank ones or their minds is a tabula rosa.

The students of the day are  well informed thanks to technology and internet and what they need is guidance and a spark to get them fired.

As to complaints about students’ behavior excepting the teasing of female Teachers the other behavior is what one would expect of a student and there is nothing different since my days.Students will be students

Parents must realize that not withstanding the technological advancements Teacher can never be replaced  and they should not expect the Teacher and education to be a commodity.

I am seeing lots of economically well of youngsters, who are well placed in life .who are academically brilliant , not being able to cope up with Life, for which the Education has not prepared them.

Again formal education has to be complemented with Life facing skills.

Students must know that their freedom does not lie in being obscene and objectionable social behavior for they will be harming themselves.

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