Listen To Sounds of Nature Do Nothing, 2 Minutes.

We have forgotten to enjoy and live with Nature.

To calm one, what one needs to do is

Look at Sky

Watch the Waves breaking

Watch an Elephant moving its legs rhythmically

Watch a Baby Smile.

Now hear the Sounds of Nature.


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Making of A Girl Friend, Love, Sex Photo Essay

Definition is Girl friend  is one who happens to be a girl( Am I right?)

Sex is one of the most powerful instincts of beings,(Survival,Thirst,Hunger being others in the order of priority),and the terms Love,Affection etc are the cloaks in which it hides.

Sex is associated with survival of the species and hence Nature has given its attribute as uncontrollable(easily I mean).

Prudes may hasten to blame me for clubbing Love .Affection in this category;let me add that Sex is not a sin but obsession with it is.

How does this happen?

At the metal level, though felicitated by culture ‘Lifestyle and environment, it has some thing to do with ‘what’-I do not know.

One thing is for sure.

The Bard got it Right.

‘Whoever Loved that Loved not at first sight’

First Love remains ever green forever.

I can vouch for it.

One sees some one and that’s it.

You don’t know nor analyse it.

If you do, you lose it, I mean, the pleasure of it.

As I am fond of saying, don’t analyse feelings, go with it if you want to live.

The problems associated with real quarrels among people during Love need not be taken seriously and if the bonding is natural it will have a Natural death.

Most of the time you lose your Love, the pain lingers throughout your Life.

Being the puzzle it is Life has some course for us.

The memories always make you happy.

Losing in Love is also a pleasure for we do not know what would have happened if we had been successful, possible we could have killed the Love.

I can visualize people smirking, ‘Being philosophical,as you could do nothing about it’

Be it.

It makes me in control of myself and at the same time be happy.

Now on to something light.

It is always a pleasure to see young ones express in Love and especially so when they express it.

The notes they write may not be grammatically correct nor elegant in expression,

The way the girl looks at the Boy when she thinks none is looking at her may sound childish,

The way the Boys show off in front of their girl friends,

The non sense (to others) they speak endless, of late on Mobile,

The airs they put on as if the World exists only for them,

Well, who cares!


Wish people remain that way.


Making of a Girl friend.
Note by Girl Friend
Making of a Girl friend.
Love Note.
Making of a Girl friend.
Breakfast by Girl friend


Making of a Girl Friend
Girl Friend’s Dinner.


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Best Undersea Photo Essay Part I

Undersea  Photo
Mantis Shrimp with Eggs
Undersea Photo
Giant Frogfish


Undersea Photo
Pygmy Seahorse


Undersea Photo
Undersea Photo
Periclimenes amethysteus – Shrimp



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Breath Taking Moth Wings Rat Retina and Others Micro-PhotoEssay

Moth Wing.
Wing scales of a Urania ripheus (Sunset Moth) (6.25x) Reflected-light microscopy Charles B. Krebs Charles Krebs Photography Issaquah, Washington, USA
Mouse Colon
For your viewing pleasure, here are the winning photographs from the Nikon Small World competition. Cell nuclei of the mouse colon (740x) Two-Photon fluorescence microscopy Dr. Paul L. Appleton Division of Cell and Developmental Biology University of Dundee Dundee, UK
Aquatic worm
Spirorbis sp. (aquatic worm) (100x) Confocal microscopy Jens Rüchel Department of Zoology University of Osnabruck Osnabruck, Germany
Transgenic nicotiana
Transgenic Nicotiana benthamiana plant (10x) Fluorescence microscopy Dr. Heiti Paves Tallinn University of Technology Tallinn, Estonia
Rat retina
Fluorescing filamentous green alga (60x) Confocal microscopy Dr. Carlos A. Munoz Department of Biology University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
Green algae
Fluorescing filamentous green alga (60x) Confocal microscopy Dr. Carlos A. Munoz Department of Biology University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
Fruit fly larvae
Anterior spiracles (respiratory openings) of a fruit fly larvae (1500x) Fluorescence microscopy Albert Tousson and Tomek Szul Department of Cell Biology The University of Alabama at Birmingham

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360° Aerial View of the World’s Highest Waterfall

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Angel Falls is the world’s highest waterfall as well as the inspiration for Paradise Falls in the Pixar film Up. Unless you’re planning on visiting the falls in the heart of Venezuela in person, the next best thing might be this stunning series of 360° aerial panoramas recently captured by photographer Dmitry Moiseenko over two days from a helicopter. Pan around, zoom into the scene, and become immersed in the otherworldly landscapes found at Angel Falls.

Moiseenko has also written up an article about the experience over at AirPano where the panoramas are hosted.

Venezuela. Surroundings of Angel Falls (via Colossal)