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How NSA Listened 540 Million Calls A Month

Edward Snowden , as we are all aware,leaked information on How NSA spied on US citizens and Foreign Governments.

Most , in fact all the taps are illegal as no wiretap can be done with out a warrant and there is evidence of warrant having been issued.

The German Daily Der Spiegel did a cover story on how the NSA tapped the West Germans including its Chancellor Angela Merkel.

A report states that NSA has possibly listened  to 380 million calls in the US and 60 Millions in Spain!

NSA Listens illegally
NSA Files

No information is safe!

Number of Calls listened to by NSA.

2 November 2013

Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2013 16:48:15 -0700 (PDT)
From: xxxxx[at]efn.org
To: cryptome[at]earthlink.net
Subject: Correcting the US figure

It seems that Greenwald already listed the US DNR total, and since he is looking at better images than I am (I am reading the Hindu’s images), I’m inclined to take his total. (though not the interpretation of it, I’ve gone into the reasons enough times)

“There are no precise figures, but last January Brazil was just behind the United States, which had 2.3 billion phone calls and messages spied.”

I have a US aggregate figure from Le Monde (3,095,533,478), Greenwald’s rounded DNR figure from O Globo (2,300,000,000), which leaves the approximate US DNI total to be (795,533,478)

The revised DNR figures:

Pakistan: 12.76 billion
Afghanistan: 21.98 billion
India: 6.28 billion
Iraq: 7.8 billion? (blurry image)
Saudi Arabia: 7.8 billion ? (blurry image)
United States: 2.3 billion
Egypt: 1.9 billion ? (blurry image)
Iran: 1.73 billion
Jordan: 1.6 billion
Germany: 361 million
France: 70.2 million
Spain: 61 million
Italy: 46 million
Netherlands: 1.8 million
The rest of the world: Lots and Lots

Total: 124.8 billion.Dec 20, 2013.

Revised fig. in the Image.

It looks to me a lot like the Le Monde stories will follow the path of the Brazilian and Indian stories. It has occurred to me that this same story can also be told for many, many other countries: der Spiegel has already published BOUNDLESSINFORMANT graphs for the following: Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. If we take careful measurements of these graphs, and work out the appropriate scaling, we can determine how many telephone metadata records we have in each of these countries over the same 30 day period (DNR). The accuracy will be plus or minus 1 pixel, scaled appropriately. I have enclosed my chart.

The bottom Line:

Germany: 361 Million
France: 70 Million
Spain: 61 Million
Italy: 46 Million
Netherlands: 1.8 Million

Total: 539.8 Million

NSA Listens.
NSA Listening details.

Merkel has nothing to fear domestically from the recent turn of affairs. The election is over, the conservatives and the center-left Social Democrats are already in official negotiations toward forming a new government. No one wants to poison the atmosphere with mutual accusation.

Nevertheless, Merkel must now answer the question of how much she is willing to tolerate from her American allies.

Posing as Diplomats

A “top secret” classified NSA document from the year 2010 shows that a unit known as the “Special Collection Service” (SCS) is operational in Berlin, among other locations. It is an elite corps run in concert by the US intelligence agencies NSA and CIA.

The secret list reveals that its agents are active worldwide in around 80 locations, 19 of which are in Europe — cities such as Paris, Madrid, Rome, Prague and Geneva. The SCS maintains two bases in Germany, one in Berlin and another in Frankfurt. That alone is unusual. But in addition, both German bases are equipped at the highest level and staffed with active personnel.

The SCS teams predominantly work undercover in shielded areas of the American Embassy and Consulate, where they are officially accredited as diplomats and as such enjoy special privileges. Under diplomatic protection, they are able to look and listen unhindered. They just can’t get caught.

Wiretapping from an embassy is illegal in nearly every country. But that is precisely the task of the SCS, as is evidenced by another secret document. According to the document, the SCS operates its own sophisticated listening devices with which they can intercept virtually every popular method of communication: cellular signals, wireless networks and satellite communication.

The necessary equipment is usually installed on the upper floors of the embassy buildings or on rooftops where the technology is covered with screens or Potemkin-like structures that protect it from prying eyes.

That is apparently the case in Berlin, as well. SPIEGEL asked British investigative journalist Duncan Campbell to appraise the setup at the embassy. In 1976, Campbell uncovered the existence of the British intelligence service GCHQ. In his so-called “Echelon Report” in 1999, he described for the European Parliament the existence of the global surveillance network of the same name.

Campbell refers to window-like indentations on the roof of the US Embassy. They are not glazed but rather veneered with “dielectric” material and are painted to blend into the surrounding masonry. This material is permeable even by weak radio signals. The interception technology is located behind these radio-transparent screens, says Campbell. The offices of SCS agents would most likely be located in the same windowless attic.

No Comment from the NSA

This would correspond to internal NSA documents seen by SPIEGEL. They show, for example, an SCS office in another US embassy — a small windowless room full of cables with a work station of “signal processing racks” containing dozens of plug-in units for “signal analysis.”






CIA Operations That Blew Up

The acronym CIA,Central Intelligence Agency also sands for Caught In the Act because of its propensity in blowing up its operations at the most inconvenient time for the US or its president.

The US, I understand, has  Sixteen Intelligence Agencies.

The List.

With all this the Intelligence arm the CIA is known for maverick operations and usually notorious for getting the facts wrong and devising funny operations like trying to kill Fidel castro by a Cigar!

I am listing a few operations that blew up.

Operation PBSUCCESS.

 CIA operation Guatemala 1954


PBSUCCESS was the code name for a CIA-backed coup led against the democratically elected government of Jacobo Arbenz, the President of Guatemala, in 1954. It’s one of the first in a long line of suspected or acknowledged CIA interventions in the governments of foreign countries, and it was indeed a tremendous success from the Agency’s point of view.—the first indication that such a feat could be accomplished relatively smoothly.

Elected in 1950, Arbenz set about instituting reforms aimed at making his country self-sufficient, by giving huge chunks of government land back to citizens. This rubbed the US Government the wrong way, as much of this land was “owned” by the United Fruit Company, a truly evil corporation with which the Eisenhower administration was snugly in bed at the time (CIA director Allen Dulles and his brother John, the Secretary of State, both had strong ties to the company).

The Agency snidely referred to Arbenz policies in internal memoranda as “an intensely nationalistic program of progress colored by the touchy, anti-foreign inferiority complex of the ‘Banana Republic.’ ” In other words, non-dependence on the US and its allies was not to be tolerated.

Four hundred and eighty CIA-trained mercenary soldiers, led by exiled Guatemalan military officer Colonel Carlos Castillo Armas, forcibly wrested Guatemala from Arbenz’ control. While he and his aides were able to flee the country, CIA documents show that “the option of assassination was still being considered” right up until the day he resigned on June 27, 1954.

CIA project Operation Mongoose
Operation Mongoose


This operation was conducted by the Department of Defense in conjunction with the CIA, under Robert Kennedy’s supervision. He told his team at its first briefing that deposing Castro was “the top priority of the US government—all else is secondary—no time, money, effort, or manpower is to be spared.”

Among the dozens of extremely silly methods of assassination proposed: infecting Castro’s scuba gear with tuberculosis; planting exploding seashells at a favorite diving site; slipping him a poisoned fountain pen; and even even poisoning or slipping a bomb into one of his cigars. Castro’s bodyguard asserted that there were hundreds of CIA schemes on Castro’s life—and they all ended in failure, a gigantic waste of time and money. Castro was Cuba’s dictator for forty-nine years, stepping down in 2008 due to failing health, and appointing his younger brother as his replacement.

Production of Pornography.

The CIA produced a porno film starring a Sukarno look-alike, titled “Happy Days”, for distribution in Indonesia. Not that the culture generally frowns upon such things, but as the CIA understood it, “being tricked, deceived, or otherwise outsmarted by one of the creatures God has provided for man’s pleasure cannot be condoned” in Indonesian culture, and “what we were saying was that a woman had gotten the better of Sukarno.” The film went as far as production, and stills were made, but for some reason (perhaps common-sense) it was never deployed.

Bizarrely enough, this idea resurfaced shortly before the Second Gulf War, when the CIA suggested that a fake gay porno featuring Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden be produced in order to discredit these men in the eyes of their followers. This went nowhere—at least one official claiming that nobody would care. “Trying to mount such a campaign would show a total misunderstanding of the target. We always mistake our own taboos as universal when, in fact, they are just our taboos.

The May 2011 raid that killed Osama Bin Laden was the result of an insane amount of intelligence collecting and planning; regardless of his crimes, conducting a US military operation to kill a foreign national on Pakistani soil was bound to have myriad consequences. A courier had been tracked to an Abbottabad compound, where it was pretty damn certain Bin Laden was hiding. But before conducting the raid, they had to be absolutely sure—and one method of collecting this proof was shady in the extreme.

The CIA recruited a respected Pakistani doctor to organize a fake vaccination drive in the town, and in the process collected thousands of blood samples from children in the area children—among them, as it turned out, Bin Laden’s children. Since theirs was a fairly upscale section of town, the campaign began in a poorer area to make it look more authentic, then moved on to the neighborhood housing the Bin Laden compound a month later—without even following up with the required second or third doses in the poor area. The whole thing worked—with consequences.

For one thing, Dr. Shakil Afridi—the doctor involved—has been convicted of treason by the Pakistani government and given a thirty-three-year prison sentence (“Wouldn’t any country detain people for working for a foreign spy service?” one Iranian official helpfully pointed out). For another, the campaign has caused irreparable damage to organizations that carry out legitimate vaccinations. There are deep-seated suspicions in many Middle Eastern regions about those who provide vaccinations, and this gambit to assist in finding Bin Laden has only bolstered those suspicions—particularly in Nigeria, India and of course Pakistan, where efforts to eradicate polio are ongoing.

The Mujahideen

Terror outfit developed by CIA


he CIA set up camps to train the rebels, known as Mujahideen, in the necessary tactics for beating back the Soviets. Advanced weaponry was also part of the deal, including—importantly—Stinger surface-to-air anti-aircraft missiles. Soviet airstrikes had driven hundreds of guerrillas out of the cities and into the surrounding hills, and mitigating the effectiveness of those strikes proved to be essential in prolonging the conflict, placing a great strain on Soviet resources.

The Soviet Union occupied Afghanistan almost until its collapse in the early 1990s, but the legacy of the Mujahideen lives on. The CIA are finding their own tactics and training turned against them by Mujahideen veterans who have begun their own training programs, producing highly trained and skilled terrorists who now make up the backbone of Al-Qaeda and other radical groups. The US discovered these ramifications the hard way after invading Afghanistan in 2001. The invasion led to a quagmire of an occupation, which—as of this writing—has dragged on for just as long as that of the Soviets.



Secret US Intelligence Community Not Accountable,Details

There is furor over NSA’s eavesdropping and the latest fact that France is livid with the US for listening in to about million Calls.

We know CIA,FBI, Home Land Security, NIA and may be another five or ten visible Intelligence Communities of The US.

Dana Priest.
Dana Priest who exposed the Secret Intelligence Community in US.

But not this one.

You would find, towards the end of the post , a Video on  Secret White House Bank Account.

And this information is through Washington Times Advertisers and I am sure the Newspaper has published verified information.

While checking on this, I stumbled into the Intelligence Community.

“Dear Washington Times Reader,

You have to see this…

A colleague of mine has stumbled onto some rather intriguing research.

In short, it’s an account almost no one in the country has ever heard about. By one expert’s estimate, only 0.07% of Americans (one in 1,500) has one of these private accounts.

But the rich have long favored this idea…

President Roosevelt, for example, had an account.

So did Walt Disney, Ray Kroc, JFK, and even current Vice President Joe Biden.

John McCain at one time even held over $1,000,000 inside his own account!

What’s so special about this account? Well, for one, it can let you retire 100% tax-free. You can pass it along to your heirs without paying a dime to the IRS. It also grows your money 3-4 times faster than standard CDs… and, to top it off, you can access your money ANYTIME!

But here’s perhaps the best part: This account is available to nearly anyone… regardless of how much money you have or even if you don’t have any political connections!

My colleague literally invested over $100,000 of his own money into this idea once he was convinced of how good it was.”

About three years ago. Washington Post‘s Reporter,Pulitzer Prize Winner, Dana Priest, a Pulitzer Prize winner, and William Arkin wrote that they found “an alternative geography of the United States, a Top Secret America hidden from public view and lacking in thorough oversight.” After nine years of “unprecedented spending,” the intelligence community has become a sector of government so massive that oversight is next to impossible and that it is of questionable benefit to the United States’ security.

That there is even a behemoth of an Intelligence Group is tucked away behind the Public eye.

This Intelligence community is managed by ,

,271 government organizations and 1,931 private companies work on programs related to counter-terrorism, homeland security and intelligence in about 10,000 locations across the country.

— An estimated 854,000 people, nearly 1.5 times as many people as live in Washington, D.C., hold top-secret security clearances.

— In the Washington area, 33 building complexes for top-secret intelligence work have been built or are under construction since September 2001. Together they occupy the equivalent of almost three Pentagons or 22 U.S. Capitol buildings — about 17 million square feet of space.”

Worse is that it is not accountable to any one nobody knows how much Budget is allocated to it!

Interview with Dana Priest excerpts.

‘A two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter for The Washington Post Priest is the author, along with William Arkin, of Top Secret America: The Rise of the New American Security State. Here she takes FRONTLINE through the rapid growth of Top Secret America, which began with an impulse to secrecy and a blank check from Congress in the days after 9/11, and which now employs nearly a million people at 1,900 private companies and 1,300 federal organizations. “These are gigantic edifices that are going to stay,” she says. This is the edited transcript of an interview conducted on June 18, 2011.


I just think that we have accepted what it is the government says we need to do without questioning how much money it costs, without questioning whether it’s effective or not. And in part we’ve done that because we’ve accepted the secrecy that surrounds it all.


The reaction in Congress, which becomes so important in our story, is they really wrote a blank check. … The money flowed out. And there weren’t very many constraints on it at all. There definitely wasn’t any sort of oversight of what was going on with the money, because, again, people were worried. …

And so George Bush, for example, gave the CIA a billion dollars right off the bat, because the CIA was in the best position, not the military, to go after bin Laden and his followers in Afghanistan. And he gave them a billion dollars, and he also ordered the military to do whatever it took to support the CIA. …

They did the same thing with the NSA. Lots of money poured into the National Security Agency, which was the eavesdropper around the world. And they couldn’t grow fast enough. Not only were they asked to eavesdrop in many different places that they weren’t used to doing — not just capitals and not just leaders of countries, which is really what they were doing, mostly, prior to 9/11. They would want to know what a leader was saying or what an opposition group was saying. And they would report those conversations back.




The White House’s Secret Account video Link.


The President’s Secret Book.



“Osama Bin Laden Raid A Lie” Is This True?

Pulitzer prize-winning Journalist Seymour Hersh, who shot into fame for his expose of My Lai Massacre in Vietnam, in an interview to The Guardian that the raid on Osama Bin Laden is a lie and the media has propagated the myth.

Seymour Hersh
‘Not true’: Journalist Seymour Hersh says the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden in 2011 was all a fabrication.

This story has been picked up in the world Media.

However my search the grounds on which he has arrived at this conclusion did not yield any result.

Except wild guesses as this one.

A multitude of different inside sources both publicly and privately, including one individual who personally worked with Bin Laden at one time, told us directly that Osama’s dead corpse has been on ice for nearly a decade and that his “death” would only be announced at the most politically expedient time.

That time has now come with a years-old fake picture being presented as the only evidence of his alleged killing yesterday, while Bin Laden’s body has been hastily dumped into the sea to prevent anyone from finding out when he actually died.

In April 2002, over nine years ago, Council on Foreign Relations member Steve R. Pieczenik, who served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance, and James Baker, told the Alex Jones Show that Bin Laden had already been “dead for months”.

Pieczenik would be in a position to know such information, having worked directly with Bin Laden when the US was funding and arming the terror leader in an attempt to drive the Soviets out of Afghanistan in the late 70′s and early 80′s (a documented historical fact that talking heads in the corporate media are actually denying today in light of developments).

“I worked with Osama bin Laden in ’78, ’81,” Pieczenik to…..


Or am I mistaken?

Or is this mere Obama bashing?


Pulitzer Prize winner explains how to fix journalism, saying press should ‘fire 90% of editors and promote ones you can’t control’

Seymour Hersh has got some extreme ideas on how to fix journalism – close down the news bureaus of NBC and ABC, sack 90% of editors in publishing and get back to the fundamental job of journalists which, he says, is to be an outsider.

It doesn’t take much to fire up Hersh, the investigative journalist who has been the nemesis of US presidents since the 1960s and who was once described by the Republican party as “the closest thing American journalism has to a terrorist”.

He is angry about the timidity of journalists in America, their failure to challenge the White House and be an unpopular messenger of truth.

Don’t even get him started on the New York Times which, he says, spends “so much more time carrying water for Obama than I ever thought they would” – or the death of Osama bin Laden. “Nothing’s been done about that story, it’s one big lie, not one word of it is true,” he says of the dramatic US Navy Seals raid in 2011.

Hersh is writing a book about national security and has devoted a chapter to the bin Laden killing. He says a recent report put out by an “independent” Pakistani commission about life in the Abottabad compound in which Bin Laden was holed up would not stand up to scrutiny. “The Pakistanis put out a report, don’t get me going on it. Let’s put it this way, it was done with considerable American input. It’s a bullshit report,” he says hinting of revelations to come in his book.

The Obama administration lies systematically, he claims, yet none of the leviathans of American media, the TV networks or big print titles, challenge him.

“It’s pathetic, they are more than obsequious, they are afraid to pick on this guy [Obama],” he declares in an interview with the Guardian.

“It used to be when you were in a situation when something very dramatic happened, the president and the minions around the president had control of the narrative, you would pretty much know they would do the best they could to tell the story straight. Now that doesn’t happen any more. Now they take advantage of something like that and they work out how to re-elect the president.

He isn’t even sure if the recent revelations about the depth and breadth of surveillance by the National Security Agency will have a lasting effect.

He is certain that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden “changed the whole nature of the debate” about surveillance. Hersh says he and other journalists had written about surveillance, but Snowden was significant because he provided documentary evidence – although he is sceptical about whether the revelations will change the US government’s policy.

“Duncan Campbell [the British investigative journalist who broke the Zircon cover-up story], James Bamford [US journalist] and Julian Assange and me and the New Yorker, we’ve all written the notion there’s constant surveillance, but he [Snowden] produced a document and that changed the whole nature of the debate, it’s real now,” Hersh says.

“Editors love documents. Chicken-shit editors who wouldn’t touch stories like that, they love documents, so he changed the whole ball game,” he adds, before qualifying his remarks.



Data Stealing Technology Gadgets

Recently I posted how the Indian Embassy in Washington DC was bugged by the NSA to steal Data from the Computer.

Here are the technologies/Gadgets behind Data Stealing Technologies from Computers.


Stingray that steals from Hard disk.
Click to Enlarge.


The Stingray has become the most widely known and contentious spy tool used by government agencies to track mobile phones, in part due to an Arizona court case that called the legality of its use into question. It’s a box-shaped portable device, sometimes described as an “IMSI catcher,” that gathers information from phones by sending out a signal that tricks them into connecting to it…

Stingray can also be used with software called “FishHawk,” (PDF) ..

Cost: $68,479 for the original Stingray; $134,952 for Stingray II


Data Stealing Technology
Gossamer steals Computer Data.Data Stealing Technology.

The Gossamer is a small portable device that can be used to secretly gather data on mobile phones operating in a target area. It sends out a covert signal that tricks phones into handing over their unique codes—such as the IMSI and TMSI—which can be used to identify users and home in on specific devices of interest. What makes it different from the Stingray? Not only is the Gossamer much smaller, but it can also be used to perform a denial-of-service attack on phone users, blocking targeted people from making or receiving calls, according tomarketing materials (PDF) published by a Brazilian reseller of the Harris equipment. The Gossamer has the appearance of a clunky-looking handheld transceiver. One photograph filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office shows it displaying an option for “mobile interrogation” on its small LCD screen, which sits above a telephone-style keypad.

First used: Trademark records show that a registration for the Gossamer was first filed in October 2001.

Cost: $19,696.




US Bugs Indian Embassy Compromises Security

Indian Embassy Washington DC.
In another disclosure, the Guardian said the NSA took measures to intercept communication from 38 Embassies including Indian Embassy in Washington. A file photo. The Hindu.

There has been a furor over Snowdon revelations on NSA snooping all and sundry.

But the Indian Embassy probably was busy attending cocktail circuits, while the NSA merrily  bugged the Indian embassy in Washington DC, with bugs capable of copying the entire hard Drive of Computers,let alone conversations!

At the political level there is nobody to take care of these small issues as they are busy drafting legislation to save tainted, jailed MPs,Ministers.


According to the 2010 COMINT (communication intelligence) document about “Close Access SIGADs”, the offices of Indian diplomats and high-ranking military officials stationed at these important posts were targets of four different kinds of electronic snooping devices:

Lifesaver, which facilitates imaging of the hard drive of computers

Highlands, which makes digital collection from implants

Vagrant, which collects data of open computer screens, and

Magnetic, which is a collection of digital signals

All the Indian “targets” in the list are marked with an asterisk, which, according to the document, means that they “have either been dropped or are slated to be dropped in the near future.” The NSA document doesn’t say when and how the bugs were implanted or how much of data was lifted from Indian offices, but all of them were on the “target” list for more than one type of data collection bugs.

Asked by The Hindu, why India’s U.N. mission and embassy, which clearly pose no terrorism threat to the U.S., were targeted by the NSA, a spokesman for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said: “The U.S. government will respond through diplomatic channels to our partners and allies. While we are not going to comment publicly on every specific alleged intelligence activity, as a matter of policy we have made clear that the United States gathers foreign intelligence of the type gathered by all nations. We value our cooperation with all countries on issues of mutual concern.”


But the spokesman didn’t answer The Hindu’s specific questions about why the top-secret document about spying on Indian missions shouldn’t be revealed or “reproduced by this newspaper in full or part”…

The Indian mission to the UN has so far not reacted to either the reports of snooping on foreign missions nor to The Hindu’s queries sent to its office in New York, but the embassy officials have discussed the issue with their American counterparts. “Our government has expressed concerns over the reports of monitoring of the Indian Embassy in Washington, D.C. by U.S. agencies, and the Embassy in Washington D.C. has raised these concerns with the U.S. government,” said an embassy official in an email repose to The Hindu’s queries, without elaborating at what level and in which meeting the issue was raised or what was the response of American officials.



How NSA Listens To Your Information

Imge,.annotated-img img { margin-left: 145px !important; position: relative;
Analyzing information collected from private companies
After communications information is acquired, the data are processed and analyzed by specialized systems that handle voice, text, video and “digital network information” that includes the locations and unique device signatures of targets.
Source Washington Post.

The Washington Post obtained  The Classified Slides of  the NSA, which details the mode of collecting information..

This is in addition to the information that American technology companies secretly provide to the National Security Agency.This issue is rocking the US, courtesy Snowden.

But the modes described are yet to be addressed..


One is PRISM, the NSA program that collects information from technology companies, which was first revealed in reports by the Post and Britain’s Guardian newspaper last month. The slide also shows a separate category labeled “Upstream,” described as accessing “communications on fiber cables and infrastructure as data flows past.”..

The interaction between Upstream and PRISM — which could be considered “downstream” collection because the data are already processed by tech companies — is not entirely clear from the slide. In addition, its description of PRISM as “collection directly from the servers” of technology giants such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook has been disputed by many of the companies involved. (They say access to user data is legal and limited.)

However PRISM works, the NSA slide makes clear that the two collection methods operate in parallel, instructing analysts that “You Should Use Both.” Arrows point to both “Upstream” and “PRISM.”



A Brazilian newspaper on Tuesday published an article it said is based on documents provided by the former American contractor Edward Snowden asserting that the United States has been collecting data on telephone calls and e-mails from several countries in Latin America, including important allies such as Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.

The paper, O Globo, based in Rio de Janeirosays the documents show the National Security Agency amassed military and security data on countries such as Venezuela, an American adversary that has been accused of aiding Colombia’s Marxist rebels and maintaining close ties with Iran. But the documents also show that the agency carried out surveillance operations to unearth inside commercial information on the oil industry in Venezuela and the energy sector in Mexico, which is under state control and essentially closed to foreign investment.


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